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Straighter Teeth in Berkshire, how and why?

The road to straighter teeth in Berkshire is often referred to as orthodontics. orthodontics are a fantastic option for improving the overall appearance of your teeth. But straight teeth allows for much more than just improved aesthetics; it now also offers fantastic oral health benefits!straighter-teeth-berkshire

So how can this be accomplished and what could it mean for you let’s take a further look.

What’s an Orthodontic treatment?

Orthodontic treatments allow your dentist to correct imperfections with your teeth and improve the overall appearance by effectively correcting such things as overly crowded teeth, underbites, gapped teeth and overbites. Correcting such imperfections with your teeth is a huge boost to a person’s self-confidence and can really make the difference when they smile, it can even be the reason they are happy to smile again! That being said, the benefits are not limited to the aesthetic side of things, aspiring to get treatment for straighter teeth in Berkshire has numerous health benefits too.

Let’s have a brief look at these as well as the different types of treatment available from our wonderful staff at Old Windsor Dental.


While a large list of treatments may at first appear overwhelming this is simply to cover a wide range of patient needs. Once you discuss your personal circumstances and the desired end results, our team at Old Windsor Dental will be able to provide you with an achievable treatment path with the expected end results mapped out for you in advance.

Some well known orthodontic treatments are:

Clear braces – This retainer-like clear guards are gradually resized and new ones provided to bit by bit shift the position of the teeth in your mouth to leave them eventually in their final position. This is a great and discreet option for re-aligning such conditions as those discussed earlier.

Clear or invisible braces – These like the above are a discreet option for those who may be put off by the potentially unsightly appearance of those traditional braces, usually the case with adults seeking these treatments. These use clear or tooth coloured mounting points on the teeth fixed together with thin clear or tooth coloured wired to allow for an almost unnoticeable treatment option that can be adjusted over time by your dentist to help you get to the end goal of more aligned teeth.

There are of course many other options so talk to the team now at Old Windsor Dental who, with a consultation, can help you find the best solution to your specific needs.

Further health benefits

Yes, the aesthetic benefits are clearly seen but less obvious but equally as important are the benefits to your oral health. With straighter teeth in Berkshire, you can avoid conditions that come from misalignment, this may include avoiding uneven wear on your teeth that might otherwise occur with underbites or overbites. By getting everything in line with your teeth you avoid potential jaw problems and potentially even combat aspects of your teeth that could affect the overall shape of your face. By reducing gaps in your teeth you also make it easier to brush your teeth more effectively and give less room for the plaque that leads to tooth decay and gum disease to build up. These health benefits clearly demonstrate the value of seeking out orthodontics at Old Windsor Dental.

Could you benefit from straighter teeth in Berkshire?

Straight to the point

straighter-teeth-berkshireHere at Old Windsor, one of the most widely sought after forms of treatment we provide to our patients are orthodontic solutions. Whilst the obvious aesthetic attraction to having straight teeth is not something to be overlooked, there are also a number of dental reasons as to why so many patients are seeking out straighter teeth in Berkshire. One of the most common rationales behind seeking out orthodontics from us at Old Windsor – despite aesthetic purposes – is to decrease the risk of tooth decay developing. This is due to the fact that straighter teeth are easier to clean as there are fewer harder to reach places, where plaque or tartar may build up, as there may be in teeth which are crooked or misaligned. Another reason as to why many patients wish to have straighter teeth in Berkshire is to maintain a higher level of healthy gums and prevent periodontal (or gum) disease, which is the highest cause of adult tooth loss across the country.

Conventional orthodontics

Here at Old Windsor, one of the most effective and long-lasting forms of orthodontics we provide is the installation of conventional, fused braces. They are a method of dental alignment which has existed for generations – and for good reason, as they are one of the most effective ways to realign your teeth. The process of receiving straighter teeth in Berkshire, through conventional orthodontic braces from our specialists here at Old Windsor, would typically begin with a consultation between the orthodontist and the patient. This is carried out to gauge whether or not the patient is eligible for treatment, as well as establish the extent of treatment that is needed. X-rays and digital renderings of the interior of the patient’s mouth will also be made at this point to give our orthodontists a better view of what they are working with. Thereafter, brackets are fused to the front of the patient’s teeth, which are then connected with dental wires. Over the course of treatment, which varies depending on each patient’s needs, but typically takes around twelve months, the wires apply pressure which moves the brackets together and gradually moves the patient’s teeth till they are straight.

Removable aligners

Whilst conventional braces are an effective method of dental realignment, they often largely impact on the outward appearance of those who seek them. As such, scientists and designers over the past decade, have created the removable aligner method of realignment. This form of orthodontics doesn’t require the use of typical tools such as fused brackets or connecting wires. The realignment is achieved by replacing these with a removable, plastic retainer. This retainer is custom made to fit over each patient’s tooth structure perfectly, and uses specifically targeted pressure points within it to slowly push the patient’s teeth back to their correct spacing. This form of orthodontics has become massively popular in recent years, and is generally sought after by younger adults and teenagers over conventional, fused bracket braces. This is largely due to the discreet, hidden nature of the treatment. As each custom-built retainer is made from a transparent plastic, when it is worn it is practically undetectable – which allows patients to achieve a straighter smile without it affecting how they are perceived by others.

So you’d like straighter teeth?

How many years have you been putting up with teeth that aren’t straight? Are you planning to do that for the rest of your life, or might you consider at least coming and having a consultation with us at The Old Windsor Dental Practice in Berkshire to find out what needs to be done to straighten your teeth?

Straighter Teeth in BerkshireIf you grew up in the UK and made it through to adulthood without the dentist putting you forward for braces treatment on the National Health Service, chances are that your teeth are not that wildly out of alignment.

The best way to find out how severe your misalignment issues are is to come in to the clinic and get either our practice principal Utpalendu Bose, or our orthodontist Dr Emmett Hegarty take a look at your teeth. If your alignments really are severe, then you will probably need traditional metal braces to realign them. Metal braces are still the best way to correct severe issues. However, there are other devices that can be used to deal with mild to moderate alignment issues, and these tend to be far more discreet than metal braces.


One such device is Invisalign, which is a series of very thin, clear plastic aligners that look like mouth guards that you would put on at night to stop you grinding your teeth. However, Invisalign clear aligners have pressure points carefully built into them and when you put your aligners on over your teeth, the pressure points press on your teeth to get them to shift. You get a series of aligners and wear each one for 7-10 days and then move onto the next. It takes, on average, a year to realign the teeth with Invisalign. People love them because they are very hard to spot when they are in place, and also because they can take them out to eat food and to clean their teeth.

Not everyone can have Invisalign, so we also offer Incognito, which are just like metal braces except the brackets and wires are fitted to the tongue side of the teeth.

Come and find out what we can do to get you straighter teeth.

Discretion is the key with invisible braces

You are probably so used to seeing adolescents with braces on their teeth that although you may register them, you don’t feel the need to comment on them. It’s just another kid with braces on. However, put those braces onto someone like yourself, a working adult in business clothes, and it’s a whole different story.

It’s just another person getting straighter teeth in Berkshire, but it’s not normal to see adults in braces. It’s hard not to react with stares and personal questions. It’s embarrassing for the poor person in the braces (especially if it’s you) and that may well be why you have not yet got around to doing something about your wonky teeth. But you can go for it now, thanks to invisible braces.

Straighter Teeth in BerkshireOver the last couple of decades, researchers have been working hard to come up with advanced materials and techniques to make braces less visible so that wearers can feel less self-conscious. At Old Windsor Dental Practice, we are doing brisk business in discreet teeth straightening.

One hugely popular way to straighten teeth uses invisible braces by a company called Invisalign. Their system is not even a variation on the traditional bracket and wires many people associate with braces. Instead it uses aligners, which are transparent thermoplastic resin trays, rather like mouth guards. These slide snugly over the teeth and are so thin that it is almost impossible to see them.

Invisalign aligners are a product of the digital age. They are 3D printed in a laboratory in the United States specifically for each patient, using detailed measurements collected digitally by their dentist. The dentist also uses this information to create a digital preview of the route the teeth will travel to reach their required alignment. Each aligner is designed slightly differently from the previous one, marking another step along the journey to straight smile heaven. The pressure from each slight move forward in tray design is what nudges the teeth along their trajectory.

Typically, you will wear each aligner for about 7 — 10 days before moving on to the next one. The numbers of aligners required varies according to your own particular issue.

What Is the Easiest Way to Get a Straighter Smile?

Lots of people have a slightly crooked smile as orthodontics was probably less common when many adults were growing up. Nowadays increasing numbers of people are seeking dental advice on how to get a more cosmetically perfect smile. While it’s nice to retain a little bit of individuality in the way your teeth appear, straightening out particularly crooked teeth can help oral health. This is something that’s easy to overlook when thinking about ways to get a straighter smile, but it’s a factor that will be taken into account by your dentist in Berkshire . There are several different ways to get a straighter smile and it all depends on whether or not your teeth are quite out of alignment, or if you have any substantial problems with the way your teeth bite together.

six-month-smileIf your teeth are only slightly crooked possible treatments could include dental veneers or cosmetic braces. Cosmetic braces are designed to work quite quickly, often within just a few weeks or months but do not make any major changes to the way the teeth are aligned. Instead they work on the teeth that are visible when smiling and talking with others, producing an effect that is cosmetic rather than having any impact on oral health. Cosmetic braces are extremely good if you happen to have teeth that are slightly overcrowded or which are overlapping, or if you have one or two teeth that are slightly out of line. Dental veneers can also help bring slightly crooked teeth back into line but this treatment does mean removing a small amount of tooth structure, and once it’s been removed you will need to commit to having dental veneers for the rest of your life. Dental veneers are a quicker treatment which can make them very appealing, and they can also be especially good for hiding any minor discolorations or imperfections in teeth. Otherwise your dentist in Berkshire might recommend cosmetic braces to straighten the teeth as much as possible before placing just one or two veneers to help perfect the final results.

Invisible Braces

If your teeth are more substantially misaligned their adult orthodontics could be a wise choice. Popular systems such as Invisalign can straighten teeth within a year to a year and a half. This might seem like quite a long time but the results can make it well worth the effort. Invisalign are what’s called invisible braces, and this means treatment consists of wearing clear plastic aligners that fit tightly over the teeth and which will gradually move them into the correct positions. Each set of aligners is worn for two weeks for approximately 22 hours each day before being exchanged for a fresh set that will continue the tooth movement. It’s a very easy system to use and you’ll probably only need to pop in to see Dr Utpalendu Bose or another dentist at Old Windsor Dental Practice every six weeks or so. During treatment you’ll be able to clean your teeth as normal as the braces are taken out at meal times and whenever you drink something. This means there’s no need to avoid hard or especially crunchy foods that could damage fixed braces.

There are a lot of different options when thinking about straightening your teeth, but your dentist in Berkshire will be able to discuss all the treatments available so you can choose the procedures that will give you the healthiest and straightest smile.

How to get straighter teeth without the world knowing

Straighter teeth are one of the most common requests in cosmetic dentistry. At Old Windsor Dental Practice in Berkshire, we understand that while many adult patients would like to straighten their teeth, they would like to do so without the whole world knowing they are having treatment – in other words, they would like to avoid traditional metal braces.

orthodoticsOrthodontics is the branch of dentistry that deals with the alignment of teeth, and with the bite (how the teeth/jaws meet together). For many people, the word “orthodontics” conjures up pictures of teenagers wearing obvious metal braces. Whilst braces remain the best way to straighten teeth in many cases, affording your orthodontist precise and maximum control over the movement of your teeth, there are other options available besides metal train-track braces.

The best course of treatment for you will depend upon your individual clinical needs, and your first step should be to book a consultation here at Old Windsor Dental Practice. Here are some of the discreet orthodontic options we offer. . .

Lingual braces

Lingual braces act in exactly the same way as standard braces, with one major difference: they are fitted to the back (or lingual) surfaces of your teeth. This means that while your orthodontist will still have precision control over the movement of your teeth, nobody will be able to see your braces in everyday life.

At Old Windsor we use Incognito lingual braces, which offer the very latest in invisible orthodontic treatment. Because of Incognito’s unique low-profile bracket design, these are also one of the most comfortable lingual braces available.

As with traditional braces, treatment can take up to two years, but most patients start to see a noticeable improvement in just a matter of months.


Invisalign comprises a series of removable clear aligners that fit comfortably over your teeth and gently guide them into a better position. We use the latest 3D computer technology to create bespoke aligners just for you, and you are able to see what results to expect before starting treatment.

You change your aligner every few weeks as your teeth move, and the exact number of aligners required will depend on your individual needs. Your dentist will advise you how many you will need and how long treatment will take at the treatment planning stage.