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Brighten up your life with a beautiful smile by treating missing teeth in Berkshire

Why is dental health important?missing-teeth-berkshire

Dental health is important, just as much as any other aspect of health in life. Very often though, the benefits of having excellent dental hygiene are overlooked. With the busy lifestyles people lead, they are not always able to pay attention to dental hygiene as much as they ought to. This can result in the development of dental health problems such as cavities, gum disease and bad teeth which can leave them feeling uncomfortable and in distress. This can be debilitating, especially when it comes to toothache, which can be excruciating. Having dental problems can seriously impact your self-image and thus have a detrimental impact on a person’s level of confidence.

What is the connection between dental health and overall health?

The mouth contains millions of bacteria. Most of these bacteria are harmless. The mouth acts as a point of entry to the digestive and respiratory systems. Some of the bacteria in the mouth can cause diseases in these systems.

What can be done to ensure good oral hygiene?

Good habits such as consistent and constant brushing and flossing of teeth can keep the mouth free of harmful bacteria and limit the chance of harmful bacteria entering the respiratory and the digestive systems. Brushing your teeth at least twice a day using a soft bristled brush and fluoride toothpaste, flossing daily, using mouthwash, eating less sugary food, replacing your toothbrush at least once in three months, and regular visits to the dentist will help you maintain good dental hygiene.

Why visit a dentist?

Our dentist will provide guidance and advice on how to maintain good oral hygiene and will treat any persisting dental problems. They will personalise the treatment to suit each individual’s needs. They will also help any patients decide which treatment method or option is most suitable to solve their dental problems.

What are some common dental problems?

There are many different types of dental issues patients face. Some of them are more common than others. Cavities, bleeding gums, missing teeth, bad teeth, broken teeth and periodontitis are some of the common dental problems many individuals experience. These conditions can leave individuals feeling less self-confident and influence other areas of their day-to-day activities. Thus these dental issues, if left untreated can affect the quality and wellbeing of an individual’s life.

What can be done for missing teeth?

There are several treatment options available for missing teeth Berkshire. The most common treatments are implants and bridges. Most often, implants are the preferred choice if an individual is missing just one tooth. A titanium screw will be implanted into the jawbone, with a prosthetic eventually attached once healed, to replace the missing tooth. If a single tooth, a porcelain crown will be fitted onto it so that the new fixture is indistinguishable from the surrounding teeth. The other option for missing teeth Berkshire is providing a bridge. A bridge is a fixture where artificial teeth are fixed onto a metal frame. This is often the most viable option for replacing several teeth, however implants can also be used to support bridges as well as dentures, making them much more secure in the mouth. These are some of the common treatment options for missing teeth Berkshire. Our dentist can evaluate each person’s needs and decide which treatment best suits them, to give them a fully functioning set of teeth once more.

Why is it so important to see a dentist when facing Missing Teeth Berkshire?

The impact of missing teethmissing-teeth-berkshire

Whether tooth loss has occurred through accidental damage or through long term health problems, dealing with the gaps within your smile is of high importance. Whilst some people believe the issue of Missing Teeth Berkshire to be merely a cosmetic problem, the impact of the tooth loss can in some cases spread further causing more damage further down the line.

For instance, once a gap within the teeth appears the bone within the jaw begins to recede over a period of time and in turn bone loss begins to occur. This bone loss then begins to affect the surrounding teeth encouraging them to lean towards the gap and as the jaw bone continues to recede can cause further tooth loss. The face then begins to take on a sunken appearance as a result.

What can be done?

Having Missing Teeth Berkshire is not the end for your beautiful smile. Whilst past false teeth options may have deterred patients from seeking help, with modern advances both in dental knowledge and technology, the alternative options to replace teeth are well worth considering.

Dental implants are just one of the many tooth restoration or replacement methods offered. This particular procedure provides a sturdy, long term base for the tooth ensuring that patients do not have to be concerned with their teeth falling out whilst chewing or carrying out that all-important speech at work. Dental implants are small titanium screws that are implanted into the jawbone. The bone surrounding this screw begins to regenerate and moulds around the post ensuring that a secure fixed base is provided. This also encourages healthy bone growth within the jaw ensuring that the surrounding teeth are protected from the damage.

How long is ‘long-term’?

When discussing ‘long-term’ solutions it is important to understand that there are many factors that can affect the ‘long-term’ solution. The first part is the individual patient and their dedication to their daily oral hygiene process. Whilst our dental team can get you in for regular check-ups and hygiene appointments, day-to-day care relies solely on the individual. Therefore the replacement method’s duration can range from 6 years through to 10 years or more, but it relies on the attention to care of the teeth and gums.

Is the procedure painful?

Replacing Missing Teeth Berkshire is not a painful procedure and whilst mild discomfort may occur during the healing process, the actual procedure is often carried out under a local anaesthetic. Or for the more nervous patients, we can place them under conscious sedation. Either way, the process is not considered to be a major operation and with over the counter painkillers, the healing process should be manageable at home. If severe discomfort or pain does occur, please consult your dental team so that they can help.

Please note all dental treatments and procedures whether medical or cosmetic can carry potential risks. It is therefore encouraged that all our patients seek further information and advice from their local dental team.

Be the proud owner of a beautiful smile – replace missing teeth in Berkshire

Why is maintaining oral hygiene important?missing-teeth-berkshire

Dental hygiene is of the utmost importance in a person’s life. Your smile will affect how you feel and in turn affect your level of confidence. In order to have a beautiful smile you need to maintain good oral hygiene. Maintaining a great smile takes effort. Negligence and not paying attention to maintaining your smile will affect how you feel about yourself. This will inevitably influence your self-esteem, which in turn will impact your everyday life. Having good oral hygiene will have a positive bearing on your relationships and help you appreciate and value yourself more.

Why visit a dentist?

It is important to visit a dentist as he or she will help you to maintain proper oral hygiene. Dentists are experts in locating and remedying dental problems. It is best to visit a dentist at least once a year to make sure your oral hygiene is maintained. If you are experiencing bleeding gums, toothache and bad breath, then it is best to visit a dentist as soon as possible, because these can be signs that indicate oral hygiene issues that are better addressed sooner rather than later.

What are some common dental health issues?

There are many dental issues that will have a detrimental impact on an individual’s overall wellbeing. They are loose teeth, bad breath, pain or toothache, broken teeth or missing teeth which can be a result of an accident or injury; teeth which are lost can especially cause an individual to become self-conscious leading to a decreased level of confidence. This will lead to poor performance on the part of the individual in their day-to-day tasks and will seriously affect their wellbeing. Missing teeth Berkshire treatment will help resolve this problem.

What are some solutions for this issue?

There are several treatment options available for individuals with lost teeth. Missing teeth Berkshire can cause psychological as well as physical discomfort and it is best to address this issue as promptly as possible.

Some treatment options include dental implants, fixed dental bridges and removable partial dentures. These treatment options vary in the time they take and the cost involved. A dentist will help a person come to a decision as to the most appropriate treatment that will be ideal for the particular individual. Dental implants are considered the most viable option if only a single tooth  needs to be replaced, but they are also used when several adjacent teeth are missing. Dental implants involve inserting a titanium metal screw into an individual’s upper or lower jaw on which a tooth is mounted in place of the missing tooth or teeth.

A fixed dental bridge will be suitable if a person is missing one or more teeth in the same location. This treatment spans the gap that has been created by the missing tooth by fixing an artificial one instead. Removable partial dentures will most likely be recommended if a lot of teeth needs to be replaced.

Missing teeth Berkshire need not hold you back from your dreams. With all the treatment options available for missing teeth, a person need not feel less confident because they are missing a tooth or teeth, as this is a situation which can be expertly rectified.

Make your desired smile a reality with treatment for missing teeth in Berkshire

Why visit a dentist?missing-teeth-in-berkshire

It is important to maintain proper oral hygiene as it has a major impact on everyday life. Toothache and tooth pain can severely affect a person’s wellbeing. Not only do they affect a person’s wellbeing, but they can also have a detrimental effect on an individual’s productivity and will also affect his or her mood negatively. It is important to maintain oral hygiene to avoid dental complications that will cause much discomfort in the long run. Additionally, appearance also plays a key role in a person’s life. A person’s smile undoubtedly plays a major part in a person’s overall appearance. Attractiveness is something all individuals desire as human beings. Everyone wants to look their best. Having a beautiful smile will always help pave the way towards a person looking the best they can.

Appearance in turn affects how good a person feels about themselves and helps them develop a feeling of self-worth about themselves. This can be priceless as this also fosters a sense of self-esteem and confidence that will improve a person’s productivity and performance in everyday life. Additionally, this confidence will help individuals to find new opportunities and success.

What sort of dental conditions affect your smile?

Things like cavities, broken teeth and missing teeth can affect a person’s smile and lead to poor oral hygiene. Missing teeth Berkshire treatment can significantly uplift a person’s confidence, as they become less self-conscious and will develop a habit of smiling. Missing teeth Berkshire treatment will make you look better and proud of your smile.

What are the available treatment options?

There are several treatment options for missing teeth. These involve various procedures and the cost will depend on which procedure an individual chooses to go ahead with out of the treatment options available. There are dental implants, fixed dental bridges and removable partial dentures. Missing teeth Berkshire can be replaced by using different types of dental implants of your choice.

Dental implants are an option if a person is missing a single tooth or they are missing several teeth in different locations in their mouth. These missing teeth will be replaced by dental implants so that they are nearly always indistinguishable from an individual’s original teeth. A dental professional will surgically insert a titanium post in the location of the missing tooth or teeth in their upper or lower jaw. They will use this to mount a replacement tooth so that it will remain in place securely.

A fixed dental bridge is an effective treatment option an individual can consider if he or she is reluctant to consider dental implants. This treatment option bridges the gap that has been created by a missing tooth, the bridging is done using an artificial tooth or a dental prosthetic.

The next option to consider may be removable partial dentures. These are artificial replacements for the missing teeth, they are easy to maintain as they are removable and therefore can be easily cleaned. These are some of the treatment options available for missing teeth. A person can easily look attractive after resorting to one of these treatments and the treatments will help an individual regain their self-confidence and create a sense of heightened self-esteem.

Why is it important to replace your missing teeth with dental implants in Berkshire?

Many of our patients may be unaware of the health concerns related with missing teeth, and therefore may not know that their missing teeth need to be replaced to avoid other health complications. It is common knowledge within the field of dentistry that missing teeth can cause our patients discomfort (and possibly even oral pain) when attempting to partake in daily dental tasks (such as eating, brushing, and flossing), however missing teeth can also cause a multitude of other health problems.replace-missing-teeth-berkshire

Preventing the onset of oral diseases and infections by replace your missing teeth with dental implants in Berkshire

Replacing missing teeth through the means of restorative dentistry (such as dental implants, which we offer at our dental clinic) can not only result in an increased level of self-esteem and a great looking smile. Having restored teeth can also help patients stay on top of their dental health. Gaps within the mouth can unfortunately lead to the accumulation of oral bacteria, as the space between the surrounding teeth is a breeding ground for dental germs which can sadly develop into gum disease.

The dental issues experienced by individuals looking to replace your missing teeth with dental implants in Berkshire?

In addition to aesthetic concerns and a lowered level of self-confidence, patients can also experience a speech impairment (also commonly referred to as a ‘lisp’) which can cause hindrance to many of our patients social and career prospects.

Reversing years worth of orthodontic work

Patients who have received any form of orthodontic work in the past (whether this be traditional metal braces as a child, or clear aligners in later life) may wish to replace their missing teeth as soon as possible. Having one or several missing teeth within the mouth can encourage surrounding teeth to move into the gap, which is why it is so important to replace your tooth before the neighbouring teeth have a chance to move!

Our unique dental approach

At our dental clinic within Berkshire we promote preventive dentistry, meaning that we believe prevention is always better than the cure. However, if you are experiencing a missing tooth (whether this be due to an incident or health concerns) we can help you love your smile again!

How to prevent tooth loss

It is known by many of our patients that brushing adequately (for a minimum of two minutes, twice daily) can help reduce the build-up of plaque and tartar on the surface of the teeth, but what else can you do to reduce your chances of developing gingivitis?

What is gingivitis?

Gingivitis is an oral disease that is caused by the accumulation of oral bacteria on the surface of the teeth. Unfortunately patients who do not brush adequately (or consume highly sugary food and drink) may be more prone to developing this infection.

How does gingivitis lead to tooth loss?

Gingivitis (if left untreated) can unfortunately develop into periodontal disease. Periodontal disease can start to affect the bone of the tooth, and later on the tissue, which can then lead to tooth loss within the mouth.

Why choose our dental clinic to replace your missing teeth with dental implants in Berkshire?

Choosing a dental clinic can be a difficult decision for any individual to make, especially for those patients who, unfortunately, are suffering from missing teeth within the mouth and who need a fast, effective, and more importantly, a long-term durable dental solution. At our dental clinic within Berkshire we offer all of our new, and of course, our pre-registered patients a wealth of experience, working with them to help achieve their sought after smiles!

dental-implants-berkshireA dental service you can trust to replace your missing teeth with dental implants in Berkshire

Our dental clinic has been providing patients with implant dentistry for many years, offering an excellent standard of dental care for individuals of all ages and complexities, all based within a welcoming, clean, and modern dental environment. Despite our positive dental reputation within the local and surrounding area, we appreciate that many of our potential patients may wish to view some previous patient testimonials.

Take a look for yourself!

Located on our modern dental website we post a wide array of positive reviews from our many happy patients, if you are considering receiving treatment at our dental clinic then feel free to take a look for yourself!

How do we replace your missing teeth with dental implants in Berkshire?

Missing teeth can be dealt with in many ways by using single crowns, bridges, or even denture stabilisation, all of which can be supported by one key stabilising component; dental implants.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are essentially small titanium metal screws which are placed into the jaw (using a special dental drill) where the natural tooth was once originally located. Dental implants are used to replicate the natural tooth root in the mouth, and can be used to support multiple porcelain crowns.

What is a porcelain crown?

A porcelain crown aims to mimic the natural tooth, restoring not only the aesthetic appearance, but also the function of a patient’s missing tooth. At our dental clinic within Berkshire we treat every single dental case as completely unique, this is why our porcelain crowns are custom made for each patient’s case in terms of their shade, size and shape.

So what are the benefits of receiving dental implants?

The popularity of dental implants has risen in leaps and bounds within the scope of modern dentistry, and could be argued as the best possible form of tooth replacement available. In terms of the obvious benefits, dental implants allow patients to partake in daily dental tasks normally again, without experiencing pain or discomfort.

In addition to their functional benefits however, dental implants can also help retain a patient’s bone structure. This helps eliminate the chances of ‘facial sloping’ developing which can unfortunately occur as a result of missing teeth.

A long lasting solution to missing teeth

Dental implants could be considered as a large financial investment for many of our patients, which is why it’s important they last a long time. Dental implants have a natural looking physical appearance this, combined with their durable nature, makes them an excellent solution for missing teeth with the appliance of modern dentistry. It is the closest a patient will get to having their own teeth again.

Why choose us to replace your missing teeth in Berkshire?

Our dental clinic in Berkshire has been a member of the BDA Good Practice Scheme since 2010, and has continued to provide a high standard of dentistry since. Our branch within Windsor was established within 1981, meaning we have been providing dental services for over thirty years! Our clinic believes that improvement should never stop, which is why we continue to develop our range of dental treatments constantly.

berkshire-missing-teethOur wide array of dental treatments include orthodontics, gum work, root canal work, and even implant dentistry. Our practice adopts a patient centred approach, this means our patients are always our top priority, we serve patients who are looking for general dentistry, and those looking to cosmetic dental treatments. If you are looking for a dental clinic that takes pride in delivering a warm and friendly professional dental service to all of their new and pre-registered patients, then look no further.

Feeling nervous about replacing your missing teeth in Berkshire?

If you are feeling anxious prior to your implant treatment, it is important to remember you are not alone. Many of our nervous patients may be unaware that dental fears and phobias are extremely common, and something we come across frequently at our dental clinic in Berkshire. If you are feeling anxious feel free to give us a call, or even pay us a visit so you can voice your concerns and worries before your treatment journey begins.

A dental provider you can trust

Our clinic not only uses modern dental materials, however we also ensure we have a great array of dental healthcare professionals. Our implantologist is Ian Seddon and received a BDS from Manchester in 1989. Ian is a private dentist and has been practicing implant dentistry since 1994. Ian is just one example of our fantastic team in Old Windsor, however we have many other great members of our team!

Why is it important to replace missing teeth in Berkshire?

Missing teeth may often be overlooked, however they can have a detrimental effect on your oral health. Gaps within the mouth can cause a build-up of unwanted oral bacteria, which can develop into oral diseases and infections (such as gum disease). Aside from dental health concerns, missing teeth can be extremely uncomfortable, and even painful for patients attempting to chew and clean their teeth. Patients who are suffering from missing teeth may also find that their speech is impaired, and can suffer a decline in their self-esteem.

An unexpected consequence

Many of our patients may be unaware that missing teeth within the mouth can also result in an unfortunate effect to the appearance of the face. Missing teeth which are left untreated can lead the face to ‘slope’ causing an unwanted altered physical appearance for many of our patients.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are considered the best form of long lasting tooth replacement in the field of restorative dentistry, and at our dental practice, Old Windsor, we couldn’t agree more! Dental implants aim to replicate the natural tooth, and act as a stabilising fixture for the abutment (commonly referred to as the connector) and the porcelain crown.

What causes missing teeth in Berkshire?

Many patients may suffer from missing teeth due to an accident (such as falling off a bike or being involved in a sporting incident) however missing teeth can also be caused by oral diseases and infections. Tooth decay, and gum disease are common causes of gaps along the gum line, however some people are actually born with missing teeth (commonly referred to as congenitally missing teeth). Whatever the cause, missing teeth can cause our patients at Old Windsor extreme discomfort, sometimes even pain, and lowered self-esteem when attempting to partake in daily dental tasks such as eating, and brushing.

missing-teeth-berkshireFinding a cure for missing teeth in Berkshire

Patients who are suffering from missing teeth may wish to find a cure, whether this be for aesthetic physical reasons, an unwanted speech impairment, or due to health concerns. A common solution within the field of restorative dentistry are dental implants, which can not only be used for the replacement of single teeth, but can also be used to support dual arches of porcelain crowns within the mouth.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are a form of restorative dentistry which has risen dramatically in popularity within recent years, and for good reason! Dental implants essentially consist of three components, the first of which being the titanium screw, also referred to as the base and the actual implant. Dental implants are used to replicate the natural tooth’s root, and act as a stabilising base for the abutment (the connector) and the porcelain crown. Dental implants are a long-term solution for missing teeth, and can last many years when cared for correctly.

How do I care for my dental implants, once they have fully healed?

Many of our patients may believe that this particular form of restorative dentistry requires an extensive aftercare regime, however this is not necessarily the case. Dental implants are custom made at our dental clinic which means they are matched perfectly to the shape and shade of our patients’ natural surrounding teeth. Dental implants are certainly not considered as a ‘quick fix’ however after the area has fully healed (which can take months) the implants can be brushed and cared for in the same way as natural teeth.

Are dental implants suitable for the replacement of multiple missing teeth in Berkshire?

Yes! At our clinic in Berkshire we offer dental implants for several, or even whole rows of missing teeth within the mouth. Bridges are a common example of restorative dentistry that can be used to replace several missing teeth in the mouth, and consist of several porcelain crowns which are attached using a special dental adhesive.

What is denture stabilisation?

Dentures are extremely common and consist of several porcelain crowns, dentures are normally removed during the night. They are considered an excellent form of tooth replacement for patients who are missing one or even both arches of teeth, however many patients may lean more towards a stable alternative.

Denture stabilisation uses dental implants which are inserted within the jaw, the dentures can then be adhered using special dental fixtures.

Is denture stabilisation right for me?

Denture stabilisation may be a perfect option for patients who wish for a healthy looking smile, with a stable base. Denture stabilisation allows patients to eat and clean their teeth without having to remove them, which can lift a weight off many of our older patients’ shoulders.

Replace your missing teeth with dental implants

Life is not always tidy, and neither is tooth loss. Teeth don’t fall out all together as a team. You may get one knocked out when you are young. If it’s at the front you probably get it replaced, but if it’s at the side, you probably leave it as no one can see it. But, then your neighbouring teeth start to come out of place, tip into the gap and one day another one comes loose and falls out.

Dental Implants in BerkshireOr perhaps, night time tooth grinding finally takes its toll on your teeth and two at the side come out and now you can’t chew on that side. Or maybe, your teeth are just not that strong and they are starting to fail one after the other.

However your teeth are falling out, rest assured that there is a way to replace them that will give you back what you have lost, with no added hassle. At The Old Windsor Dental Practice in Windsor, we can restore your mouth to its former glory with dental implants.

That may sound like a big promise, but 30 years of dental implants being available has shown that people really do get the full functionality of their mouths back with this treatment.

Why dental implants are so great

The most important difference between dental implants and dentures or fixed bridges is how they are fixed into the mouth. Dental implants are replacement roots that go into the jawbone. Neither of the other 2 methods replaces the root of the tooth as well as the crown.

The dental implant is the replacement root. It is a titanium screw or post that we fit into a channel that we make in your jawbone.

Once it is in, it will take several weeks for the bone to grow new bone cells and blood vessels all over the surface of the implant. Once this process, known as osseointegration, is complete, the implant is as firmly anchored as a natural tooth is. You will be able to bite into your food just as if you had your own teeth. Nothing will be off the menu.

To find out more, please call and make an appointment for a consultation.

And now the end is near….

As your teeth face the final curtain, the question you need to ask yourself is how to replace them. The choice has never been so wide and it can be hard to decide.

However, at The Old Windsor Dental Practice, if you decide to replace your missing teeth with dental implants, you will be joining many other satisfied patients who have taken the plunge with this latest generation of tooth replacement.

Missing Teeth in BerkshireMost people opt for dental implants first because they do such a good job of mimicking the teeth they have just lost.

Dental implants are the only way to replace the root of the teeth, not just the crowns. And you need your tooth roots if you are going to maintain a strong, healthy jawbone.

The reason for tooth roots

Tooth roots play a vital role in jaw health because they transmit signals that tell the jawbone cells to keep renewing themselves. Each time the upper and lower teeth meet together, the vibrations that go down the tooth root into the surrounding bone tell it that the teeth are still in action. When one, or both teeth that meet together are lost, those vibrations cease and the jawbone interprets this as meaning that the teeth are no longer in action.

It starts to dissolve itself and very quickly loses size and density. If there are no teeth at all, the jawbone becomes very thin, the chin takes on a pointy look and the face eventually droops inwards on itself.

Having dental implants to replace those lost tooth roots helps the jawbone remain strong and full. And that in turn allows you to continue looking youthful.

You don’t have to replace every lost tooth with a dental implant. One implant can hold up to 3 teeth on a bridge. We also have ways to replace an entire arch of lost teeth with just 4-6 implants.

And, once you have completed the implant treatment, which can take a few months, you will be able to eat whatever you like again. No one will know these teeth, which are so firmly anchored into your jawbone, are not your own. In fact, you may even forget too.