Long-lasting new teeth

Losing one or more teeth can have a big impact on your life. You can become disappointed with your appearance and apprehensive about your oral health. In Windsor, dental implants from Old Windsor Dental Practice are a long-lasting solution to the problems of tooth loss. We can give you durable new teeth that stay in your mouth and are strong enough to be used just like natural ones.

How to receive dental implants in Windsor

Dental Implants in WindsorThe first step is a conversation at our friendly dental practice. We’ll talk to you about your dental history, and assess your oral health. We’ll take some measurements and images of your mouth. It’s essential that you have sufficient jawbone density as well as healthy teeth and gums, and you might need some preliminary treatment before we’re ready to begin.

Then the dentist will place the small, screw-like metal posts into your jawbone in a minor surgical procedure. After some time for healing, you’ll return to the practice to have the new teeth attached to the implanted posts. The whole process can take a few months overall.

Health benefits

There numerous ways in which Windsor dental implants will improve your oral health.

  • The strong bond formed between the jawbone and the implanted metal securely anchors the new teeth, so you can enjoy biting into foods with gusto. There’s no need to opt for soft or mushy foods at the dinner table;
  • There’s no need to use messy dental adhesives, and you clean the new teeth the same way you clean your natural ones;
  • Your smile will look much more appealing, which can improve the way you feel about your overall appearance;
  • You won’t develop the sunken look that can come to the long-term wearer of removable dentures. The implants ensure your facial bone structure stays robust;
  • Pronouncing certain words and phrases can be easier because of the implants’ exceptional stability.

A brighter future

If you look after your Windsor dental implants properly, they can last for decades. You’ll be able to keep enjoying all these benefits long after the treatment is complete. Replacing your lost teeth by this method can really enhance your overall quality of life.