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Are you fully aware of how dental implants in Windsor could improve your smile?

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Here at Old Windsor, we’ve always gone that extra mile for our patients to provide them with a fully tailored, bespoke dental service which meets their unique needs and desires. While a lot has changed over the last year, our commitment and dedication have remained strong and true

As the national lockdown measures ease, patients are now able, once again, to return to our practice for treatments such as dental implants in Windsor – which we’ve consistently found to have a positive and uplifting impact both on how a patient’s smile looks, and how regularly they use it.

How can dental implants in Windsor help me?

Losing a tooth is never easy – no matter how long ago the loss happened. However, what is far easier is getting the space within your mouth permanently filled with an identical-looking (and similarly strengthened) new tooth – through dental implants in Windsor.

People often make the mistake of assuming when they lose a tooth the only available options in terms of replacement are either crowns, veneers, or bridges. While all these treatments are available from our expert orthodontist here at Old Windsor, they are by no means the only option.

Dental implants are a permanently restorative orthodontic treatment that involves surgically embedding an artificial tooth root within the patient’s jawbone – onto which a new veneer is firmly fixed in place.

Addressing the issue of a lost tooth on a structural basis (rather than purely cosmetically as crowns or veneers do) means that the patient’s smile does not only appear healthy and natural, but they can also exert the same amount of force to their new tooth as they would if it were real.

This means that patients who seek dental implants can eat even the toughest foods with confidence, and smile without a care.

What does the treatment for dental implants involve?

As dental implant treatment involves a small surgical procedure, not every patient will be instantly eligible for treatment – as their gums and surrounding teeth must be healthy and infection-free for the procedure to be effective.

For this reason, we always begin every dental implant treatment with a consultation and examination of the patient’s oral health.

These consultations are a great opportunity for patients to find out more about how dental implants work, and what benefits they can expect. Also during this preliminary stage, our dentists may take photographs and digital impressions of a patient’s tooth shape to get a better understanding.

Following this, if the patient is deemed healthy enough to continue, comes the installation stage of the dental implant process.

This involves using a dental drill (while the patient is under local or general anaesthetic) to make a small hole within the patient’s jaw where the implant will be. Into this hole, our practitioner then places a titanium alloy socket, which is then sealed over and left to heal.

During the short period that follows, the titanium alloy within the socket and the patient’s natural bone tissue merge themselves together. After this fusion has happened it can be reopened again and used as a rigid and permanently in-place anchor for a denture to be attached.

If you’d like to discover more about the dental implant process or how it could potentially transform your dental future, then simply contact us here at Old Windsor today and we’ll get the ball rolling.

The role of dental implants in tooth loss

Losing your teeth as an adult can be an embarrassing and traumatic situation to find yourself in. Unfortunately it is a situation which may occur with age. To avoid tooth loss in adulthood it is important to maintain good oral health from a young age and regular visits to your dentist in Windsor will help ensure that your teeth are clean and healthy and will also look out for any dental issues before they are able to fully present themselves. Poor oral health is the main cause of tooth loss, however sometimes accidents and trauma to the mouth can also result in missing

Advances in dental technology mean that there are now many different solutions for missing teeth. Speak to us at Old Windsor to find out about dental implants and how they may be the perfect solution for your tooth loss.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants Windsor provide a permanent solution for missing teeth. They are small titanium components which are placed directly into your jawbone and act as a replacement for the root of your missing tooth. Once the dental implant is placed into the missing bone socket then it integrates with the bone cells and becomes embedded in the bone. This makes it a permanent fixture of your dentition and is comfortable and you will not even realise that it is there. The process of successful integration normally takes around 12 to 15 weeks. During this time the dentist will examine your teeth to make sure that the implant is embedding into the jaw successfully and once the dentist is satisfied that successful integration has occurred then an abutment will be attached to the dental implant and you will be ready for your new tooth. The dental implants Windsor can then support your crown or dentures in the same way that the root supports your natural tooth.

Advantages of dental implants

A significant advantage of dental implants Windsor is that they protect the bone from getting damaged as normally missing teeth can lead to bone decay. It is important that you speak to your dentist immediately to help prevent such issues and the earlier that you can undergo treatment the less bone damage you will incur. They also improve your overall oral health by providing support and structure to the neighbouring dentition, so there is less risk of further complications in the future. By restoring the overall function of your mouth dental implants will help improve your ability to eat properly again and can help with speech issues which may have occurred as a result of tooth loss. Also very importantly dental implants help improve the aesthetics of your mouth where tooth loss can result in self-consciousness, embarrassment and a loss of self-esteem.

Dental implants are a permanent solution to tooth loss in comparison to dentures and bridges which, although are extremely effective in what they do, require replacement every few years. Dentures and bridges also run the risk of becoming damaged or broken whereas dental implants are embedded naturally into your bone as a permanent fixture of your mouth so they do not have this risk. Speak to us at Old Windsor and find out more about dental implants today.

The use of dental implants to solve tooth loss

Dental implants Windsor are an increasingly common type of dental prosthetic, used in the replacement of missing teeth. There are many causes of tooth loss, some unavoidable, but some which can be easily prevented by good oral hygiene and regular check-ups with the dentist. Periodontal disease, which is infection and inflammation of the gums, is a major cause of tooth loss. Other factors include cavities and tooth decay, physical injuries, accidents and trauma and other underlying health conditions such as diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis. Experiencing tooth loss can be a worrying, uncomfortable and embarrassing situation to find yourself in and it is vital to contact your dentist immediately for a solution and also to prevent damage to surrounding dentition. Dental implants are becoming a popular alternative to conventional dentures and bridges and can be used to support crowns or sets of dentures according to individual requirements and personal preference, ensuring the ideal treatment option for

How are dental implants carried out?

Dental implants Windsor are small titanium inserts which are designed to replace the root of your tooth and are placed directly into the socket of your missing tooth. They are inserted inside the alveolar bone of your jaw and fuse with the bone by a process called osseointegration. This is a process by which osteoblasts, the cells that form new bone, grow and integrate with the titanium of the implant so it becomes embedded into your jaw. Other prosthetics such as crowns and dentures can then be directly fitted to the implant using a connector, which is also known as an abutment, to attach it securely in place inside your mouth. Speak to us at Old Windsor to find out more about dental implants Windsor today for a full examination and assessment of your mouth, a consultation about your needs and to discuss how dental implant treatment can affect the aesthetics and the functioning of your mouth.

What are the advantages of dental implants?

Dental implants help restore optimal functioning of the mouth which may be lost following tooth loss. They also help improve the aesthetics of your mouth at the same time, as the implant is fused directly with the alveolar bone of the jaw and therefore looks and feels like a natural tooth, improving the appearance of your mouth and providing comfort too. Dental implants enable the use of many different types of prostheses including removable teeth, fixed teeth or both according to personal preference. The implants provide greater support for replacement teeth in comparison to conventional dentures, which can often cause uncomfortable and embarrassing situations where they become loose whilst talking, coughing or eating. As the dentures are attached directly to the implant they become fixed, making them look more natural, increasing their functional performance as well as avoiding those awkward moments. Due to the fixed nature of the prostheses, when they are attached to the implant, they are unable to move and therefore do not rub against the gums, avoiding soreness and irritation which can occur with conventional dentures. Speak to us at Old Windsor to find out how dental implants may be the perfect choice of treatment for you.

Must-know information about dental implants

Trying to cope with the practical realities of having teeth missing is a particular challenge that requires affected patients to find reliable, restoration solutions for them. Towards this aim, our well-experienced dental practitioners at the Old Windsor practice can suggest suitable prosthetic dental appliances that meet the patient’s needs (dental and lifestyle), goals and preferences. One of the more favoured prosthetic dental appliances in the market to replace missing teeth are dental implants Windsor – appliances that can fundamentally change the way in which lost teeth can be

The forward-thinking, architectural design of tooth replacement implants is really the success behind this incomparable tooth replacement solution. The device comprises a variety of components that work together seamlessly to counter the challenges posed by lost adult teeth. We take a look at some of the incredible features of tooth replacement implants that make them such a viable option for many patients.

Why choose dental implants Windsor?

Missing teeth replacement treatments that comprise dental implants Windsor offer reliable long-term support for dependable masticatory function, speech function and aesthetic purposes.

The components that make up a tooth replacement implant consist of a dental crown and a metal root-like device placed beneath the gum line to support it using a connector. Together, these parts form the solid foundation that allows the appliance to offer the multiple benefits that it does.

That artificial, tooth-replacement implants offer patients the best second chance to normalise teeth function can be seen in the unmatched way this solution addresses the challenges of having permanent teeth lost. Such a system offers greater stability than traditional missing teeth appliances, which means there is little chance of the implant becoming loose in the mouth. As the tooth implant is specifically designed to mirror the look of an actual tooth, patients do not have to feel awkward when smiling a wide smile, as no one can really tell that they have an artificial tooth in their mouth.

Another important factor that needs to be mentioned is that of stringent oral hygiene care at home. This is a non-negotiable and should be easy to do considering that tooth implants are cared for in the same manner as that of natural teeth.

Seeing that tooth replacement implants are purposefully designed to integrate effortlessly into the dental structure and function almost like a natural tooth, there are a few conditions that need to be met before a patient can be deemed suitable for this treatment alternative. Foremost on this list of criteria is suitable dental health. Our dentist will need to be assured that the patient’s gums are in good health and that they have the required jawbone quality to be able to support an artificial tooth root (implant). Should there be any issues or concerns of either, our dentist will be able to suggest additional treatments to correct these issues before the implantation procedure can be carried out.

For more information on which dental implant system we recommend or to arrange a consultation to determine your suitability for this treatment, please get in touch with our administration support team at Old Windsor dental clinic.

How dental implants protect the integrity of your oral health

During the many years that we have been in the dental industry here at Old Windsor dental clinic, we have found that it is quite common for patients to be interested in dental implants Windsor to improve their dental appearance – a foremost factor in making a positive impression. To be sure this is a worthy goal, but there is far more to celebrate about dental implants Windsor than one might at first

As a modern, artificial, tooth-replacement option, the treatment belongs to two dental realms; cosmetic dentistry and restorative dentistry. In cosmetic dentistry, artificial tooth implants are used to great effect to enhance the appearance of the mouth when adult teeth are lost or are knocked out – the gaps missing teeth create can affect the aesthetics of the mouth. The treatment is equally effective when attempting to achieve restorative dentistry goals. Missing adult teeth are a serious cause for concern and it is a matter of urgency that a patient should seek to find a suitable alternative to replace them. Here’s why this matters so much.

How dental implants Windsor work to your benefit

Implant dentistry boosts secure eating functionality

This is arguably the most notable reason for choosing implants over more conventional restorative devices. The metal implant is surgically embedded to become a natural part of the jawbone. This security is a major factor that assures a patient there is very little likelihood of the implant moving about, creating challenges when attempting to bite and chew.

Implant dentistry benefits nutritional needs

For the body to receive all the nutrients it needs to function well, it is imperative that a person’s diet consists of a variety of foods, covering all the food groups recommended by health professionals. Dental implants make this possible.

Implant dentistry protects oral health

Not many patients are aware that the gaps left open by missing adult teeth compromise the health of neighbouring teeth, leading them to move out of their natural positions and creating all sorts of other undesirable consequences. But this is not all, as in addition to this when teeth are lost, the jawbone loses the stimulation provided by the roots of teeth without which jawbone density deteriorates.

Implant dentistry benefits psychosocial well-being

Patients will find that with their improved dental appearance, they are more ready and willing to smile, make friends, seek better job opportunities and find romance, all thanks to the boost in self-confidence.

Implant dentistry is more comfortable

Unlike other traditional methods used to replace lost permanent teeth, artificial tooth implants offer far superior comfort and do not scrape against or damage surrounding teeth.

We have found that patients are also encouraged by the new look of their smiles to take a greater interest in preserving them, by diligently attending to their at-home oral hygiene responsibilities and taking a more proactive approach to their dental health. It is the first rule in dentistry that full oral health can only be assured after a professionally-qualified dentist has examined a patient’s teeth and gums.

For more information on aesthetically-pleasing, artificial tooth implants, get in touch with us at Old Windsor to arrange a consultation with one of our competent, friendly dental practitioners.

What are dental implants and should I choose to have them?

At Old Windsor Dental, we are proud to maintain a high level of care and professionalism. This standard of care is extended to all of our consultations and treatment including the ever-popular treatment; Dental Implants in Windsor. What could lead you to dental implants and what will it involve for you? There’s no need to feel overwhelmed or nervous and here we will outline some reason

Dental implants, what are they?

Great question, you may have heard people mention them or even have friends or family that have them but do you know what they are? With our team at Old Windsor Dental, you don’t need to be the expert because we are. You will know you are in good hands with us following our consultation. We will talk you through the ins and outs of the whole process and make sure you know exactly what will happen next.  Whether you need a complex treatment or a single tooth implant we will design a treatment plan that suits you best. But to answer the question of what actually is a dental implant, in short, implants are anchors set in the jaw bone, assuming the jaw bone has the right density. Sometimes it is necessary to anchor instead into the cheekbone. A false replacement indistinguishable from the real thing is then screwed into these set anchor points in your mouth. The end result?  A restored smile and a more durable, long-lasting finish than standard dentures.

What life benefits come from dental implants?

Loose or missing teeth can drastically affect your jawline and facial structure, why? The tissues surrounding the jaw bone can actually begin to disappear as it is reabsorbed. What do dental implants do to resolve this for you? The implant itself actually promotes the bones to grow and fixes around the implant itself. This fascinating process prevents bone loss and promotes bone structure retention. Your face avoids the sunken look caused by missing teeth but not just that these dental implants allow you to eat, chew and bite the same way as normal. These natural-looking replacements can contribute to your wellbeing if you are missing teeth. The benefits of your dental implants in Windsor are looking really clear.

Something to think about?

Are you a smoker? Do you have good oral hygiene? Do you have any underlying medical issues whether oral or other? Some of these may be easier questions to answer than others but all are things worth considering when thinking about dental implants. Why is that the case? During your consultation with Old Windsor Dental, you will be made aware of all the steps involved in the treatment and follow up care of your Dental Implants in Windsor. One aspect we will want to consider with you is your suitability. We will assess you for gum disease, look at your medical history to see if you have type two diabetes and consider your options if you are a smoker. We want your treatment to be a success as much as you and addressing these areas before the implant is the best way of ensuring a great result.

See if dental implants in Windsor can make you smile

Building smiles togetherdental-implants-windsor

Here at Old Windsor, we recognise that the past year’s turbulence has caused many people to seek out dental treatments to preserve their oral and general health. Having missing spaces in your mouth where you have lost a tooth does not only present aesthetic challenges to patients, but also leaves them subject to several health problems.

However, by seeking out dental implants Windsor from our expert team, it is entirely possible to restore both the aesthetics and functionality of your smile – and ensure that your teeth are fit and healthy.

Why seek out dental implants Windsor?

Many people who have lost teeth may be tempted to settle for more conventional treatments such as dental bridges or crowns. However, while these options may seem cheaper to begin with, they do not solve the issue of a lost tooth or teeth at a structural level.

Instead, they sit on the patient’s gum line and rely on their surrounding teeth for support. Over time, this can lead to the surrounding teeth shifting out of pace to fill the gap – which can cause rubbing and severe discomfort.

On the other hand, dental implants Windsor are surgically implanted within the patient’s jawbone, in a similar way to how natural teeth are embedded. This means that they are as fully functional, healthy, and durable as a natural tooth would be – allowing patients all the privileges of a set of full, healthy teeth, such as eating even the most challenging foods.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants have existed in their current form since the early 1950s, but evidence of rudimentary implants have been found dating back centuries.

The basis of modern implant success comes from titanium alloy within the socket, which is embedded surgically within the patient’s jawbone. Titanium alloy is the only metal that can naturally bond itself together with human bone tissue.

As such, it means that an anchor point can be made to attach a denture which will never shift, as it is merged with the patient’s jaw.

What does getting a dental implant involve?

Implants are not for everyone, as not all patients’ gums will be healthy enough to put up with the treatment. This is why the first stage of getting dental implants from us here at Old Windsor always involves consultation and examination to determine your eligibility.

Provided that you are eligible for implants, the actual treatment process is relatively simple. Firstly a small hole is made within the gap where the missing tooth or teeth used to be. Into this hole, a titanium alloy socket is placed before being closed and left to heal.

During this healing time, the titanium and bone tissue fuse together, and after this has happened, the socket can be used to hold a denture permanently.

Dental implants are often so comfortable and natural feeling once installed that patients are even prone to forgetting that the implant is there at all.

Anyone who has lost a tooth – however recently or long ago – should contact us here at Old Windsor and let us see what we can do to get your smile back together.

Considering dental implants Windsor?

If your smile has been affected by the loss of a tooth due to an accident or injury, it is highly likely that you have been researching solutions on how to replace the tooth and restore your smile to what it once was. Luckily, at Old Windsor dental practice based in Windsor, we offer new and existing patients dental treatments and services to keep our patients’ teeth healthy and to prevent any dental issues. So if you are currently dealing with a missing tooth or teeth and are looking for a long-lasting solution, you may want to consider dental implants

An insight into our practice, Old Windsor

Established in 1981, our practice Old Windsor aims to provide high quality routine and specialist services to our patients, including general dentistry, dental treatment for restoration and orthodontic treatments for both our child and adult patients. Not only have we invested in high quality equipment in order for our patients to have a comfortable experience with us, but we also ensure that we provide a friendly and warm atmosphere for all our visitors, as well as having access for the disabled and ensuring our practice is also wheelchair friendly.

What dental treatments do we offer at Old Windsor?

At Old Windsor dental practice our experienced team of dental professionals work together to provide dental services within the many areas of dentistry, including dental treatments for cosmetic procedures such as teeth whitening, inlays and onlays and porcelain veneers. We also provide services in preventive dentistry including mouth cancer screening and smoking cessation. For our patients who have missing teeth, at Old Windsor we offer our patients restorative dental treatments such as crowns, bridges, dentures, and as mentioned earlier, dental implants.

Dental implants Windsor

A long-lasting form of restorative dental treatment, dental implants Windsor work by being placed into the jawbone where the missing teeth should be. A dental implant is a metal screw typically made out of titanium. Under a local anaesthetic, a small incision is made in the jawbone in order for the dental implant to be inserted. Once the implant has been placed into the jaw, the remaining bone is stimulated which will then grow and mesh around the dental implant.

The healing process of this initial procedure is usually between eight to twelve months, but once the implant has fully integrated with the jawbone, an artificial tooth is made which is constructed to look like any remaining natural teeth and this is then placed on the metal screw.

The benefits of having dental implants

There are many benefits of having dental implant treatment at Old Windsor. Firstly, by replacing your missing tooth with a dental implant, functionality will be restored, meaning you will be able to eat and chew your food as normal without any complications. Dental implants are also made to look as natural as possible so that they do not stand out when placed next to your remaining teeth. Dental implants also help to retain your bone structure by stimulating the bone, meaning that the integrity of your facial structure is maintained and you do not acquire a ‘sunken look’.

Are you clued up about your options for dental implants in Windsor?

You can’t put a price on comfortdental-implants-in-windsor

At Old Windsor, we recognise the pressures and stresses which one or multiple missing teeth can have on our patient’s – both orally, as well as socially. It is the primary aim of our dental practice to create beautiful, long-lasting smiles on the faces of every one of our unique patients. Many people, when they lose a tooth or teeth, tend to fill in the missing space with traditional treatments such as dental bridges and crowns. However, these treatments are certainly not without their drawbacks and can cause users server discomfort as well as social problems over time. At Dental implants in Windsor, we are well-equipped to provide our patients with a more permanent and long-lasting method of replacing a lost tooth or teeth in such a way that patients can live their lives as normal – without having to stress, fret or alter their behaviour to make up for the shortcomings of their dental treatment.

What are dental implants in Windsor?

For those out there who have lost a tooth or multiple teeth recently, or over a prolonged period of time, and are unaware of the options, dental implants in Windsor are undeniably one of the best ways to permanently restore the functionality of teeth in a way which is both comfortable as well as indistinguishable from the others. To understand how dental implants are the most solid decision you can make, it pays to understand first how they are different from traditional treatment methods. Crowns and dental bridges work mostly on a superficial basis and cover-up space which is left by missing teeth by sitting on the gumline and covering it up cosmetically. This can lead to discomfort over time, as well as potentially leading to orthodontic problems arising as the remaining natural teeth gradually drift out of place. Dental implants however are surgically inserted into the patients bone structure by being embedded and bonded to the jawbone. This means that a replacement tooth can be attached in such a way that there is no risk of it shifting or being uncomfortable, and patients can utilise it to the same strength as a natural tooth.

How do I get dental implants at u?

As dental implants are a permanent treatment, which requires a dental operation, there are several steps which must be carried out first before the actual installation of the implants. After the initial assessments have been made of the patient’s teeth to determine their eligibility for implants and whether or not they are dentally fit enough to proceed, then the surgical procedure is carried out within our dentist’s chair. This is a painless undertaking in which a small hole is surgically made into the patient’s jawbone where the implant or implants will be inserted. After this follows a healing period of around 8-12 week, during which time the implant fuses itself together with the patient’s jawbone. After this has happened, a healing abutment is added and impressions are taken from which the replacement tooth is created. After another two weeks, the patient will then return to our practice and have their custom made new tooth permanently fixed in place. The results are often so lifelike that patients forget that they have an implant embedded at all, and can simply enjoy all the luxuries of a healthy and whole smile.

Dental implants Windsor: Making you smile your best smile!

It’s more common than you might think: missing teeth. Many people lose one or more of their teeth and it can have a negative effect on their confidence, self-esteem and their smile! At The Old Windsor Dental Practice, we want you to be happy – happy to smile and happy to have a smile that is the best it can be. If you have one or more teeth missing, dental implants can be the next best thing to your natural

Can I get dental implants Windsor?

Implants are titanium screws which are attached to your jaw bone. Once the screws are fixed securely, crown and bridges can be attached to them. The screws act as an artificial root for your replacement teeth to be fixed to and this enables the teeth to act like your natural ones as they are securely fitted in place. At The Old Windsor Dental Practice, we are here to make this happen for you.

What are the benefits of having dental implants Windsor?

Unlike some other options for replacing missing teeth, we think implants are an aesthetically pleasing and practical solution. If they are looked after properly, they could last for many years to come and may not need replacing at all. They are easy to maintain as well; you simply need to brush twice a day and floss regularly. Another major benefit is that you can eat and drink what you like and you won’t risk dislodging your teeth meaning that people should think that they are your natural teeth.

Choosing implants can be an important step in reducing the chance of your jaw bone shrinking. When you lose teeth, your gums and jawbone can start to resorb. By having implants fitted, you are protecting your mouth from this damage and you are less likely to have issues with your other teeth as they won’t be as exposed to bacteria as they are when teeth are missing. The other benefit is that your face won’t have a shrunken appearance if you don’t have any gaps in your smile.

Is it a major operation?

You may be relieved to hear that many of our patients require nothing more than local anaesthetic to have implants fitted. Sometimes a bone graft may be required if there has been bone loss in the jaw. Once the screws are fitted, you will have temporary replacement teeth fitted to give the jawbone time to grow and attach itself to the screws. After this, you will return to the practice to have your permanent replacement teeth adhered to the screws. If you are a nervous patient, we also offer sedation, so either way, there’s no need to worry about the idea of pain as you shouldn’t be able to feel anything.

There’s no need to be lacking in confidence, when it comes to your smile. You don’t have to put up with missing teeth and worry about what people might think. Come to The Old Windsor Dental Practice and let us help you live your best life with your best smile!

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