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Solving the mystery of bad breath

Do you know how big the breath freshener industry is? It’s huge. Billions of pounds are spent every year by people trying to cover up their bad breath. And that’s ok if it’s a matter of too much garlic on top of a few too many boutique gins (no gin if you’re driving, mind), but it’s never going to do anything but mask other problems.

Oral Health and Bad Breath in BerkshireIf you have bad breath and you can’t link it to something you ate, and you’re not a smoker, then maybe you need to get yourself along to us at Old Windsor Dental Practice and see if we can find out what is behind your problem.

Oral health and bad breath

Bad breath is most often caused by something not being quite right with your oral health routine. We can take a good look at your teeth and gums and see if you are harbouring a build-up of plaque and tartar, which can lead to bad breath. A good session with the dental hygienist could well clear up the problem and that is a good place to start.

Food traps

It’s a sad fact that as we get older, our gums can start to recede and we can develop little gaps between our teeth around the gumline. We will check your teeth to find out if you have any gaps that have developed between them where food is getting trapped and starting to putrefy. It could be that all you need is to start using interdental brushes to clean out between your teeth.


Sometimes bad breath is an indicator that something else is going on. Maybe you have developed tooth decay that has not yet progressed to being painful but is affecting the air that passes over the decaying tooth. You may also be host to an infection that you are not yet aware of.

Something else going on

Once we are sure all of the above are not the reason, we can start to look at other possible causes, such as infections in the throat, bronchi and lungs, as well as the sinuses.

What can you do about bad breath?

It’s awful when you know someone has bad breath. Do you tell them about it? Do you let them carry on regardless, knowing that people are keeping away from them? And what if you are that someone with bad breath and a colleague tells you about it? Chances are, you probably already know and have been gulping down the minty lozenges and squirting the fresh breath spray, and all to no avail.

Bad Breath in BerkshireIt’s a sign

What you need to do is take your bad breath to the dentist. Come to see us at Old Windsor Dental Practice in Berkshire and we can do our best to help you find out what is wrong and hopefully then put it right. Certainly, we will be able to eliminate a few of the most obvious things that could be to blame. We know you won’t want to, but if you book an appointment to see us, it’s best to turn up without having brushed your teeth or tried to freshen your breath in any way. How your breath smells can give an indication of what the problem is.

Check the hygiene routine

Bad breath and oral health are closely linked so the first thing to do is look at your oral health routine. We will have a look around in your mouth to see if you have got any food trapped that is rotting away unbeknown to you. We can also look for decay and gum disease, both of which can give people bad breath.

We will check your hygiene routine is up to scratch and suggest ways to improve it. If none of this makes any difference, we can go on to look for other possible problems.

Illness and infection

Infections of the respiratory system, such as a lung infection or an infection in the sinuses can also cause bad breath, so we can check for those.

Is it something you ate?

We can also take a look at your diet. Maybe you are eating something, such as onions or garlic, that is affecting your breath. If you are a smoker, there’s a good chance it could be smoking that is causing your problems.

Banish bad breath

Having bad breath is such a social stigma that the breath freshener industry is worth millions and millions. If you have bad breath in Berkshire, don’t just rely on sprays and lozenges to hide it, come and see your dentist and make sure that there is nothing serious lurking behind your dragon’s breath.

At Old Windsor Dental Practice, we like to make sure that bad breath is not a symptom of something more serious.

Bad Breath BerkshireBefore you come to us

There are two common causes for bad breath that you can try doing something about before you come to us:

  • Poor oral hygiene – are you cleaning your teeth often enough for long enough? Clean for two minutes twice a day and use floss and a mouthwash. Also, come and have a scale and polish with the hygienist. You may find that will get rid of your problem.
  • Change your diet – some foods, such as onions and garlic, get into the bloodstream and the smell of them comes into the lungs and out. Try giving them a miss when you eat and see if that clears your breath up.
  • You can also try giving up smoking and drinking and see if your breath improves.

What we can check for

If neither of those seem to be the problem, it’s time to come to us. We can look for:

  • Trapped food – sometimes food can get trapped between the teeth, or in pockets between the teeth and the gums. This starts to rot causing bad breath. We can make sure you don’t have any food trapped;
  • Infections – infections under the gum also cause bad breath. You may be on the way to an abscess and not yet know about it;
  • Dry mouth – if you don’t produce enough saliva, the types of bacteria in your mouth change and can build up in numbers, causing bad breath;
  • Gut problems – bad breath can also sometimes be caused by infections in the stomach or small intestine;
  • Other problems – bad breath can also be a symptom of diabetes, infections in the lung, nose and throat.

If we cannot find out what is wrong, we will refer you to a doctor.

Come closer

Are you having to keep your distance from your colleagues, friends and loved ones because you have developed bad breath? Poor you! That’s no fun. There’s such a stigma attached to bad breath and yet there’s a lot that can be done to get rid of it. Don’t just suffer there with your halitosis, follow this plan to help discover what is causing it and how to get rid of it.

Oral Health and Bad Breath in BerkshireThe first thing to remember about bad breath is that it is a symptom of something rather than a condition in itself, so getting rid of bad breath is a case of tracking down the cause and putting that right. Rather like trying to find out what is causing a fault on your laptop or tablet, the best thing to do is start with the obvious and easily fixable causes and eliminate them before moving onto the more unlikely and difficult to fix causes.

Are your teeth actually clean?

A lot of halitosis comes from people not brushing and flossing properly. So begin by getting more diligent with your dental routine. You should be brushing twice daily for two minutes with a fluoride toothpaste. Use floss and interdental brushes to remove trapped food from between teeth, left there it rots and starts to smell and can give you caries.

How long is it since you came and saw our hygienist? If you are not coming every six months, come now and let our hygienist at Old Windsor Dental Practice in Berkshire clean away any build-up of plaque and tartar, which contribute to bad breath.

What are you eating?

Some things make your breath smell awful. Garlic and onions get into your bloodstream and so into your lungs to be breathed out. Tobacco (and especially combined with coffee) is guaranteed to make your breath smell terrible. Alcohol also doesn’t smell fantastic. Give your diet a good check over, that smell could well be coming from something you are ingesting.

Come to us

We can check for infections and other things linked to your oral health and bad breath, such as decay and gum disease. If none of that works, it may be time to see your doctor.

Break away from bad breath

Bad breath has got to be one of the most miserable and isolating conditions to suffer from. Long-term bad breath sufferers find that it affects all their face-to-face dealings. It can make them feel self-conscious and liable to look grim-faced, when in fact they are just trying to keep their mouths shut because they don’t want to inflict their breath on the person they are talking to.

Most of the time, it is possible to cure bad breath, which can be the symptom of something easily sorted, or something more serious. Finding the cure for bad breath is a bit like fixing a computer: you start with the obvious stuff and work from there.

Bad Breath in BerkshireGetting to the bottom of it

If you come to us at Old Windsor, in Berkshire, oral health and bad breath are the first area we will want to check. It helps if you can arrive without having used breath fresheners of any sort. How your breath smells may give us clues as to what is going on.

Are you brushing and flossing properly? Are you getting food stuck between your teeth? Do you take care of your tongue? Have you got a heavy build-up of plaque and tartar? All of these things can affect the way your breath smells.

Once we have eliminated poor oral hygiene as a cause, we will want to be sure there is not something more serious lurking around. Bad breath can be caused by decay and infections

Another area, we will look at with you is diet. If you eat a lot of strong foods such as onions and garlic, which exit the body via the lungs. Smoking, of course, can give you bad breath, as can going on a diet.

All these culprits are easy to deal with, but if none of the above is causing your bad breath, then we have to start looking at whether it is a symptom of something more serious, such as gum disease, a respiratory tract infection, chronic sinusitis or diabetes.

For some of these, it may be that we will have to refer you to your doctor for further investigation.

Get your dating MOT at the dentist

If you are getting ready to get back into dating, there are a few things you need to sort out in order to stand a better chance of finding true love.

First off, to get internet dates you need a great profile picture in which you are smiling. Take a look at how many people post profile pictures in which they don’t smile. You definitely need a good smile, both on camera and in real life. And why is that? Because not only do you want to seem like a friendly soul, at some point you’ll probably want someone to kiss you.

Bad Breath in BerkshireSounds easy enough. And so it is, as long as you don’t suffer from poor oral health and bad breath. In Berkshire, it’s easy to put both right if you come to us at Old Windsor Dental Practice. We can give your mouth a service and get it in shape for successful dating.

Getting checked out

Start off with a check-up, so that we can spot any incipient decay or gum disease, and, if you do have bad breath, see if we can find out what is causing it. It could be something as simple as a change in diet that’s needed, or that you need to get a load of tartar removed. Or maybe gum disease is causing your bad breath. Our hygienist can remove any tartar build-up and suggest ways to keep bad breath at bay, like using interdental brushes to remove food from between teeth.

Sometimes having your teeth scaled and polished is not enough to make them enticing enough for someone to want to kiss. Maybe your teeth have become discoloured, and the staining has sunk into the enamel so that polishing won’t remove it. In this case, we recommend getting stains removed with teeth whitening. Or, if you have one or two dodgy teeth that are chipped, you can get them covered with porcelain veneers.

If you really want a smile that no one will be able to resist kissing, you can go for a smile makeover, which combines two or more treatments.

Oral health and bad breath in Berkshire

If you suffer from bad breath or you notice a bad taste in your mouth, it is really important to visit a dentist. This way, you can determine whether your bad breath is caused by poor oral health or even gum disease and avoid further problems in the future.

At Old Windsor, we see many patients with bad breath, a condition also known as halitosis. Most cases of bad breath are caused by improper dental hygiene and bacteria that live below the gum line producing a strong sulphur smell and causing gum disease in the long run. If you dentist does not find gum disease or other oral health causes that could be connected to your bad breath, then it’s a good idea to visit your doctor. Certain conditions such as sinus infections and metabolic disorders can also result in bad breath.

Bad Breath in BerkshireWhat causes bad breath?

Bad breath is a condition that may be caused by different factors, including bad oral hygiene and smoking as well as the consumption of specific foods. However, this type of bad breath is temporary and can be easily cured by a good oral hygiene regime and certain lifestyle adjustments. Bad breath can also be caused by medical problems such as nasal problems, sinus infections or infections of the throat, while it can also be the result of extremely dry mouth, a condition where saliva flows in the mouth are really low. Most of these symptoms can be treated by your dentist or your doctor.

Beating bad breath

To combat bad breath, avoid certain foods and beverages that you know cause bad breath. Your dentist will also recommend quitting smoking and minimise the amounts of alcohol you consume. Try to brush your teeth after every meal, but if that’s impossible, brush them at least twice a day and floss regularly as well. On top of that, drink lots of water to keep your mouth moist and clean. If you wear dentures, bridges or other prosthetic dental devices make sure to clean them thoroughly every day as they can harbour stinking bacteria.

If you still feel that you have bad breath after trying most of these tips, your dentist may prescribe a special treatment.

Getting to the root of bad breath in Berkshire

If you’re constantly popping mints or chewing gum to cover up bad breath, you are probably suffering from a condition known as halitosis. This condition is very common and affects almost 1 in 4 people worldwide. Bad breath is the result of gas-emitting bacteria on the tongue and below the gum line. However, determining how best to eliminate these odours is sometimes challenging.

At Old Windsor, we understand that oral health and bad breath are intrinsically linked, therefore, we urge our patients to visit us for dental check-ups regularly. A main problem with bad breath is that it can often go unnoticed by the person affected. This is natural as we are accustomed to our own smell and do not tend to notice our bad breath. If you suspect that you have smelly breath, you may have to rely on a family member or a close friend to be honest with you. Our experienced dentists will also be able to determine whether you have bad breath as well.

Oral Health and Bad BreathPrevent and treat bad breath

Most cases of bad breath originate from bacteria build-up within the mouth due to poor oral hygiene or gum disease. Most people experience bad breath after a night’s sleep, but it usually clears away as soon as the flow of saliva increases in the mouth. Bad breath is also associated with a very dry mouth and reduced saliva flow. Dry mouth can be caused by dehydration, can be the side effect of certain medications, can be the symptom of certain diseases or may be a result of radiotherapy to the head and neck region.

Other common causes of bad breath include certain foods such as garlic that get into the bloodstream, and then are breathed out from the lungs. However, this type of bad breath is temporary and easily avoidable. Bad breath is also associated with smoking.

Some solutions to bad breath offer only temporary relief, whereas others can have permanent results. Some patients find that even avoiding stinking foods and brushing and flossing their teeth regularly will probably not sweeten a case of stubbornly bad breath. In this case, your dentist will recommend regular cleanings as well as special mouthwashes or other treatments.