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Let our braces in Windsor get your smile in shape

Back on the right trackbraces-in-windsor

At Old Windsor, our practitioners and staff recognise the challenges and pressures that our patients have been under the past year and understand that having treatments such as braces in Windsor has been difficult to easily attain. This has left a lot of people needing some dental TLC – which we are more than willing to provide to anyone who feels they need it.

Why should I get braces in Windsor?

Having teeth that are crooked or visibly out of place can not only take a toll on your self-esteem and have social implications, but it also leaves you far more susceptible to a broad range of detrimental health effects – both dentally and elsewhere throughout your body.

This is why we strongly urge that anyone who feels their dental alignment could do with a push in the right direction should reach out to our approachable and understanding practitioners today and we’ll book you in for a consultation.

This consultation will give us a chance to both determine how much treatment you’ll need and if any preliminary treatments (such as those carried out by our dental hygienist to treat gum disease) will be necessary beforehand.

Another benefit of these consultations is that they allow our practices to detail the many different varieties of braces in Windsor that we offer – which can often surprise patient’s who were unaware of the advancements that orthodontics has made over the last few decades and the effective, cosmetic treatments that are now easily assessable.

What different types of braces do you offer?

Traditional braces – which use metallic connecting wire and fixed brackets that are bonded to every individual tooth. These are still one of the most popular and widely sought out forms of orthodontics which we provide here at Old Windsor.

However, they are just one branch of a far larger tree which includes various cosmetic-orthodontic treatment which aims to align a patient teeth without impacting on how they look in the process.

One such cosmetic orthodontic treatment that we regularly provide to patients at Old Windsor is the Invisalign retainer system. Unlike traditional braces, the Invisalign method does not need anything to be attached or bonded to the patient’s teeth throughout any stage of the alignment process, as everything is carried out by a series of removable plastic retainers.

These retainers – which are made from a patented dental plastic called SmartTrack – are all custom made for each patient, and include carefully positioned pressure points inside its structure that gradually and gently apply pressure to specific out-of-place teeth.

One of the main attractions of the Invisalign method is that – because the retainers are incredibly thin and transparent – when worn they are almost impossible to detect. This means that patients can undergo treatment discreetly, without alerting any attention to themselves in the process.

Another unique appeal of Invisalign is that the retainer can be periodically taken out whenever the patient wishes – such as for meals or to pose for a picture – which is a freedom that very few other orthodontic treatments offer.

Anyone who’s keen to find out more about Invisalign or any of the other forms of discrete-orthodontics we provide here at Old Windsor should take action and contact us today so we can begin setting your smile on the straight-and-narrow.

How can braces help me?

There are numerous benefits to having braces Old Windsor. The long term benefits to you receiving teeth straightening treatment go beyond just evening up your teeth. Correctly aligned, your teeth and gums will feel more comfortable when eating. Your look and smile will feel more pleasant improving your confidence. We will correctly fit your appliance so that the right amount of pressure will gradually be applied gently to your teeth. This will cause them to move in the correct direction affecting changes to your jaw resulting in straighter teeth. Dental appliances can also resolve other tooth defects that may be causing you problems. It used to be the case that children would have to have orthodontic treatment, but it is becoming more and more common for adults to be recommended to have this form of treatment.windsor-braces

What conditions can be treated?

If you have any of these more common conditions then we can certainly help you. You may find it embarrassing to smile because your teeth are crooked or you may have an overcrowded mouth. Overcrowding relates very simply to the fact that your teeth are not properly aligned. You may be suffering from unsightly gaps between your teeth or your teeth may have insufficient gaps between them. Your top front teeth may be protruding or perhaps you may find that your bottom teeth bite behind your upper teeth or vice versa, these are referred to as overbite and underbite. Braces Old Windsor can improve the condition of your teeth in all these cases.

How long does the treatment last?

This depends on your particular circumstances and exactly what treatment is required that suits you. Treatments on average necessitate one to two years, but sometimes the process can be completed in a few months, the condition of your teeth will dictate the time required. We will design a personal treatment plan specifically around you. Regular six to eight week visits will be required for adjustments.

Proper dental care is essential

Especially during treatment we advise and monitor that you are taking the recommended care of your teeth. We work with you as a team and want to achieve the best results possible for your condition. This is why we require you to attend regular six to eight week visits so that we can answer any questions or concerns that you may have. We will help you to maintain a regular and effective cleaning regime and advise you on the eating and drinking of those foods that can damage your teeth and gums. For example it is very important to keep sugary food and drink to a minimum and to clean your teeth properly and regularly. Here when having braces Old Windsor we will show you the correct way to clean your appliance during treatment.

What results can I expect?

Most treatments work out well and it is imperative that you are as committed to the treatment as we are to achieving the best results for you. Our dedication to you and all our patients is based on a desire to always perform to the best of our ability, using the most up-to-date technology. Our satisfaction is derived from your appreciation of the results we have achieved together.

The use of braces in dentistry

There are many different problems which can affect the aesthetics of teeth, however with advances in technology there are now many different dental treatments available for such issues. Orthodontics is involved in different treatment options which help straighten the teeth and correct the bite. Braces Windsor are the most common type of orthodontic treatment and are most often used to improve the appearance and alignment of crooked, protruding or overcrowded teeth, and to correct problems with the bite of the teeth, such as overbite, underbite and crossbite. These conditions can cause many problems and can reduce the effectiveness of home brushing and flossing, as not all areas may be completely accessible and therefore bacteria build-up will occur. This means it is more difficult to keep your teeth and gums clean and your teeth are more likely to become damaged. Speak to your dentist about braces Windsor to find out more today.braces-windsor

Before any orthodontic treatment, a full examination of your teeth will be carried out, as clean and healthy teeth are necessary for braces Windsor. After assessing your eligibility for the treatment, X-rays and scans may be carried out to show potential treatment results and the dentist may suggest a few treatment options available for you.

Conventional braces

Orthodontics have developed over the years to meet modern requirements and now many types of braces are available for improving the alignment of your teeth including traditional braces, ceramic braces, lingual braces and  invisible braces, all tailor-made and designed to meet individual requirements and personal preferences.

Conventional braces, which are commonly used with teenagers, involve brackets and wires, usually made out of metal, which are attached to the teeth and allow their positioning to be altered as required. These are the most widespread, commonly used and effective type of orthodontics, which gradually change the position of the teeth until they reach the desired look. However, they are the most noticeable type of brace and some people may feel self-conscious about their appearance, especially adults who may find them embarrassing and uncomfortable.

Invisible orthodontics

The visibility of conventional braces and a reluctance amongst adults to have orthodontic treatment has led to much research and design in dentistry, until a few options have been developed as an attractive alternative to conventional braces. Invisible orthodontics are a type of cosmetic dentistry, involved in the straightening of misaligned teeth without any visible metal wires or brackets, ensuring a discreet and convenient improvement of your teeth without everyone having to know about it.

Invisalign aligners are transparent orthodontic devices, a plastic form of dental brace, which are individually tailored almost invisible and metal-free. Following a digital scan of the teeth, aligners are designed to help you reach your desired result. The treatment involves working your way through a series of aligners which gradually help your teeth to move into the correct and desired positioning. Each aligner is designed to move your teeth up to 0.25 mm, allowing you to transform your smile discreetly and comfortably. Speak to us here at Old Windsor to find out how braces can help improve your smile today.

What are the benefits of unobtrusive braces?

Thanks to the availability of subtle orthodontic appliances, offered at our Old Windsor dental clinic as a viable option to improve the look and function of teeth, orthodontic treatment has now become an oft-requested dental service. More and more of our patients have become aware that seeking treatment to properly align teeth is no longer cause for embarrassment or awkwardness. With our clear and removable tray-based braces Windsor, our patients can improve smile symmetry and masticatory function without having to squirm or shudder at the thought of displaying traditional metal, fixed orthodontic appliances. Here are more reasons why our phenomenal range of braces Windsor are the best for any treatment plan that focuses on tooth realignment.braces-in-windsor

Top reasons to choose braces Windsor

One of the first motivations for investing in orthodontic care is to improve smile symmetry for a more attractive dental appearance. One of the more important factors in creating a good dental appearance is a symmetrically aligned smile. Teeth that are out of their naturally ordained position can be distracting and deemed unattractive. Orthodontics is the field of dentistry that focuses on correcting misalignment issues.

Next to aesthetics on the list of motivations for orthodontic treatment is masticatory function. Teeth misalignment issues can create difficulty in biting and chewing that makes it hard, and often painful, to grind food down properly to aid the digestive process. Bringing teeth into better alignment through orthodontic care can improve eating ability and alleviate associated pain and discomfort.

A lesser-known reward of receiving orthodontic care is that oral hygiene can be made easier to maintain. Not only can wonky teeth be unsightly to behold, but teeth out of position can create hard-to-reach spots and crannies that trap food and bacteria – common culprits that are responsible for cavities, gum disease and tooth decay. Orthodontic treatment can be quite an effective method to reduce these strongholds of dental decay and disease. In addition to this, another consequence of orthodontic care is that teeth and gums become easier and simpler to clean.

A cleaner mouth simply translates into healthier oral health – a state that foretells good news for overall wellbeing. Physical as well as psychosocial health is very much dependent on the condition and health of the mouth. A cleaner, healthier mouth makes it less likely for bad bacteria to lurk in it and find their way deep inside the body, affecting vital organs such as the heart and lungs. Also, patients who have had orthodontic care are more encouraged to look after their made-over smiles and be more proactive in dealing with dental issues quickly

It may not be a calculated consideration when opting to fix crooked teeth, but improved self-confidence is a welcome by product of successful orthodontic treatment. With their dental health restored and teeth properly aligned, patients find that they become more self-assured, a desirable state of affairs that can lead to success in their professional and social lives.

If you think that orthodontic care is just the thing to give you the smile that you want, then please get in touch with us at Old Windsor dental clinic to arrange for a consultation with one of our very experienced dental practitioners.

What are the rewards of getting braces?

The availability of barely distinguishable, removable, teeth-correcting appliances is the major reason why adult orthodontics have become some of the most sought after dental treatments by patients. Tray-based braces Windsor address many of the common complaints patients have about conventional fixed metal appliances. Traditional braces can make it a challenge to eat certain foods and can be hard to keep clean and food-free, among other problems.braces-in-windsor

At our Old Windsor practice we tailor our orthodontic dental care to suit each individual patient, which means we take into consideration a patient’s needs and goals, as well as preferences when prescribing a suitable treatment plan. Here are the many ways braces Windsor can benefit patients.

Top advantages of teeth-correcting devices

There are an overwhelming number of well known benefits to wearing braces Windsor, some of which are highlighted below.

Prevent gum disease

Gum disease is commonly a consequence of not cleaning teeth effectively – food particles and bad bacteria that remain behind cause problems for teeth and gums. Teeth-straightening appliances work to space out teeth, which helps to make the mouth easier to clean. With evenly spaced teeth, patients will find it a whole lot easier to brush and floss, resulting in a healthier, disease-free mouth.

Protect against tooth decay

Not cleaning one’s teeth effectively puts at risk the health of teeth. Bad bacteria and acid accumulation on enamel leads to cavities and eventually, tooth decay. As stated in the post above, managing oral hygiene is much more effective when teeth are properly aligned and evenly spaced.

Linked to improved digestion

Patients with misaligned teeth will find that they experience difficulties in masticatory function – they are unable to chew or grind their food into digestion-friendly pieces. The stomach is able to process tiny bits of food more effectively rather than proportionately large pieces which are more difficult to digest.

Protect against tooth injury

Patients with protruding teeth are more vulnerable to suffering an injury to their teeth should they accidentally fall or receive a knock to the face in a car crash or sports accident. One of the functions of teeth-correcting appliances is to address problems such as protruding teeth, bringing them into desired alignment.

Protect against jawbone erosion

Most patients are aware that they need to protect their teeth and gums, but it is equally important to preserve jawbone quality too. Deterioration of jawbone quality is another serious consequence of ineffective oral hygiene maintenance.

Teeth-straightening appliances improve speech

Misaligned teeth can present speech difficulties, making it a challenge for a patient to pronounce certain sounds clearly. Straightened teeth play an instrumental role in our ability to sound out words.

Correct bad bites

Some patients will find that their upper and lower dental arches don’t align as they should (bad bite). When teeth don’t fit together properly, this can put immense strain on the jaws which can then give rise to other problems including tooth loss. In addition to repositioning teeth, teeth-correcting appliances can also realign dental arches.

For more fascinating benefits of getting braces, get in touch with us at Old Windsor dental clinic to schedule an appointment with one of our very experienced, friendly dentists.

A chance to smarten up your smile with braces Windsor

The path that you can take towards a better smilebraces-windsor

Not everyone has what society would call a perfect smile, and those who do inevitably stand out from the majority. Whilst your smile is a part of who you are, you can help improve it with a healthy lifestyle and how you decide to take care of your teeth. We might not be born with a stunning smile, but that doesn’t mean it has to stay that way. Here at Old Windsor we offer to help you acquire that elusive smile. We can help straighten up your smile with braces at Windsor. For many, a beautiful smile is an asset. Having a beautiful smile can make a person feel good about themselves, and there are many steps that can be taken towards nurturing and acquiring a beautiful smile. Here at Old Windsor, we have several different dental procedures that could help.

Why braces?

In the long run, braces are one of the most effective ways of straightening teeth, and will help improve overall oral hygiene. Braces Windsor will help to align misaligned teeth. For an individual with misaligned teeth, braces are an option that are worth considering. They will help adjust teeth and help young patients develop the habit of taking care of their dental hygiene. Though youngsters might be reluctant to wear braces in the beginning, the benefits they will gain from them will be worth it. As well as this, the consequences that might arise if crooked teeth aren’t attended to can be detrimental to oral health.

There are different types of braces Windsor such as removable appliances, orthodontics and fixed appliances. These different types vary according to how they are fitted on and how they need to be maintained. They are all different, but all help to alter the position of the teeth.

What are removable appliances?

Removable appliances, as its name suggests, are easy to use. Its user-friendly nature makes it highly suitable for young people. As children may have problems in maintenance, this could be the most convenient option for straightening teeth. This option allows them to better manage their oral hygiene by taking care of their teeth and gums. Wearing removable appliances will on the long run protect their teeth from possible cavities, chips and other damages.

What are some benefits of removable appliances?

Removable appliances don’t take much effort to maintain on a regular basis. Youngsters can do it by themselves and require little or no supervision to maintain them. They will be able to do it with ease and little help from their parents, giving them a sense of independence and confidence in their own ability.

What are orthodontics?

Orthodontics focuses on straightening your teeth. This looks a bit cumbersome on the surface but as it uses wires and brackets to align the teeth. It involves inserting a bit of pressure to the teeth in order to adjust their position. The main focus of this treatment is to correct the bite, and this treatment can help prevent the decay of teeth and formation of cavities.

By doing what we can to correct and adjust teeth, we will be taking the necessary steps to improve your dental hygiene. Everyone can improve their smile to look better. It is a chance worth taking as the results will have many benefits.

Let our braces in Windsor realign your smile’s potential

Taking positive steps

Here at Old Windsor, our dental practitioners are proud to see the levels of dental engagement and awareness steadily increasing across the board.


If the last year has taught us anything, it is the value of self-care and wellbeing. Our oral health ought to be treated with the same respect as all other aspects of health, and seeking out braces Windsor can be a great way of reducing the risk of periodontal disease and improving the visual aesthetics and appeal of your smile.

Why seek out braces Windsor?

Having teeth that are visibly out of shape or misaligned can severely impact a person’s self-esteem and cause them to continuously hide their smiles away, something which we are thoroughly concerned about here at Old Windsor.

In the past, those who required orthodontic treatments did not have that many options available to them other than conventional metal braces. These, while being practical, are not highly regarded for their impact on a patient’s appearance.

Nowadays, however, anyone looking for braces Windsor from us here at Old Windsor is spoilt for choice. We offer a range of orthodontic treatments, including cosmetic orthodontics, which are designed to have a minimal effect on how the patient looks and have become a massively popular option, particularly for younger patients.

What is Invisalign?

One very popular orthodontic treatment that we offer our patients here at Old Windsor is the Invisalign method. This is an alternative, cosmetic orthodontic treatment that does not use any attached brackets or wires as traditional braces would.

Instead, the Invisalign system purely uses a custom-made, plastic retainer to realign a patient’s teeth. Within each retainer’s interior, pressure points apply gentle force to the desired teeth over time and eventually push them together.

What are the benefits of Invisalign?

As nothing is bonded to the patient’s teeth, the Invisalign method is commonly hailed as one of the most comfortable ways to correct minor misalignments.

Another great benefit to the Invisalign retainer system is that, as each retainer is constructed from thin, transparent plastic and because it is made to fit perfectly over the teeth, when the retainer is worn it becomes almost invisible.

This might explain why the Invisalign process has become one of the most popular orthodontic alignment methods across the world for teenagers and young adults.

How do I get cosmetic orthodontics?

If you feel that your smile could potentially benefit from Invisalign or any other form of cosmetic orthodontics, then make an appointment to speak with one of our experienced staff here at Old Windsor when you can.

By doing so, you can begin your path towards a healthier, straighter smile. Our expert orthodontists understand that no two smiles are identical, and as such, they adopt a uniquely individual approach to each new patient case they take on.

Taking action against crooked teeth can have a genuinely uplifting, positive impact on how you look and how you feel. Here at Old Windsor, we will go above and beyond to ensure that each patient who seeks orthodontic care from us achieves the smile they deserve, in the fastest time frame possible.

Braces at Old Windsor dental practice

How often have you thought about straightening your teeth? You may have a gap that you would like to close or you might be unhappy with your smile. Whatever the circumstances, you may want to look into ways to improve your teeth and your smile. And what better way to start your journey than to visit our practice Old Windsor. Our practice Old Windsor provides high quality orthodontic treatment for our patients, to assist them on their journey to obtaining their desired smile.braces-in-windsor

Orthodontics at Old Windsor

Orthodontics within dentistry focuses on the straightening of an individual’s teeth by using appliances which are known commonly as braces WIndsor. Due to continuous development within orthodontics, modern orthodontic treatment has been made to be more comfortable and also faster, to ensure you receive the best results from your chosen dental treatment.

Choosing the right braces Windsor

At Old Windsor, we understand that for our patients, orthodontic treatment is a long-term investment, which is why we offer different types of orthodontic treatment to treat both minor and more complex dental cases. One of the most common types of orthodontic treatment is the use of traditional metal braces.

Traditional metal braces focus on aligning crooked or crowded teeth by slowly moving the teeth into position. This is possible because traditional metal braces consist of metal brackets which are fixed onto a patient’s teeth using adhesive and a metal wire which passes through the metal brackets. It is this wire which is tightened throughout your orthodontic treatment and allows your teeth to be straightened.

Traditional metal braces are an ideal choice of orthodontic treatment for children and they are considered to straighten teeth quicker when compared to other teeth straightening treatments. Traditional metal braces can also be used to correct both minor and complex cases.

For adult patients however, the thought of having visible orthodontic treatment may be off putting, which is why at Old Windsor we also offer another orthodontic treatment known as invisible braces.

Invisible braces Windsor

Also known as discreet orthodontics, invisible braces are an alternative solution to having teeth straightening treatment, without the worry of others knowing you are undergoing orthodontic treatment. Invisible braces can either be fixed or removable, but the treatment you decide to undergo will be dependent on your circumstances.

For fixed braces, also known as ceramic braces, the treatment is exactly the same when compared to traditional metal braces, as the brackets and wires work together throughout the treatment to straighten and correct your teeth. However there is another effective orthodontic treatment we offer at Old Windsor known as Invisalign.

Invisalign at Old Windsor

Another discreet alternative to fixed braces, Invisalign uses a 3D imaging system in order to create clear, custom-made aligners which you wear throughout your treatment in order to straighten your teeth. As the aligners are clear they are practically invisible, so no one will be able to tell you are undergoing orthodontic treatment and because they are also removable, you are able to eat your meals as normal and also maintain a good oral hygiene routine, as you can still brush your teeth and floss as normal.

Is your simile missing out on all that braces in Windsor could do?

Keeping your smile healthy

Here at Old Windsor, our primary concern is keeping the oral health of each of our patients to a standard that means that they need not be worried about their dental wellbeing. We understand the strain that many of us are under because of Covid:19, and we recognise the importance of keeping our patients both happy and healthy. Across the country, there are literally countless people out there who are living each day with badly aligned or crooked teeth. With the obvious cosmetic implications of this to one side, these people are often unbeknownst leaving themselves at a far higher risk of developing dental problems and infections. This is why anyone who has crooked teeth ought to speak to our trusted orthodontists about braces in Windsor and begin their unique journey towards setting things straight.

braces-in-windsorWhy seek out braces in Windsor?

Many people who could be potentially benefiting from braces in Windsor do not actually realise the benefits that seeking out treatment could bring them, both socially and orally. As mentioned, people who have poorly aligned teeth are at a greater risk of contracting infections and gum problems such as periodontal disease. This is because the non-uniform structure of their teeth means that there are far more difficult to reach spaces and pockets between crooked teeth. If food remnants or bacteria form within these pockets and are not removed through regular brushing, then they will become plaque or tartar. If this plaque is not removed then it could potentially develop into gum disease as the plaque spreads to the gums and causes an infection. This can result in extensive treatment being needed to restore your gums to full health and eradicate any signs of gum disease. Another benefit to having your teeth orthodontically realigned to make them straighter is that it can have a massively positive effect on how a person looks. Studies have found that people who have straight, healthy-looking teeth are typically considered to be more trustworthy, attractive and confident. By simply seeking out orthodontic alignment from us here at Old Windsor patients can potentially open up countless new doors of opportunity in their futures, simply through the power of their smile.

What types of braces are available?

One aspect of orthodontics which may dissuade people from seeking out treatment is a lack of understanding about the options which are available. Many people today still believe that their options for braces are purely limited to conventional metallic braces. While these are still widely used, there is also a range of cosmetic alternative methods of correcting badly aligned teeth which have little to no impact on how a patient looks during treatment. These ‘cosmetic orthodontics’ have fast become some of the most requested types of treatment here at Old Windsor, and we even offer treatment such as the Invisalign method which can align a patient’s teeth – without the need for anything to be attached to their teeth at all. Anyone who feels their smile and oral health could benefit from orthodontic alignment should make an appointment or speak over the phone to one of our friendly, approachable and professional orthodontic specialists here at Old Windsor so we can help get your oral health back on track.

Do you have misaligned teeth? Check out the range of braces Windsor at The Old Windsor Dental Practice

If you’ve been thinking about correcting your misaligned teeth, but think that you’ve missed the boat now that your teenage years are behind you, think again! The Old Windsor Dental Practice has a range of discreet braces to suit both teenagers and adults. Read on to find out about two of our most popular solutions to realigning your teeth.braces-in-windsor

Invisalign as braces Windsor

If you have mild to moderate misalignment, Invisalign could be the answer to your prayers! There is both a range for teenagers and an adult range. Invisalign comprises sets of clear plastic aligners which, when worn, gently apply pressure to the teeth to move them into the desired position. They are removable, which means you can eat and drink what you want and you don’t have to clean food off the aligners – bonus! Another benefit of them is that when you are wearing them, they should be almost invisible meaning that you can have the confidence to smile and wear them with pride. If you have a special occasion, you have the flexibility to remove them, allowing you a degree of autonomy which can feel rewarding and empowering.

Invisalign has been used to treat many patients and the results speak for themselves. However, if you want to know how your teeth will look, your dentist will be able to show you a 3D animation of how your smile will look after treatment, before you even start, thanks to the 3D technology that will be used to take the measurements of your mouth and make your aligners bespoke to fit your mouth. The aligners will sit snugly on the gum line, so you shouldn’t experience discomfort when wearing them and you can keep a picture in your mind of how your smile will look, keeping you motivated to wear them!

Another major benefit of choosing Invisalign braces Windsor is that you will be able to brush and floss as normal, therefore there shouldn’t be any damage to your teeth as a result of wearing the aligners. Moreover, the aligners are less likely to require emergency dental appointments as they shouldn’t break, saving you time and the inconvenience of travelling and scheduling the trip to see us. In fact, you will be sent home with several sets of aligners to change on a weekly basis, so you should only need to come and see us every six weeks or so.

Discretion, efficacy and convenience sums up the Invisalign experience we can offer.


Sometimes, aligners won’t do the trick and fixed braces are required. We offer a stunning solution to fixed braces using lingual braces, Incognito. The brackets and wires are all attached to the backs of the teeth, ensuring that people will not be aware that you are wearing braces at all when you smile! The results can start to be seen after just a few months of wear, although full treatment times are normally around 2 years. For people who just want their front teeth straightening, there is the option of having Incognito Lite.

There’s no reason to worry about realigning your teeth and having unattractive metal in your mouth. Come to The Old Windsor Dental Practice and see how we can help you get the smile you’re looking for without anyone knowing how you did it!

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