Twin block braces

If your jaw is misaligned and you need braces in Windsor, look no further than Old Windsor Dental Practice. Our dentists may decide to utilise the twin block system to correct the misalignment. Twin block braces in Windsor are an appliance that can help a variety of jaw alignment problems, particularly underdeveloped lower jaws. Twin block braces in Windsor consist of two plates that fit into the upper and lower jaws and work together to bring the jaws into alignment and fit together like twins!

Braces in WindsorDo they work?

Twin block braces in Windsor are primarily used to hold the lower jaw forwards. This moves the lower jaw forwards a little and pulls the upper teeth back, helping to correct your bite and produce the best possible facial appearance for every one of our patients. Twin block braces in Windsor are one of the fastest and most effective methods to correct receding jaws, or goofy-looking teeth. Both parts must be worn together in the correct position or the brace will not work.

Not only will this ultimately create a healthier, more functional and happier smile, but it can improve our patient’s profile and boost self-confidence. Twin block braces in Windsor can also be used to expand a narrow arch in the upper jaw. Our dentists may incorporate an expander into the upper plate to help the upper jaw expand and create more room for crowded teeth, giving the upper jaw a more natural shape.

When should we consider a twin block?

Jaw alignment corrections are most effectively treated when the patient is young and ideally before their growth spurt is complete. Our dentists here at Old Windsor Dental Practice recommend that you schedule an appointment for your child by age seven so that we can evaluate their smile. If your child does need jaw alignment services, they can be started while they are still young, allowing the twin block appliance ample time to correct the issue.

If you have questions about the twin block system, give us a call today and get your child the straighter and healthier smile they deserve.