Understanding the need for braces

We know that living with crooked, protruding, or misaligned teeth is often an uncomfortable way to exist. Yet, there remains a large number of adults living in the United Kingdom who could derive a lot of benefit from orthodontic treatment.


If you are someone who is living with misaligned teeth then you will be very well aware of the difficulties that this condition can present when it comes to your oral health and hygiene. You may find that you suffer from a high number of common oral issues, such as plaque build-up, tooth decay, or gum disease, due to your teeth being difficult to negotiate with a toothbrush.

You may have been offered tooth alignment treatment in your early teen years, but decided not to engage with it for your own personal reasons. Later in life, you may have started to regret your decision not to engage with treatment and concluded that the time for you to receive the treatment you need has passed you by, but this may not be the case.

At Old Windsor, we can help our patients to gain the perfectly aligned teeth that they desire by using modern braces Windsor to achieve the results they are looking for. Allowing them to achieve a higher standard of oral hygiene, as well as a greater level of oral comfort.

A treatment that is suitable for adults

By using modern braces Windsor, we can offer our patients a discreet treatment that will be difficult for others to see when worn in place in the mouth. In the past, the main barrier to people engaging with orthodontic treatment was the way the metal and wire braces looked when in the mouth; this is an issue that has now been addressed with the development of modern aligners.

If you consider an aligner like Invisalign you will quickly understand how this device has the ability to appear invisible when in the mouth, as it is made from two layers of clear plastic and fits over the teeth rather than around them. This means you can wear your aligner and feel confident that others surrounding you will not know you are receiving tooth straightening treatment, as they should not be able to see your aligner even when looking at you, face on.

Reaping the benefits of treatment

Once you have undergone treatment you should reap all the ensuing benefits as your teeth will be in perfect alignment. You will find that your teeth are simple to navigate with a toothbrush, making them much easier to keep clean and this should lead to you enjoying higher standards in your oral health and hygiene.

Final thoughts

Should you decide to go ahead with alignment treatment using braces Windsor you will need to attend a consultation at our practice, as we will need to examine your teeth and assess your needs. We will talk you through the different options that may be available to you and help you make the best choice that suits your requirements.

You must understand that treatment may be a big commitment, as it can last between twelve to eighteen months.

Giving you back your lost teeth with dental implants in Windsor

A large number of people living in the United Kingdom have lost teeth at some point in their lives. If you are one of them then you will understand the discomfort that someone has to live with. The loss of a tooth or several teeth is often a sudden event that leaves a lasting impact upon a person. It may cause them to make changes to the way they use their mouth, such as avoiding food like steak, as they may find it difficult to chew. dental-implants-windsor

If you have lost a tooth or a number of  teeth, then you may have investigated the different ways to replace them, commonly people look at bridges, or in cases of extreme tooth loss, dentures. However, for many people, these oral devices are not ideal, as they are looking for a way to regain their teeth that is fixed in place and offers a permanent solution.

At Old Windsor, we can offer our patients a tooth replacement treatment that is hard-wearing, fixed in place, and should last a lifetime in the form of dental implants Windsor. We are a well-established family practice and proud of the service that we offer our patients.

The benefits of tooth replacement treatment

Many people who lose a tooth or several teeth find that they struggle with consuming some of the foods they may like to eat, as they are trying to use the gums to carry out the tasks of the teeth and this can make eating foods like steak and nuts a more difficult process.

Using dental implants Windsor helps to give someone a full set of teeth once more, in a way that feels natural and with replacement teeth that are more than capable of coping with the rigours of daily use. By replacing your lost teeth you will be able to enjoy the food you want to consume without worrying about having the ability to chew it properly.

If you have lost teeth at the front of your mouth you may decide to try and avoid smiling, as you may not want to expose any area of loss due to a fear of feeling embarrassed. Having these teeth replaced may be a way to give you back your original smile, making you appear to be a warm and friendly person to others around you.

There is no need to worry about learning a new cleaning routine, as these replacement teeth are cared for in exactly the same way as your natural teeth. We would recommend that you brush your teeth once in the morning and once in the evening, as doing so will help to ensure that all your teeth will last you an entire lifetime. Also don’t forget to floss and use mouthwash, both these things should be part of an oral hygiene regime.

Making the change

If you have lost teeth and wish that you could replace them, then making this happen is possible with dental implants Windsor. This really is a tooth replacement treatment that gives people a permanent solution to tooth loss, providing normal comfortable functioning of their mouth once more. Speak to us for all the information you may require about regaining your smile.

What orthodontics in Berkshire can do for your mental health

In 2022 we’re under more pressure and scurininty than ever, we’re expected to be successful at work, at home and socially, and on top of this we’re now constantly attached to our smartphones. With endless streams of feeds with friends and family reporting their lives to us. And as much as we at Old Windsor love and encourage connection, it can be super hard for those who don’t feel confident about their face to feel daily pressure to be present online. So what can Orthodontics in Berkshire do to help with this? orthodontics-in-berkshire

 What are Orthodontics and what do they do?

Orthodontics in Berkshire are an area of dentistry that covers any treatment of the irregularities of the jaw and teeth. When you first visit us for an orthodontics appointment we will discuss with you what you are wanting to achieve through orthodontic treatments. We will likely take X-rays and or make models or take photographs of your teeth. After we have the appropriate tools we will decide with you what needs to happen moving forward. The most common types of appliance when using orthodontics in Berkshire:

Number One: Fixed/Fitted braces – These are the most common types of braces and what most people are used to seeing. They are made from wire and metal brackets that are fitted to the teeth.

Number Two: Removable braces – These are very common practice now, with brands such as Invisalign making them super accessible to all. These trays fit over the teeth and can be used to move teeth into new positions.

Number Three: Functional Appliances – these braces fit together both upper and lower teeth.

Number Four: Headgear – though headgear is not an orthodontic appliance when it’s partnered with other applications it can be used to move teeth and jaws.

Why is this relevant to my mental health?

It has been reported that body dissatisfaction is associated with poorer quality of life and psychological distress.This body dissatisfaction goes beyond just our bodies, it’s also related to our teeth. If you are a patient who feels embarrassed about their teeth then you could notice that this is affecting you day to day: not wanting to look in the mirror or take photos, covering your mouth when you laugh or smile or even not wanting to spend time with others, particularly when it comes to eating and drinking. All of these are habits we adapt to make us feel safer in our environments, covering up to protect ourselves but all these habits and stresses cause brains and bodies more and more pressure that it doesn’t need. When we’re anxious our bodies fill with all kinds of unhelpful hormones that have larger negative impacts on our mental health.

How can orthodontics help?

We are so lucky to now live in a world where teeth straightening is widely socially accepted and available. Working with us at Old Windsor we can put together a tailored plan to help fix your tooth worries. Orthodontic treatments can feel scary at first but our team of highly trained professionals will be with you to guide you through each step.

Invisible braces in Berkshire could be just the fix for you!

Have you spent most of adulthood worrying about the appearance of your teeth? You are not alone. Over half of UK adults are in some way unhappy with their smile. Lots of us miss the opportunity to straighten out our teeth as teenagers and consequently spend adulthood wishing for a set which we can be proud of. Here at Old Windsor we are really glad to be able to offer invisible braces Berkshire to all our patients. Young and old-er-ish. No matter what your age, there could be a perfect invisible option for you! invisible-braces-berkshire

What invisible braces Berkshire are available?

We are proud to offer two fantastic options to all our patients, both with amazing success stories and both with unique advantages. Let’s get stuck into the facts.


Invisalign has been available to our patients for a long time now, but has risen in fame and popularity in the last few years – particularly post-pandemic. These clever little aligners are clear plastic trays specially moulded and made to fit across your teeth and gums. During treatment every two weeks or so you will be given a new set of clear aligners by us which will slowly, but surely ease your pearly whites into their desired position.

Added benefits of Invisalign

People can’t really tell you’re wearing them, as the aligners are clear and flush to the teeth people would have to be really staring in order to notice that they are sitting inside your mouth.

They are super convenient. These trays must be worn for 22 hours per day in order for them to be successful, but you can take them out for eating, drinking and cleaning! The ability to remove  invisible braces Berkshire is excellent, as it allows our patients to give a good and complete clean of their teeth easily – something that can be a little trickier with other brace options.

Speed; every case is different with Invisalign and it greatly varies case to case depending on the changes needed during the process, but some patients have achieved the results they want in as little as three months.


Incognito is a type of lingual style brace. These braces are fantastic as they are truly invisible – although using wired fixed fittings the braces are attached to the inside of the teeth. Incognito braces are made from cast gold and are designed to be a precise fit to your teeth.

Added benefits of Incognito

The Incognito brace is a world leader in the field of lingual braces. As this style of brace is made from fixed brackets it offers the same level of precision and control as that of front-fixed wired braces. Therefore, Incognito braces are able to offer a solution to more complex misalignment issues, which in some cases clear brace tray options can’t address.

Treatment time again greatly varies, depending on the level of treatment needed. Patients can be in treatment for six months to two years. And there’s even a special design of Incognito Lite which works to just straighten your front teeth which can give the smile you want in a few months.

Helping people obtain perfectly aligned teeth with braces Windsor

Did you know that one of the most common oral health issues amongst adults living in the UK is having misaligned or crooked teeth? If you are one of the thousands of adults who are living with this resolvable dental condition, then you will understand the negative impact that living with misaligned teeth can have on your oral health. You may be living with discomfort or struggling with common dental issues due to your teeth being difficult to clean. braces-windsor

We understand that you may have been offered tooth alignment treatment early in life, probably in your early teens, but decided not to engage with the treatment at a time when life can appear to be confusing enough, due to going through your adolescent years. This may have led you to believe that your opportunity to receive treatment to realign your teeth had passed you by, this simply is not the case.

At Old Windsor we can offer adults who are looking for tooth alignment treatment the chance to receive the treatment they feel they need, using modern braces Windsor that will provide them with the results they desire in a way that is discreet.

Reap the benefits of receiving treatment

There are many good reasons why you should choose to have tooth alignment treatment with braces Windsor, as the results of such treatment will help you to greatly improve standards in your oral health and hygiene.

Once your teeth have been realigned you will find they become much easier to navigate with a toothbrush making the cleaning of your teeth a much smoother process. This will help to keep common dental issues, such as gum disease, plaque build-up, and tooth decay, at bay.

If you find that you struggle to grind and chew some of the tougher foods that people wish to enjoy, such as steak, then having your teeth aligned correctly will help to build strength into your bite. This added power in your bite should allow you to chew foods that you used to struggle with in a much easier fashion, allowing you not to be overly concerned about food choices.

Tooth alignment treatment can often help to alleviate any signs of speech impediment, as the teeth can play a huge role in the formation of words and sounds. If your teeth are misaligned you may struggle to create the correct shapes with your mouth that are used to help us form the words we use in daily life, this can then lead to stammers and slurred speech.

Something to consider

We hope that we have given those who are living with misaligned teeth something to think about. There is absolutely no need for you to continue existing with teeth that you find uncomfortable to live with and that are causing you to endure an increased susceptibility to common dental issues.

We can help you resolve any problems you may be having due to misaligned teeth with braces Windsor, just give our dental practice a call to find out more information and to book a consultation appointment.

Regaining your lost teeth with dental implants

Losing a tooth or a number of teeth is never a nice experience for anyone to live through, it leaves a lasting physical impact on someone’s mouth. If you have suffered from tooth loss then you will know that this is a sudden event that can never be planned for, which may also alter some of the ways you use your mouth. It is common for those who have lost teeth to avoid tougher foods, such as steak and nuts, as they may find they have some difficulty consuming them. dental-implants-windsor

We see many people who have lost teeth looking for ways to replace them, normally through the use of bridges and dentures where extreme tooth loss has occurred. These devices suit the basic needs of most individuals, but come with their own challenges and do not provide a permanent fixed-in-place solution to tooth loss.

At Old Windsor, we can offer our patients a permanent solution to replace their missing teeth that feels natural, in the form of dental implants Windsor. This will give them new replacement teeth that are strong enough to deal with the rigours of daily use. We are a well-established family practice and proud of the service that we offer our patients.


Due to the materials that dental implants Windsor are made from they are extremely hard-wearing and should last a patient an entire lifetime if cared for in the correct manner. As the patient, you will need to attend our dental practice to undergo the surgical procedure that will give you your new teeth. This may be in the form of a single appointment for a single tooth replacement or several appointments for more complicated cases where multiple teeth are being replaced.

The first stage of the procedure sees a titanium screw inserted into your jawbone; this helps to form a solid base for your new tooth to be attached to. A ceramic crown is then fitted to the head of the screw, above the gum line, to create your new tooth.

The crown is shaped and coloured to allow it to match the appearance of any teeth surrounding the replacement tooth or teeth, this should help to create a natural-looking appearance for an entire set of teeth.

We are happy to say that our patients report being completely satisfied after receiving their replacement teeth, as they feel a sense that they can use their mouths in a way that feels natural to them once more. Should you decide that this is a treatment that would suit your needs then we are certain you will be happy with the results.

Take back your smile, eat the food you want

Many people who lose teeth at the front of their mouth may try to avoid smiling in order to save themselves from feeling embarrassed. If this is true in your case then having your missing teeth replaced is a good way for you to take back that smile you once had.

For those who are missing eating food such as steak, the outlook is good, as dental implants Windsor are strong enough to rip and chew the toughest of foods. You should contact our dental practice to find out more information.

How Dental Implants can replace missing teeth

If you’re looking for a safe and clinically proven method to replace missing teeth, look no further than dental implants Berkshire. We’re delighted to be able to offer this beneficial dental solution to our patients here at Old Windsor and look forward to helping you on your journey to an improved smile. dental-implants-windsor

Dental implants Berkshire offer a reliable solution to replace missing or loose teeth with a natural looking substitute that can function in the same way as your original teeth. Allow us to help you change your way of life and restore your ability to communicate clearly, bite and chew without hesitation, and even smile with absolute confidence.

If you, like many of our previous patients, are suffering from missing teeth and would like to find a natural, discreet solution we recommend considering dental implants Berkshire.

So, how does the dental implant process work and am I a viable candidate for the surgery?

Our friendly team of dental practitioners here at Old Windsor are happy to assist you with any queries you may have regarding dental implants and the diverse options available to you.

Not only has the process itself been tried and tested, but it is clinically proven to be safe and reliable so you can enjoy peace of mind when opting for this dental solution.

The first step of the process is for you to have an assessment so we can determine whether you are a suitable candidate for having a dental implant fitted. Following this, the implant is made from a metal screw and is inserted into your jaw functioning as a tooth replacement. This will restore your ability to eat and drink, and chew as you normally would.

Enjoy the variety of benefits with having dental implants

In addition to having a restored smile with a full set of teeth, your life will change dramatically thanks to having dental implants. For those patients that suffered from the inability to bite and chew their food with ease, the implant will be able to rectify the situation so you can look forward to enjoying dining out with family and friends. Now you can look forward to cooking a Sunday roast or order a desert should you fancy something sweet, without the fear or hesitation that arises from missing or loose teeth.

An additional benefit of opting for dental implants is that you may incur fewer cavities in your mouth overall as a result. The type of material that is used to create the implant itself can never decay, which means you can enjoy less risk of experiencing a cavity with it.

Another great advantage of having implants is that you are able to communicate freely and concisely thanks to your restored ability to pronounce your words clearly. Missing teeth may impact your ability to form clear speech and you may lose confidence in verbal communication with your friends and family members as a result. Thanks to dental implants this will be a distant memory and your social life may flourish as a result.

Did you know that dental implants may also provide support in your cheeks which will correct the appearance of a sunken face often caused by missing teeth? The implants function in the same way as your natural teeth and offer support so you can enjoy an improved appearance as a result.

Fill in gaps in your teeth with dental implants

Here at Old Windsor, we are delighted to offer patients a safe and reliable solution to missing teeth in the form of dental implants Berkshire. Clinically proven, this popular treatment has restored and transformed countless of our patients’ smiles and the results have been remarkable. Not only are they able to smile with renewed confidence, but our dental implants Berkshire restore their ability to chew, bite and eat normally, as well as provide improvements in their speech and pronunciation. dental-implants-in-windsor

Do you suffer from missing or loose teeth and would like to find out more about an alternative dental solution to bridges and dentures? Visit us at our practice in Berkshire for an assessment and you too can experience the benefits of having dental implant surgery.

How does the implant surgery process work?

You may find peace of mind knowing that the process of having dental implant surgery is both safe and clinically proven here at our dental surgery. The first step to take is being assessed by our dental practitioner to determine whether or not you are a suitable candidate for dental implants Berkshire.

The implant is made up of a small metal-based screw that is inserted into your jaw to replace the missing tooth root. Once the implant has been firmly established, patients are able to consider crowns, bridges or dentures that are then fixed onto the implant itself. This creates a natural looking tooth replacement which can function in the same way as your original teeth.

What are some of the benefits of having implants?

Did you know that aside from improving the appearance of your smile, dental implants are able to transform the look of your face and prevent a sunken look from occurring in your cheeks? This is thanks to the retained bone structure from the implant, which provides a firm regeneration of jawbone to your face.

In addition, dental implants are able to help with your ability to bite and chew food, so you can enjoy the freedom of choice when it comes to ordering from a menu at a restaurant or dining out with friends. You will no longer be restricted to eating certain foods due to the worry that your tooth may fall out or that your dentures will become loose.

For those patients who wish to find a natural-looking replacement for missing teeth, dental implants are truly discreet and barely discernible from remaining original dentition . They can also be colour-matched to blend in with the shade of your own teeth, so the final results appear as natural as possible.

How will the dental implants be inserted, and will it require surgery?

For those patients worrying about what is involved in the actual implant process, be reassured, as the procedure is conducted under strict sterile conditions under the expertise of our dental staff. The dental implant process does require minor surgery, but this is conducted in a dental chair at our practice. Many of our patients have opted to have the surgery performed under local anaesthetic, but for those who are nervous they can opt to be placed under conscious sedation instead.

The good news is that there is rarely any pain experienced by patients following the process and if by chance you do experience any minor symptoms, they can be easily managed with the help of general painkillers.

Use braces Windsor to transform your smile and improve your self-confidence

If you have a goal that you wish to achieve, look no further than braces Windsor. Not only are they effective in correcting crooked teeth, but they can also improve your oral health and result in a glowing smile. Here at Old Windsor, we care about our patients and their ability to smile with confidence. If you feel self-conscious about your teeth and find it hard to smile broadly, braces Windsor may be the right treatment option for you. braces-windsor

Our dental practitioners are dedicated to assisting you on your smile journey and can help to create a healthy smile through the use of clear braces Windsor and aligners. Our range of orthodontic solutions differs in style and budget, so you can find a treatment plan that works well for you.

Do you have a smile goal in mind? Visit our practice in Windsor, and our dedicated team will be glad to assist you to make your wishes a reality.

We offer a variety of orthodontic options, including lingual braces and Invisalign aligners.

Smile with confidence thanks to Invisalign aligners

Consider transforming your smile with the help of Invisalign aligners. These popular aligners have gained attention worldwide for producing incredible results within a brief period of time. Suitable for patients with an active lifestyle, Invisalign offers minimal disruption to your daily routine and can effectively correct and straighten your teeth comfortably.

Find out more about the variety of dental issues Invisalign can help correct

If you’re considering Invisalign, the great news is that these aligners can help to treat a diverse range of dental issues. Each patient is different and so are the reasons for treatment. Invisalign can help with treating moderate bite issues experienced by patients from an overbite to an underbite as well as overcrowded teeth, gapping issues and even general re-alignment.

Enjoy discreet aligners that are barely noticeable

Invisalign is transparent in nature and barely noticeable to others when worn. It’s great for those patients who may feel insecure being seen wearing a dental appliance and are hoping to find a discreet alternative solution for their orthodontic needs.

The aligner is crafted from a durable plastic called SmartTrack, which is durable and long-wearing. Personalised to suit each patient, the aligner trays are formed using a mould of the patient’s teeth to sit comfortably in their mouth, offering a very comfortable experience.

Enjoy the ability to remove the aligners for a short time each day

Another factor that makes Invisalign aligners so popular is the fact that you can periodically remove the aligner trays for a small amount of time each day. This grants patients the freedom to eat, drink and even remove the trays to brush their teeth.

So, what does Invisalign entail?

If you’re concerned about how the process works and what is involved in being treated with Invisalign, the good news is that the process is simple and easy. In fact, it offers minimal disruption to your lifestyle, which is one of the leading reasons for its fast-growing popularity.

Thanks to the incredible modern technology behind these clear aligners and their ability to be customised to fit a patient, the results are not only highly effective but long-lasting too.

Are dental implants for me?

Losing teeth can be an extremely difficult experience. There is the pain that comes with the initial tooth loss, of course, but we understand that there is a lot more to it. You have to change your lifestyle in ways you would not have previously considered, and it is completely normal for your confidence to take a hit, no matter how common losing one or multiple teeth can be.


But did you know that there are options to get your teeth back? Like dental implants Windsor, for example! Here at Old Windsor, we want to help you take back your life and rejuvenate your confidence. Having missing teeth doesn’t have to be a permanent thing, so let us help you get the smile you desire.

In this short article, a member of our team will introduce you to the world surrounding dental implants Windsor, including the process and all the benefits.

Am I suitable?

You may be wondering whether dental implants Windsor are the right fit for you or you for them. If you’ve lost one or more teeth, it doesn’t really matter; our implants can help you get back that full, bright smile. When you come in for your initial appointment and consultation with us, we’ll take a detailed dental history so that we know what to expect when looking at your mouth. Then, we’ll thoroughly examine the area to check for infections and anything else that may put a stop to the treatment. Don’t worry, though, we have your best interests at heart and want to give you a full set of teeth, just as much as you want them!

The process

The implantation is a very simple process; it begins with us installing a screw into your jaw, which will act as the tooth root, before placing the artificial teeth on top. There are three parts involved: the screw, the abutment and the crown. This mirrors how your real teeth are, with the screw being the root, the abutment being somewhat like the nerves and the crown the top part of your teeth (the part that you can see). There may sometimes be a healing time required between inserting the screw and fitting the other two parts of the implant to make sure that they’re completely secure and not going anywhere.

The benefits

When creating your artificial crowns, we make sure that they match the rest of your teeth. We’ll match the shade and shape so that they won’t stick out when you smile, making them completely unnoticeable to the untrained eye.

Similarly, your artificial teeth will act exactly like your real ones! This means that you can go about your day-to-day activities without worrying that they will become loose or slip out. We recommend that you take care of your prosthetic teeth just as if they were real ones and attend appointments to keep on top of the upkeep.

When you lose teeth, your surrounding bone and healthy tissue will begin to disintegrate over time; however, this is where implants start to shine. Once installed, the implants will stimulate new bone growth while also supporting the remaining healthy teeth and facial structure.

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