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What should be included in your oral healthcare routine?

Life is busy and things that shouldn’t be ignored often are. Sad to say this can sometimes extend into our oral healthcare routine. Yes you may be doing the bare minimum and brushing twice a day but our mouth is not quite that simple, unfortunately. We do however have an abundance of resources available so let’s look at some easy ways to introduce good habits to support your oral health in Berkshire.

Get Personaloral-health-berkshire

You are an individual and here at Old Windsor, we know that. You should come to us and discuss in depth what your specific oral health needs might be. We will help identify any underlying issues you may be facing or the things you would like to improve in. Having been involved in the industry for many years we are fully equipped with a wealth of knowledge when it comes to your oral health in Berkshire. There are some things that may affect your teeth and mouth that you didn’t even realise such as diabetes and certain cancer treatments. A quick google may not be enough to fully equip you with the knowledge you need to put together a plan. We are delighted to be able to help you with one of our consultations. That being said expert one to one advice is great but what can you do right now to kickstart your good oral care habits.

Get the basics right

Yes it may appear obvious but brush regularly, floss and rinse with antibacterial mouthwash.

We said we are busy and these can be overlooked, or not completed thoroughly. If we are too busy to brush properly then simply put we are too busy. We cannot neglect these foundations of good oral habits. By brushing regularly we mean a bare minimum of twice a day, really we should be brushing after any meal where possible. The longer food and drink can linger on our teeth the more of an impact it can have. Bacteria is the enemy and the buildup of plaque promotes this, brushing regularly resolves this problem in one of the simplest ways. Plaque is the enemy here, we want to kill it at all costs. Left unchecked it will convert plaque and bacteria into harmful acids that corrode and rot your teeth leading to even more complication down the line. Don’t let this scare you though because the solution is simple as we said, brush well and regularly.

While the options may seem baffling, choosing a good antibacterial mouthwash can help promote a very healthy mouth. A dentist will always be able to recommend one suitable for you personally.

Cut out that bad habit

It’s a trial for many to quit smoking, it’s an addiction that leads to a host of health issues but if you need just one more push to motivate you to quit, think about your oral healthcare! Tobacco products lead to complications such as oral cancer, gum disease, poor breath and yellowed teeth. Think about your health and kick this habit, your dentist will certainly thank you.

Don’t neglect visits to the dentist

Are you taking notice of potential signs of an issue in your mouth? Like we said when it comes to oral health in Berkshire, you may find yourself too busy to even notice. But stop and think for a moment. Is there blood after brushing your teeth? Are you uncomfortable or do you have gum pain throughout the day? Does your jaw ache when you wake up? Don’t ignore these signs, they may point to underlying health issues and require attention from your dentist. So come and see us at Old Windsor to attend to these symptoms quickly and effectively.

Could we help you take back control over your oral health in Berkshire?

Helping you help yourselforal-health-in-berkshire

At Old Windsor, we have been committed to providing Berkshire’s community with the highest level of dental care possible since we opened our doors in 1981.

Throughout our years of service, we have faced many changes and challenges and have always strived to persevere and provide our patients with the level of dental care and consideration that they deserve.

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has, without a doubt, changed the face of life as we know it. Part of this change, we’ve noticed here at Old Windsor, is that sometimes patients have become lax in their oral health routines or brushing habits.

At Old Windsor, we firmly believe that educating and informing patients of all ages about the benefits of looking after their oral health Berkshire is key to helping our patients retain healthy smiles.

Anyone who feels that their oral health Berkshire has suffered due to the ongoing lockdown restrictions should contact us here at Old Windsor immediately, and let us get you back on the path towards a healthy smile.

What is a hygienist?

Those who are looking to improve their oral health Berkshire typically call upon the aid of our expert dental hygienist.

Rather than work responsively (i.e., dealing with problems after they have arisen), a dental hygienist focuses their services around preventive dentistry.

This also covers something as simple as offering tips and advice about brushing techniques, (as at Old Windsor, we believe you are never too old to learn new tricks) as well as more advanced services such as a ‘scale and polish’.

What is a scale and polish?

A scale and polish procedure is one of the best ways to restore oral health. It is a specifically designed two-stage cleaning process that aims to leave the patient’s teeth fresh and healthy and eliminate any build-ups of plaque or tartar.

Typically a scale and polish procedure from us here at Old Windsor goes as follows.

  1. An expert hygienist will assess your teeth and gum health through an examination. This will help identify if any signs of gum disease are evident and how much further treatment will be required.
  2. Following a preliminary examination, the hygienist will then use an ultrasound scraper, amongst other hand-held dentistry tools, to remove any build-ups or tartar, plaque, or potentially harmful food bacteria from the patient’s teeth. This greatly reduces the likelihood of gum problems developing, as any potentially dangerous elements are removed – even within the harder to reach areas at the back of your mouth.
  3. After the ‘scrape’ comes the ‘polish’. This is when a dental polishing tool is used to buffer and polish all throughout the patient’s mouth. This removes any dirt, plaque or residual bacterial from their teeth, as well as clears away any surface stains or marks they might have,

Once this has been completed, the patient’s teeth will then be restored to full health.

There is often a cleaner and visible difference in the aesthetics of a patient’s teeth when they have undergone a scale and polish similar to cosmetic dental whitening.

Anyone who feels they could benefit from a treatment such as this should speak to one of our staff here at Old Windsor and let us help restore your smile to its former glory.

Why is good oral health a priority?

Oral health Berkshire is important to maintain, to keep your teeth as strong and healthy as possible. Good levels of oral health can have a direct bearing on the preservation of teeth, gums and the prevention of bad breath. Good oral health allows you to keep your own teeth for as long as possible. We understand that your smile is important to you and we want to be able to help you keep your smile as beautiful as possible for as long as possible. Good oral health can also have a positive effect on the health of other areas of your body. Healthy digestive systems can be promoted through the health of your mouth, teeth and gums. This article will take you through what causes poor oral health and take you through some changes you can make to be able to promote your oral health to its fullest potential. Here at Old Windsor we work hard to give our patients a positive experience when it comes to seeking the dental treatment and support that they need.oral-health-in-berkshire

What causes poor oral health?

Oral health Berkshire is key and we can offer you support on some of the changes that you can make to be able to make your mouth the healthiest it can be. Thinking about your diet and drink intake could allow you to improve your overall oral health. Food or drink with a high sugar level content could have a negative impact on your oral health and could cause it to dramatically fail. Other influences such as certain medication and smoking can also cause your oral health to plummet. It may be in your best interest to consider some of your habits and implement some changes to best support your teeth, mouth and gums. You should consider reading on to the next section to discover why oral health is important, as well as to discover some more changes that you could implement to maintain good oral health levels.

Why is oral health important?

Oral health is important to ensure that you allow your mouth to be in the best condition it can be. If you can maintain a good level of oral health then you can make your teeth last a lifetime. Drinking fluoridated water and brushing with fluoride toothpaste will allow you to maintain a strong and healthy mouth. Drinking plenty of water can also allow you to keep on top of your good oral health. Practising good cleaning habits can also let you keep your mouth healthy, brushing twice a day and flossing will allow your teeth to remain strong. Your dentist can show you the best method of looking after your teeth, as maintaining a good working relationship with your dentist will allow you to keep on top of good oral health. Stopping smoking can also have a hugely positive effect on your smile, alongside limiting your alcohol intake. It is important to look after the teeth of those around you, if you are caring for young children and older relatives it’s important to look after their teeth as well as your own. Oral health Berkshire is important to us here at Old Windsor, we look forward to being able to help you improve yours.

The importance of having good oral health in Berkshire

The best way that you are able to maintain the integrity, appearance and health of your smile is through appropriate guidance on how to care for your oral health Berkshire. We have developed a focus on preventive dentistry over the years, moving away from the stigma of dental care of decades passed which focused heavily on restorative treatments that were potentially painful and expensive.oral-health-in-berkshire

By ensuring that you are routinely having oral health Berkshire check-ups, you can begin your journey that enables you to have strong teeth and healthy gums for life. Not only can you enjoy your smile in the present, knowing that it is beautiful and clean, but you can also be empowered knowing that your teeth will remain functional for you in the future, giving you that all important confidence in life.

Many people don’t understand what it means to have a healthy smile, so we thought it a good idea to discuss the different aspects of oral health Berkshire, so that you can decide for yourself the importance of keeping your smile clean and healthy.

When you come in to see a dentist, we take some time to speak with you about any concerns you might have before undertaking the physical examination. Here is an opportunity for you to talk about aspects of the health of your smile that may be problematic to you, such as persistent bad breath, bleeding gums or a build-up of plaque and tartar.

After inspecting your teeth, we can potentially provide you with some answers as to why you are presenting with some issues and give you the solutions to help alleviate them.

All of the aforementioned issues are factors concerning the health of your mouth and can be treated with preventive and restorative measures, depending on the reason behind a particular issue.

Why do I have bad breath?

Bad breath is a common complaint. It is immediate, intense and detrimental to your confidence and wellbeing. There are many factors that can contribute to your bad breath, such as smoking, eating strong smelly foods or not drinking enough water.

Persistent bad breath however can be a sign of an underlying health condition, such as diabetes, infections or other medical concerns. It can also be a sign of poor oral hygiene routines, so we will look at your mouth to identify any signs that might indicate in one way or another why you have bad breath so that we can find a solution.

A professional who has the skills and tools to professionally clean your teeth can remove the bacteria that is the general culprit behind a foul smelling breath. Food debris and a build-up of plaque can be difficult to remove by yourself and this is why visiting a dentist is so important to keep on top of keeping your smile clean and healthy.

Other factors, such as mouth cancer screening, caring for sensitive teeth and helping you to quit smoking are all important tools that we have available to us that enable you to get the appropriate care and support that you need.