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Do you or your child have a brace fitting coming up?

It is one of the most common forms of dentistry performed today; despite the positive results and great smiles that are created by it, it is one of the most dreaded procedures in dentistry. What can you expect when you or a loved one has an orthodontic aligner fitted?

childrens-braces-windsorIf you or a loved one are told you need an orthodontic braces in Windsor, you may feel worried about what that entails and what impact it will have on your life.

At Old Windsor Dental Practice, we are proud of the smiles we have created with the help of orthodontic braces in Windsor and can assure you, or your loved one, that in the long run, that gorgeous new smile will make it all worth it!

While we cannot guarantee how the wearing of an orthodontic aligner will impact on your life away from our surgery, we can assuage your worries as to how our dentists will proceed with fitting your braces in Windsor and can provide you with a bit more insight into the overall procedure.

Step 1

An initial consultation with our orthodontist will help us get a better idea of how we can help realign your teeth.

This involves a thorough examination of your teeth, along with X-rays and even moulds being taken if deemed necessary. Our orthodontist will devise a treatment plan with you and if you have any concerns or questions, this is a great time to ask, before you decide to proceed.

Step 2

This appointment will be extremely long, so we advise you not to book anything important for the rest of the day!

Our team will gently clean and condition your teeth, to provide a smooth surface for the brackets and the cement.

Your brackets are placed based on the overall design decided by your orthodontist, so don’t be worried if at first glance, they look a bit wonky! It is all with purpose.

Step 3

Once we are happy your brackets are secure, we will insert the wires.

This part may be a bit fiddly, but our dental team need to be confident that the wire will not move of its own accord and will be secure enough for future adjustments.

Step 4

Now that your new aligner is in place, our team will discuss with you how to take care of it properly, how to look after your teeth and gums throughout the treatment, as well as advising you on which toothpaste to use.

Depending on whether we feel you may benefit, we may book an appointment for you with our hygienist, who can advise you on brushing techniques and on which brushes are best suited to keep your mouth in top shape!

Remember, though this procedure may seem  a bit overwhelming, you may not have to wear your orthodontic aligner for very long and it is an investment in a straighter, healthier smile, that will last a lifetime!

The benefits of Invisible braces in Windsor

Thanks to ongoing improvements in the dental industry, there are now more ways we can help you improve your smile. More high-tech treatments have become fairly common, like a custom fitted brace. In fact, we have a lot of patients booking appointments with us for invisible braces in Windsor, as a great solution to their dental needs.

Braces in WindsorWhat are they?

The procedure is pretty self-explanatory, but here’s a brief summary for those that haven’t heard of this before. It essentially involves the fitting of a specially moulded brace that your dentist will use to slowly correct crooked teeth. A gentle amount of pressure is placed over the teeth, over a long period of time, in order to realign them, and you may need to come back in for a separate appointment for a new fitting of your braces in Windsor, so as to match your changing teeth.

The fitting process

The method of having them fitted is where things start to get interesting. Normally the procedure will involve a consultation meeting, and then your dentist will use a laser or LEDs to map out the layout of your teeth. This is done to ensure the brace fits correctly, yet still applies pressure at the right points along your mouth.

After the scanning is complete, a 3D image will be created, and this will be used to show you how your teeth will be realigned. A fun bonus of this stage is that you get to see how your straightened smile will look. Then a brace will be moulded, and you just have to wear it for as long as you’re instructed to, it’s that simple!

At Old Windsor Dental Practice, our team will ensure the fitting process is quick, easy and involves minimal discomfort to you at all times.

Are there benefits?

There are numerous advantages to using this type of treatment, which is why it has become so popular with our patients. The biggest benefit is that because the appliance is see-through, you won’t have to feel self-conscious about wearing it out and about.

Second, is that it’s incredibly easy to keep clean. We recommend that you use a small diluted amount of bleach mixed with water, then lightly brush this mixture over the appliance at least once every other day. Regular cleaning helps to get rid of built up bacteria and reduce staining.

Aftercare advice for patients

Once you leave our practice, there are a few things to keep in mind at home, in order to ensure your realignment goes smoothly and your appliance lasts.

There may be some discomfort over time, as the brace applies what our patients call “pressure” on the teeth. We recommend painkillers when necessary, to counter this, or short removal of the appliance. Although, if you do plan on taking it out, try to limit it to a few hours as it needs to be kept in place at least 22 hours a day. Also, when it’s removed, try to keep it in a hard-bodied container, as this will prevent accidental damage, as well as allowing the appliance to remain relatively sterile.

Hopefully this has helped to clear up a few facts about this unique treatment. If you’re looking to straighten up your smile, then try asking us about your options for realignment on your next appointment.

Brace yourself for braces and love your smile again

Through the many years of experience that we have had, we have come to see all kinds of patients who need braces in Windsor walk through our doors. From teenagers with misaligned bites suffering from jaw and head pain, to adults who are looking to get that smile they have always wanted.

Braces in WindsorMany of you seem to wait for years before finally taking the plunge and coming in to speak with us about your options. And as it happens, after treatment, many of you simply wish you had done it sooner. Braces in Windsor help to make a positive, lifelong change that leaves you feeling more confident about your smile, with a healthier smile to boot.

There are so many options available now that we are positive we can find a system that will blend in with your lifestyle and give you the results you are looking for. From mild misalignments to more complex cases, we are well equipped and seriously trained for the job.

Our dentists love to see the transformation happen right before their eyes; as smiles are transformed and patients are over the moon with the results. To make your transformation become a reality, speak with one of us today for a consultation that provides you with the knowledge that you need. This will aid you in establishing an informed decision on one of the greatest transformations that you can make to your smile.

What options are there available?

Generally, there are two forms of aligners that are available that you can choose from, depending on the severity of your case; fixed or removable. A fixed aligner consists of brackets that are glued to the teeth with wires that connect each bracket. The wires are then controlled by your dentist to pull the teeth into the right position.

These are great for complex cases and are thought of as the more traditional model available. You can however, discuss with us whether you are eligible to wear a lingual model, that is attached to the back of your teeth instead of the front.

Removable models are either clear plastic trays or a plate that is worn by you for a minimum of 20 hours each day. You are permitted to remove it to eat and to brush your teeth but it should be worn at night. They gently pull teeth into the right position either by you wearing a new tray every week or by your dentist gently manipulating parts of the plate.

Does it hurt?

We cannot say that the treatment will be completely pain free for the first few days after your next stage in the treatment process, you may feel some aching or sensitivity in your teeth and gums as they adjust to the new position that they are being forced into.

It does calm down after a while and we can prescribe you with pain relief during this time. You may also find that by eating soft foods you will be more comfortable. After several months, you can begin to notice the dramatic change in your smile, the journey is never in vain when wearing braces in Windsor.

What is Invisalign and why is it a popular alternative for traditional braces?

Teeth-correcting technology continues to offer new exciting methods to patients looking to dental problems such as misaligned teeth, and crooked smiles. Clear dental devices are a popular method of treatment for patients of all ages. At Old Windsor Dental, we offer the Invisalign system as an effective treatment for braces in Colchester. Our patients love the fact that these clear dental aligners are easy to wear.

Braces in BerkshireInvisalign works in a similar way as traditional fixed dental devices to gradually move and straighten teeth. Unlike fixed devices that are so noticeable, this first-class dental treatment uses a virtually invisible aligner system.

Who is suitable for Invisalign?

Invisalign can successfully treat the following issues:

  • Teeth overcrowding

Overcrowding cases of up to 3mm works best with this form of treatment.

  • Spacing issues

Most suitable spacing issues are those cases with up to 3mm gaps.

  • Overjet issues

Best results can be achieved in overjet cases of up to 2mm.

  • Overbite issues

Overbite cases of up to 1mm are easy to fix.

For simple teeth-correcting cases, clear aligners are an effective form of treatment. For more complicated extreme cases, patients may have to rely on fixed dental devices.

What is the process involved?

We offer patients interested in clear braces in Colchester a very simple process. Our dental practitioner will talk the patient through the entire process, always ensuring that every step is understood. Patients are welcome to ask questions to address any concerns they may have.

Dental impressions are taken of the patient’s mouth which is sent to the laboratory where computer technology is used to calculate the required number of aligners needed to move teeth into the correct position. Thereafter a number of clear aligner trays are custom created for a patient. A fitting session is scheduled when the patient is shown how to use them with suggested guidelines on best oral care when using aligners.

Advantages of Invisalign

There are a number of challenges associated with fixed dental devices that clear aligners address. The following advantages are the most common reason for patients choosing Invisalign.

  1. Discreet invisible aligners

For patients in people-facing careers who need to correct teeth misalignment issues with dental devices choose clear aligners due to these instruments being discreet and barely noticeable.

  1. Aligners can be removed

The fact that these aligners can be removed when necessary during treatment makes them an attractive option especially as getting trapped pieces of food from out of the wires and brackets can be frustrating as well as time-consuming.

  1. Eliminate the embarrassment attached to wearing teeth-correcting devices

Seeing that the Invisalign aligners are almost invisible, patients do not feel self-conscious about having to wear them. This provides a boost in confidence.

  1. Cost-effective treatment option

Invisalign is manufactured in the UK which makes them an affordable teeth-correcting treatment.

Do you have teeth misalignment issues to correct to improve the look of your smile? Schedule a consultation with one of our dental practitioners at Old Windsor Dental to determine if Invisalign is the right treatment plan for you.

How to care for your braces

The progress of a patient’s dental treatment plan depends on how well they take care of all the components that make up their fixed teeth-correcting instrument: wires, brackets, rubber bands and hooks. This does mean that patients are required to make the extra effort to learn good oral habits and take the time to ensure the device is thoroughly cleaned. Any food particles left behind after cleaning can have disastrous consequences for the patient’s teeth, gums and will compromise treatment results. In the event of your braces in Berkshire becoming damaged or breaks, patients are advised to contact us at Old Windsor Dental as soon as possible for repairs to be made. The following care tips and guidelines for wearing orthodontic devices will help make wearing them more comfortable, prevent them from becoming damaged and keep teeth clean and healthy.Braces in Berkshire

  1. Follow dietary recommendations

Patients are often unaware of the impact the types of foods they consume can have on their teeth and damage caused to orthodontic devices. Patients on teeth-correcting treatments are restricted from consuming certain foods and beverages. In the early stages of the treatment it is best for patients to stay away from hard foods that can not only damage metal components of teeth-correcting instruments, but can exacerbate the discomfort of sore teeth and gums.  Sticky foods and foods that are a challenge to chew pose a risk to rubber bands and brackets and can force wires out of alignment.

  1. Keep dental wax on hand

Dental wax is a product designed to protect gums and ease the pain of wearing dental devices. It is also a miracle fix for covering protruding wires and loose brackets to prevent further injuries to gums and inner cheeks. Dental wax can effectively be applied to the metal parts of dental devices as a short term repair measure until they can be properly repaired by a professional dental practitioner.

  1. Brush teeth more than twice a day

Patients should take care to brush their teeth after every meal or snack. Every time you eat, small pieces of food get trapped in between the metal components found in some types of dental devices and removing these food particles as soon as possible becomes a key concern. The longer they remain behind in the mouth, the higher the risk of dental problems causing complications. Rinsing your mouth with water after meals is another good idea if you don’t have a toothbrush with you. Brushing teeth offers another benefit too – it can provide relief from pain and pressure from having devices adjusted throughout treatment.

Need a consultation for braces in Berkshire? Make an appointment at Old Windsor Dental today and take a proactive stance towards your dental health.

Ensure that your dental treatment to align teeth correctly is smooth and as comfortable as possible. The best way is to follow all guidelines from your dental practitioner and remember to treat dental devices with care. Patients generally wear teeth-correcting devices on average for 12 to 18 months which is why it is essential that you take care to protect their longevity and your oral health.

Have you been told you need braces by your dentist? Different braces we offer at The Old Windsor Dental Practice

When a dentist says the word ‘brace,’ most patients run a mile, regardless of their age.

Although orthodontic braces are a common procedure throughout the UK, many suitable candidates for the treatment refuse to undergo it; leaving them with misaligned teeth and an unresolved worry that braces will be mentioned again in the future.

Braces in WindsorIt is an understandable worry. In the past, we all remember that one kid at school who got bullied for wearing the traditional, orthodontic brace and of course, we all want to avoid that happening to us.

Luckily, as dentistry has advanced in recent years, different types of braces have been developed, allowing more people to undergo orthodontic work with discreet, removable braces.

At Old Windsor Dental Practice, we can offer our patients a range of different braces in Windsor, tailored to help them resolve their misalignment quickly and effectively.

Different style of braces

There are many different types of braces in Windsor that our dental team can offer to our patients, many of them advanced in their physical appearance while also using more modern technology to straighten teeth. Many are designed to aid in the realignment of mild to moderate dental malocclusions, so may not be suitable for everyone.

Our braces in Windsor fall into three separate categories listed below.

Orthodontic braces

The traditional metal braces, orthodontic braces are the gold standard at correcting issues with bite and resolving more complicated tooth arrangements in the mouth.

Fixed with metal brackets to your teeth, these braces use metal wires to gently pull your misaligned teeth into the desired position, a procedure known as ‘tooth tightening.’

These braces may stay on for a few months or years, depending on the amount of treatment you require. Orthodontic fittings and tightening are usually performed by an orthodontist, with check-ups and hygienic cleans being undertaken by general dentists and hygienists.

Removable aligners

The most modern type of brace, removable braces are typically made from clear, malleable plastics, that are customised to fit over your teeth and use gentle pressure to realign the teeth. They are removable, but must be worn for at least 20 hours a day for you to benefit from wearing them.

One of the most popular removable aligners we offer our patients at Old Windsor is Invisalign, which uses computer technology and multiple, customised aligners to straighten mild to moderate misalignments.

Fixed aligners

More suited to younger patients whose teeth are developing, fixed aligners are minimal in appearance, with the brackets often being made from either clear or tooth coloured materials.

Similar to the orthodontic brace, fixed aligner braces use a system of brackets and wires to gently move the teeth into the required position through tightening of the wires, often before or after the patient has undergone orthodontic brace treatments.

Are you still worried about requiring treatment with braces? Don’t be, contact us today at Old Windsor to arrange an initial consultation.

Do I need braces?

We don’t expect any of our patients to decide on their own whether they need braces or not, and after a consultation, we would guide you on which choice is best for you. Generally, teeth that are visibly crooked or misaligned will need braces in order to restore the teeth to their natural position. Teeth that are severely crooked can cause further problems, such as tooth erosion. However, teeth that are only slightly crooked can be simply an aesthetic issue and can make people self-conscious about their smile. If you think you need some braces in Windsor, then our practice will provide you will a full and extensive range to choose from.

Braces in WindsorMain Solution

If you have problems with your teeth, such as crookedness or misalignments of the jaw, then you are a likely candidate for orthodontic treatment. The main solution to this problem is usually fixed braces. Prior to your treatment, we would take a series of x-rays and photographs to determine the best course of action for your treatment. Fixed braces are fitted by attaching an individual brace to each tooth, passing a wire through and tightening them, this causes the teeth to be gently pulled into the correct position.

Benefits of having straight teeth

Aside from the aesthetic benefit of having straight teeth, there are a number of reasons that make having straight teeth a huge plus. One of the positives is the cessation of tooth erosion, which can be caused when too much contact is made between teeth that have become misaligned. The second is the prevention of too much plaque getting trapped, as if the teeth are not straight and lined up properly, it can create small gaps where brushing cannot reach easily. If getting braces in Windsor sounds interesting to  you for any of these reasons, then do not hesitate to contact us.

Alternative Options

We understand that getting braces fitted can be a daunting experience, and we also understand that wearing fixed braces as an adult might not fit your picture of a glamorous appearance. Therefore, we have a variety of more aesthetically pleasing options that may be more attractive.


If you are suitable, then Invisalign may be an option for you. We take a 3D scan, and then construct a projection of your treatment, to plan out how your teeth will look post treatment. Then we are able to produce a series of plastic, transparent braces, that gradually adjust a patient’s teeth towards our planned projection. One of the great benefits to Invisalign is that it is removable, so you are free to eat and drink whatever you like by removing the brace, although the brace does need to stay on for at least 20 hours a day to be effective. And with regards to appearance, the Invisalign brace is virtually invisible, meaning that most people won’t realise you are having dental treatment at all.

How do I find out more?

If you are interested in braces in Windsor, then our website is full of information, so please browse at your leisure. Also, feel free to book a consultation, so that we can give you the best advice possible on your next move, as at The Old Windsor Dental practice, customer care is our number one priority.

Do my children really need braces?

Your teenager might be at the age where his or her peers are having their teeth straightened, and it is something that you and your child may view with trepidation. We at Old Windsor Dental understand your concerns, for the parent, it is an expensive investment that might not seem all that necessary. Whilst not perfect, your child’s teeth appear straight enough to you. At the same time, your offspring might be reluctant at the idea because of how braces look and subsequently, how they might be judged when wearing them.

Braces in WindsorStraightening teeth is not just about having a beautiful smile

Orthodontic treatments do not only result in a physical transformation but also provide pivotal health benefits you should consider before you put off orthodontic devices for another few years.

While it is never too late for a person to fix a misalignment, the recommended age to do so is early adolescence while the teeth and jaw are still forming and can be moved into their correct position easily, which could mean a less complicated method and shorter duration of treatment.

Failure to do so could lead to teeth becoming more crooked and challenging to clean, or developing a protruding overbite that places undue pressure on the jaw.

What are the main reasons for considering an orthodontic device?

Misaligned teeth are grounds for getting braces in Windsor, but so is a malocclusion. In layman’s terms, malocclusion is a bite problem that occurs when the upper and lower jaw are different sizes. An overbite results when the size of the upper jaw supersedes the lower and an underbite manifests when the lower jaw is more prominent.

A severe malocclusion, if left untreated, could impact your child’s dental health because the teeth will not be able to function as they should, and so he or she might face difficulties when eating and talking.

Will the experience be traumatic for my child?

We can treat children from ten and upwards for their crooked teeth, but we understand that you might have concerns. Consult with our orthodontist to determine whether your child is ready for braces in Windsor or if they are not yet emotionally prepared and need more time. For example, you might have reservations about your child’s current lack of discipline when it comes to brushing and taking care of their teeth.

There are some misconceptions about braces in Windsor which are likely to heighten your fear and anxiety that are not entirely true. One of them concerns pain and discomfort. While your child might experience some sensitivity when they first get their braces fitted, this lasts a few days. Soothe the discomfort with a soft diet and mild child-friendly pain tablets. Mouth sores can also occur when metal rubs on the inside of the mouth, treat these with a numbing gel.

When should I book my child’s first appointment with the orthodontist?

There is not a set age or time, but your local dentist might advise or refer you to a specialist.

What will the orthodontist do?

On the first visit, our orthodontist will examine the teeth, mouth and jaw, and ask the child to bite their teeth together. We will ask whether the child has difficulty chewing and swallowing and if the jaw makes funny clicking noises to assess the extent of the problem.

X-rays are then taken to view the current position of the teeth and see whether the child is still developing permanent ones.

Straightening aids are a long-term investment that positively affect your offspring’s lifestyle. Create happier and healthier versions of your children under the healing hands of our orthodontist.

You’re never too old for straighter teeth

Braces. They’re for teenagers, right? Us grown-ups just have to put up with the wonky teeth that our parents couldn’t afford to get straightened when we were kids. Right? Well, no, wrong, actually.

You can be forgiven for believing that getting braces in Windsor stops when you’re out of school because we mostly see kids and young teenagers wearing them.

Braces in WindsorHowever, the physiological processes that take place during straightening are possible at any age. It’s just a case of putting enough sustained pressure on your teeth to get them to move. The thing about being a kid is the process happens faster. Also, changing the shape of the jaw is only possible in people under 18 because after that the jawbone sets hard.

But teeth can be moved at any age, which means you can have braces in Windsor when you’re 7, 17, 27 or even 70.

The first step is to come into The Old Windsor Dental Practice and ask about braces in Windsor. We have a great braces dentist here called Dr Emmett Hegarty. He will be able to take a good look at your misaligned teeth and suggest the best way to get them straightened.

Braces? What braces?

Your braces in Windsor don’t necessarily have to be metal ones either. If you have mild to moderate issues, you could be treated with clear or invisible braces. We use braces from Clear Smile and Invisalign. These don’t have brackets, wires and bands but look more like mouth guards. Inside they have pressure points to press on your teeth to get them to move.

But what about those of you who have more complex alignment issues to correct and also don’t want the metal train track look? Don’t worry, we have braces from Incognito that can cope with even the most complex or severe issues. No one can see them either, because we put them on the tongue-side of your teeth so they are completely hidden away.


Teeth need time to settle down after treatment, so you will need to wear a retainer for a while after your braces are no longer needed.

Modern braces

Do braces seem like they’d be hard to maintain or that they’d be uncomfortable? Braces have changed a lot over the last two decades and offer greater comfort. If you think you might need braces in Windsor, our clinic can help. Old Windsor Dental is a modern practice with competent and experienced dentists who provide braces in Windsor to suit your teeth.

Braces in WindsorTypes of braces

Braces are a long-term solution to help with closing gaps between teeth or to straighten out crooked or overlapping teeth.

Braces come in a few different forms, which include:

  • fixed, metal braces, which are made up of brackets and wires and are much more lightweight and easier to wear than they used to be
  • removable braces, such as Invisalign, are almost invisible to others and provide a comfortable way of solving an issue with teeth
  • there are lingual braces, which are made of metal, but fit on the inside of teeth and cannot be seen at all
  • ceramic braces are also made up of brackets and wires, but are instead tooth-coloured so that they’re a lot more subtle and less visible.

Braces for children

We can also provide braces in Windsor for children. Braces can be offered between from ages 10 up to 14. It can be nerve-wracking for young patients to get braces and we take great care to fit braces they’re comfortable with.

Looking after your teeth

You may imagine cleaning your teeth can be harder with a brace, but this depends on your teeth and the brace you choose. If you prefer braces with greater flexibility, an aligner you can take out easily to clean your teeth or eat may be a better option. It’s important to floss every day, as fixed braces mean it’s harder to reach certain areas of your teeth.

Issues with your braces?

Braces can sometimes become loose or damaged, which can happen from a hard piece of food, from getting knocked during sports or from tooth movement. If your brace gets damaged or you feel pain, contact our clinic immediately.

Want to know more?

Our team can tell you everything you need to know about getting braces in Windsor if you have more questions.

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