Braces Windsor: here to give you a radiant smile!

Are your misaligned teeth making you feel self-conscious when you smile? Do you always put your hand in front of your mouth when you laugh or smile? There was a time many years ago when the mention of braces Windsor would conjure up visions of an uncomfortable metal apparatus fitted to your teeth. Dentistry has moved on, and not only has that type of brace been improved tremendously but there is a variety of braces Windsor to help you achieve that “selfie” smile you have always dreamed of. It’s time to step forward and come into our dental practice at Old Windsor and let us put a beaming smile on your face.windsor-braces

Come on in, we are here to help

We understand how difficult it can be if you have misaligned teeth. The most common problems are crooked teeth, gapped teeth, overbites, underbites or protruding teeth. There are many more conditions like these that we can treat, and we want you to realise that you do not have to live with this problem.

How we can help

In the first instance, we will discuss with you what your problem might be and how it is affecting you. This sort of condition is more than just cosmetic as in many cases, you will find difficulty in chewing properly and your speech may be affected. Once we have discussed your problem from your angle, we will conduct a very thorough examination of your entire mouth. We will take x-rays, impressions of your teeth and several photographs of your mouth. This allows us to make a proper assessment of your condition, the causes, any problems that may have been compounded and the right form of treatment. We will then discuss our proposals with you in detail and then suggest a treatment plan that we believe will offer you a great outcome.

Braces and aligners

The development of braces Windsor and aligners has seen incredible advances in the design, techniques and variety of appliances at our disposal. No two people are the same, and the variety of braces and aligners available now allows us to prescribe a specific appliance for a specific need. Today, we can use metal braces that utilise a series of blocks, wires and bands as well as ceramic braces, which use a similar concept and are much smaller and more comfortable than they were in the past. Self-ligating braces are also similar but use clips in place of elastic to retain the wires. All can be fixed and require regular appointments for adjustments by us. Lingual braces work in the same way as the previously mentioned braces but they can be fitted behind your teeth so that they are hidden from view. Clear aligners work differently and resemble gum shields that can fit over your teeth; they are made from a clear dental material, making them far less conspicuous. A series of these can be made specifically to fit your teeth to correct your particular condition. Each one is manufactured with a slightly different orientation that can gradually move your teeth to the desired location. They can be removed before eating, drinking, brushing and flossing but must be worn for at least 22 hours per day.

Bring us your unhappy face and leave with a broad happy smile

We have all the skills and tools to light up your face with a radiant smile. Our greatest reward is seeing a patient arrive with a dental problem that is causing them to be unhappy and leaving us with a beaming and confident smile. So come on over, and our team at Old Windsor will be ready to make you smile again!

Missing teeth? Not anymore with dental implants Windsor!

We all become older, and as a result, dental care is becoming more and more important than ever before. Unfortunately, there are some of us who will have suffered tooth loss either as a result of an accident or tooth decay. In the past, the solutions were limited to bridges or dentures. Now, we at Old Windsor can offer you dental implants Windsor, a stable and safe solution to the problem of tooth loss.windsor-dental-implants

Many years of development

First discovered in the 1950s, dental implants Windsor procedures and techniques have been improved and are now considered the treatment of choice to replace missing teeth. The equipment used has evolved with dental science and technology combining to provide you with a comfortable and safe procedure that is durable. The concept is to mimic your natural teeth by providing a stable platform just like your root so that your tooth does not move around.

Preventive dentistry is still the key to maintaining your teeth

At Old Windsor, we are great advocates of preventive dentistry and continually educate our patients on the correct method of brushing and flossing. We can also help with the selection of the correct toothbrush that matches your teeth and gums. Introducing your children as early as possible to our dental surgery is still high on our list of preventive dentistry. The earlier we can educate your children to take care of their teeth, the better it is for them in the long run.

Unfortunately, tooth loss does happen

It is a fact of life that some of you will lose a tooth over your lifetime through either tooth decay or an injury, and trying to cope with a lost tooth can sometimes be challenging. If a front tooth is lost, that can affect your self-confidence and make you reluctant to smile. Losing a rear tooth can make chewing food difficult and cause you to reluctantly change your diet to softer, more easily digested foods.

Implantology to the rescue!

We have performed many implantation procedures and are confident that we can restore your self-confidence and ability to eat the foods you would like to eat. The technology that we have today allows us to accurately identify the exact location of your new prosthetic tooth. This ensures that the placement of the dental implants Windsor is in exactly the same place as the tooth you have lost.

We will make a small incision in your gum and place a titanium post into your jawbone, which acts as the root. We use titanium because it easily fuses with the bone, providing a stable base for the crown. We will allow a 6-month healing period for the titanium to fuse properly with your bone. During your next appointment, we will insert an abutment onto the titanium post, which adds an extra level of stability. The crown, which is shaped and coloured to match your natural teeth, will then be placed onto the abutment. Your missing tooth has now been replaced.

Return to dental normality

After a few weeks, you can return to eating and drinking as you did before you lost your tooth. We can replace up to four teeth in a row on one implant or your entire set of teeth supported on just four implants. You must brush and floss just as you would with your natural teeth. This procedure is one of the most amazing innovations in dentistry, and you can enjoy many years of dental health afterwards.

Learning about Invisalign Berkshire and whether it is the treatment for you

What exactly is Invisalign?invisalign-berkshire

When orthodontic treatments are discussed, it is good to know that there are a variety of options available to you. From the traditional train-track style brace through to transparent retainers such as Invisalign Berkshire. These popular modern aligners focus on combining the cosmetic appeal of transparency with orthodontic brilliance.

This particular treatment pushes the teeth into a new aligned position whilst fitting into your regular life with little impact. Snug fitting, medical grade plastic aligners which are tailor-made to fit the individual’s teeth and without the endless appointments or irritation of tightened appliances.

How does Invisalign Berkshire work?

Whilst the eligibility for this particular treatment is extremely broad, there are some factors which could impact this and therefore a consultation will always be carried out before treatment begins. Not only does this process enable the dental team to narrow down any possible disadvantages to you having this orthodontic treatment, but it also means that you can ask questions that may be on your mind and ensure that this is the realignment process you wish to follow.

A treatment that is primarily carried out at home with only check-ups at the dental practice may be a dream for some and a nightmare for others. Treatments need to be understood and accepted by both sides of the team, therefore if you or your dental team have concerns, it is during the consultation that these will be dealt with.

Should the decision to proceed with this orthodontic treatment be decided upon, a series of tailor-made aligners would be created from the digital scans, X-rays and moulds. Within just a few days, the aligners would be given to you and the treatment plan presented in full to ensure every aspect is fully understood. From wearing the aligners for 22 hours a day, through to removing them during meal times and the daily cleans. No matter what, all of these pointers will be re-visited and the aligners presented to you, the patient.

As the realignment process gets into full swing, your dental team will continue to keep in touch and regular appointments every 4 to 6 weeks will be booked in to ensure the alignment is going smoothly and that you are happy with the progress made. Each treatment plan is based on the individual’s case, so do not worry if it differs from what you have read online, or from your next door neighbour’s Invisalign Berkshire plan! No matter what, your dental team at The Old Windsor Dental Practice has you covered.

Following on from the treatment

Once the realignment process has been considered a success and the end goal reached, it is important to focus on preserving all the hard work. This is why a final retainer is created to be worn similar to the treatment ones. You will be told how long you will have to wear it for, but it will sit without shifting the teeth, merely preserving the realigned position. This is of extreme importance as over time teeth can begin to shift back into their original positioning which is something we all want to avoid where possible. After all, re-creating and preserving your smile is the aim for all of the team.

Ensuring you are in safe hands for your dental implants Berkshire

Joining the team dental-implants-berkshire

When we refer to joining the team, we are not referring to new members of staff, but are referring to our new patients. At the Old Windsor Dental Practice, we form a team. This is of extreme importance as while we carry out the check-ups, the treatments and the procedures, you are the one who carries out a level of after care and the day-to-day maintenance. With this team your oral health is covered.

Bringing back your smile

Now once you have found the dental team that makes you feel comfortable and safe, the next step in replenishing your smile is to understand the process behind dental implants Berkshire.

What are they? How do they work? Why are some people considered to be eligible?

All these questions can put your head into a little bit of a spin and this is before you have even started the process. This is where your dental team becomes even more effective. To start with, a consultation will take place where the overall health of your teeth, mouth and gums will be assessed. This process is vital as it allows the dental team to gain an insight as to whether or not dental implants Berkshire will be the most effective treatment for you.

These small, titanium pillars are surgically inserted into the patient’s jawbone (not as unsettling as it sounds), creating a sturdy root for the tooth replacement. Whether it be a single tooth replacement or multiple teeth, these implants work by stimulating the growth of the surrounding bone to secure them in place using the body’s natural abilities. Once the jawbone has fully healed, a prosthetic is attached. When cared for efficiently, an implant can last as long as 10 years before a replacement is to be considered. This rejuvenation of the jawbone also ensures that your facial definition does not suffer as a result of the tooth loss.

Whilst this may be the treatment that you research and are keen to have, there are some patients who will not be suitable for the implant process. This is due to the required depth of the bone in which the implant will sit. Without sufficient depth, the implant will not securely fit into place and therefore alternative tooth replacement solutions may be recommended. Alternatively, in some cases, a bone graft may be suitable. This is where a segment of bone from another part of the body, such as the hip, or a synthetic bone is created and attached to the jawbone. Once healed, this can then act as the base for the implant to be inserted.

All of the possibilities may seem overwhelming and confusing which is why having a friendly, supportive partnership with your dentist is of the utmost importance. Feeling secure and in safe hands is the aim and when looking at dental implants Berkshire, having the expertise of our dental team on hand can make all the difference when choosing how to replenish your smile.

Support: before, during and after

Although you may feel as though you can do it all alone, having a supportive team on hand can be of great help. Using the up-to-date knowledge of our dental team can make all the difference before you decide upon a treatment or procedure. Questions can be asked directly without the blurred lines of doing a general internet search. Personal experiences and preferences can be discussed ensuring that the process suits you. Any concerns before, during or after can be dealt with efficiently and all your dental concerns taken into consideration. Then to follow, the best solutions to after care can be given along with regular check-ups and more should you so need.

The support from your dental team is there to be used.

Braces Windsor, your orthodontic route to straight teeth

Orthodontics, simply put, is the diagnosis and treatment of teeth and jaw irregularities. This area of dentistry has benefitted tremendously from technological advancements and the use of more modern materials. Braces of times gone by were always made of stainless steel and because they were attached to the front of the teeth they were always very visible. There is now a wide variety of braces Windsor offered by our practice, many of which are much more subtle and inconspicuous.braces-windsor

Getting the basics right

In order to have braces Windsor our dentist will always start with a thorough dental examination which will include X-rays, photographs and impressions of your teeth. The wide variety of appliances now available allows us a wider scope of treatment that can be more focused on a particular condition. One treatment does not suit all and it is not only your condition that we need to take into account, but your mental approach to the treatment. It seems that the more mature the patient the less likely they are to want to have braces that are obvious. Our primary concern is prescribing the correct treatment for a particular condition and discussing with you what your expectations at the end of treatment will be.

What types of braces are available

At Old Windsor we have a choice of metal or ceramic braces Windsor with the most common being traditional metal braces. These are no longer the large cumbersome, uncomfortable looking braces we used to see on young children many years ago. These braces are now smaller and far more efficient, effective and more comfortable. Ceramic braces work in the same way as their metal counterparts, but because they are closer in colour to your teeth they are less visible. They are slightly larger than the traditional metal version.

Self-ligating braces work in a similar fashion to traditional and ceramic braces, but instead of using elastic bands to hold the wires in place they use clips. These braces are more suited to patients who suffer from sensitivity and because their adjustment is quick they work well for patients who always find themselves in a rush. Lingual braces probably fall into the category of requiring the most specialist knowledge because they are fitted to the back of the teeth. These are particularly popular with adolescents and adults mainly because they are fitted behind the teeth and are virtually invisible. Due to their location behind the teeth they can cause impediments to speech such as lisping, they can also irritate your tongue. It is normal for the tongue irritation to go over a period of a few weeks as you become used to this type of brace.

Aligners are a new innovation and work in a different manner and for this reason, it is necessary to always have a dental consultation to determine which form of treatment is best suited to your specific needs.

Straight teeth produce a healthy mouth and a radiant smile

Straight teeth are beneficial to your dental health because there are fewer places in your mouth for bacteria to develop. Your speech can also be improved and your gastric health, as you will be able to chew your food correctly requiring less work from your stomach. You will be able to produce a radiant long-lasting smile, so that you can project facial images via your smartphone to your friends and family everywhere.

Eating and drinking naturally with dental implants Windsor

Loss of a tooth or teeth through decay or accident is not a pleasant position to be in especially if it is a front tooth or teeth. The latest smartphone technology puts added pressure on us to share our facial image with friends and family and having teeth missing can be embarrassing. There are alternatives such as a bridge or dentures and in some cases this will require some changes to your eating habits. Dentures require daily maintenance to keep them in place and to keep them clean. Over the past seven decades, the dental industry has been working to improve their dental implants Windsor alternative. One of the challenges with regard to replacing lost teeth has been to provide a solid base similar to our own natural teeth.windsor-dental-implants

Now becoming more and more routine

Dental implants Windsor have instigated massive strides in the area of bone grafting which was a problem, especially where the patient suffered from a lack of solid bone into which to insert the implant. In the past titanium mesh was used to help support the shape and volume of the graft while the new bone developed. There were however major difficulties in positioning the titanium and it was time consuming. Technology has found a way and through digitalisation the exact shape and volume of titanium mesh required can now be calculated which also reduces the margin for error. To ensure that the precise amount of stability of the bone is achieved and to enhance wound healing, fibrin membranes are applied. The result of all these incredible dental developments is that, if you require tooth replacement, there is now an alternative that is long lasting and which closely matches your natural teeth.

An additional benefit

The normal result of losing your teeth is that over time your jawbone and tissue will start to shrink. Implants have the added benefit of not only replacing your teeth, but stimulating the growth of your jawbone, which is why we frequently recommend them at our practice Old Windsor.

Why suffer from loss of teeth?

Losing teeth is traumatic but there is no need to live a life of soft foods and embarrassment due to lost front teeth. Dental implants Windsor with our dentist can replace one tooth or up to four teeth supported by just one implant. Replacing all of the teeth in your mouth can be done using the support of just four implants. The real benefit of this procedure rests in the fact that because the system mimics your normal teeth by being anchored into your jawbone, there is no irritating movement as your replacement teeth are stable just like your natural teeth.

The art of creating natural looking replacement teeth

Creating artificial teeth that resemble your own original teeth in colour and shape is an underestimated dental skill. The implants must not only look like your remaining natural teeth so that they blend in, but they must also function equally as well as your natural teeth. You will enjoy the ability to chew food normally as if you had not lost any teeth and you will be able to smile knowing that your implants look as natural as your remaining original teeth.

Advantages of using Invisalign

It is now possible to straighten your teeth using a system known as Invisalign Berkshire. Made from thin plastic, these aligners offer a wide range of advantages over other orthodontic treatments.

So let’s take a look at some of the advantages of using invisible aligners.



Invisalign Berkshire can save you time when you are looking for a quick way to straighten your teeth.

Designed to correct mild or moderate misalignments, these aligners take on average 3-6 months to straighten these issues, thus saving you time when waiting for your straighter smile.

But our team at Old Windsor will first need to ensure that you are suitable for aligners, which will involve you attending an initial assessment. If we decide after this that you need something a bit more intensive, we may offer you one of our clear fitted braces to help straighten your smile.


Treatment with Invisalign Berkshire can save you money.

Many patients have concerns that such a treatment will be overly expensive and, while our clinic can offer financing options, this is not the only way we can save you money.

Misaligned teeth are harder to clean, and can lead to secondary complications such as a build-up of bacteria and plaque, which can lead to tooth decay and gum disease. These conditions can be costly to treat and can of course lead to other issues such as heightening the risk of fillings and crowns falling out.


You may be puzzled as to how any kind of orthodontic tool could be discreet.

But invisible aligners are made from a clear, thin plastic that slots over your teeth in a similar way to a sports guard.

These aligners are constructed using a 3D printer, to mould perfectly to your teeth at each stage of the realignment process, so you will be able to give talks, play sports and laugh with those nearest to you not being able to spot that you are wearing aligners.


Invisible aligners utilise a different system from regular braces when it comes to moving your teeth, and so many patients find them more comfortable.

Instead of relying on pulling your teeth into their new position in the way that a traditional brace does, invisible aligners gently push them, making the realignment process easier to manage.

The aligners themselves are also made from thin plastic, meaning that they are comfortable enough to wear to bed at night without them pressing against your inner cheeks.

Removable aligners

Another advantage of using invisible aligners to realign your teeth is that they are removable.

Our team will usually advise you to keep your aligners in for around 22 hours per day but, when you are attending check-ups, brushing your teeth or eating, you can take them out.

Before putting them back in though, you will need to brush your teeth. This will help reduce the occurrence of decay and gum disease, by making sure that there is no food debris pressed against your enamel.

If you don’t keep your aligners in for the required period, you may find that your teeth do not move correctly or may even move back to their previous locations.

Straighter teeth without braces? Invisalign

We can straighten your teeth without the use of a traditional metal brace, only a thin non-invasive plastic aligner known as Invisalign Berkshire. Let’s find out more!


Invisalign Berkshire is one of the most subtle methods of rearranging teeth; it is not only capable of aligning and re-orientating them, but giving you a better resting bite. This is achieved without heavy traditional braces, only thin plastic forms that slot over your teeth much like a gum shield.


Fitting aligners involves little more than taking very accurate measurements of the starting position of your teeth. Unlike a fixed brace, nothing is permanently attached to the teeth and the aligners are built for your teeth, not the other way round.

Some clinics would use dental moulding, but our team at Old Windsor uses an intraoral scanner to get the most accurate picture of the inside of your mouth, in a convenient and non-invasive way.


Treatment with invisible aligners will last between 6 to 9 months or more and involves using a series of aligners, one after another. Each one will move your teeth into a slightly different position. The aligners push on your teeth using the elastic properties of the plastic that they are made from. This means they do not require adjusting or any of the other demands of traditional orthodontic tools, but it does limit the usefulness to a very small range of motion; each of the aligners will only be used for 2 weeks in order to compensate.

Each aligner is thinner and lighter than a brace which has to be robust enough to survive the entire treatment schedule. This allows them to be very comfortable and convenient. Many of our patients forget that they are wearing them during the day and they are unlikely to be noticed by others.

It is highly recommended that you remove your aligners when eating and drinking, giving you the freedom of food choices you would not have with regular braces. It helps you to keep your orthodontic tools clean and in good condition.

Over the course of the treatment, you will attend check-ups in the clinic just to see how progress is going and catch any issues early. If we feel that there is a problem with your aligners, such as they are not fitting properly or are not realigning your teeth as planned, we can then change the treatment plan before the situation becomes too complicated.


Orthodontics are a significant investment in your long-term health, wellbeing and appearance. We want high quality dental services to be available for as many potential patients as possible. We provide our own interest free payment options allowing you to break up the cost of your dental care. We are also happy to work with dental insurance services.

If you’re curious about how Invisalign in Berkshire could help you or a family member, please feel free to get in contact with our clinic. If we are currently out of hours, we are happy to respond to messages once we get back, if you leave your query and a contact number.


Should I get braces in Windsor?

You may want to consider a dental treatment if you are not 100% happy with your smile. Many people look at their smiles and wish that it was straighter; however, they do not know what they can do to fix their problems.braces-in-windsor

Braces have been dramatically improved over the years and can now provide more efficient and effective care for your smile. The alignment of crooked, protruding or crowded teeth can be improved due to this treatment. You may also find that you can use this treatment to correct problems with the bite of your teeth; this could include an overbite, underbite or even crossbite. If you want to find out how our braces could help you, what brace might be suitable for you and what you should do next to secure your treatment, we recommend you read on.

What can braces do for me?

Braces Windsor can be there for you when you want to straighten out your smile. They can be used to gently push your teeth into a more appropriate position; this can be done through brackets, bonds or aligners. In turn, this will allow your smile to become healthier as your teeth will become easier to clean, the straighter it is.

Braces can help a number of different smiles become healthier and more uniform. This will allow you to feel better about your smile so that you can smile with confidence. You should continue on to the next section to find out what type of brace could be the right fit for you.

What kinds of braces do you offer?

Braces Windsor can be split into removable and fixed appliances; both these types of braces can be used to straighten your smile.

Removable appliances can be used if you have a misalignment that is considered less severe, and these braces can be removed, making them much easier to clean. You can usually eat whilst wearing a removable appliance; therefore, you won’t have to worry about mealtimes.

A fixed appliance would use a series of screw mechanisms to straighten up your smile. You can work with our dentist to ensure that you get the right course of treatment. Our dentist will also advise you on what treatment will fit your life and needs. You should read on to the following section to see what you should do next.

What should I do next?

Braces Windsor can be used to create a healthy and straight smile. If you think that this could be the treatment for you, then you should consider getting in touch with our dental team at Old Windsor. We strive to offer high-quality dental care to all our patients and that includes you.

You may want to have a look at our website to read more about the dental treatments that we offer, including the different kinds of braces you could get. You could also call us directly to have any questions or concerns addressed. We look forward to hearing from you and being able to support you in your endeavours to get a brand new smile. Call us today!

I have a missing tooth

Often, a missing tooth can lead to you feeling unhappy about your appearance; however, the effects of a missing tooth are not just superficial. There are many problems that could occur when you lose a tooth and don’t seek out the necessary

A missing tooth can give rise to infections within areas that are hard to clean. This can allow a buildup of plaque and cause issues for your teeth further down the line, which of course, is something we want to avoid. The gap left behind a missing tooth can also cause problems as the structure of the teeth can become compromised and the teeth can begin to move position.

Dental implants Windsor could be a good fit for you if you are looking to complete your smile again. You may want to read on to see how we could restore your smile and find out what your next steps should be.

I want my smile to be complete again

Everybody wants to access the dental care that they need in order to complete their smile. Dental implants Windsor could be the answer to any missing teeth. This clever piece of technology is made up of small screws that are to be placed into the jaw bone. Each screw is then given enough time to heal and fuse to the bone to create a strong anchor for the new teeth and act as artificial roots. Once the post is ready, the new tooth is fixed to the root. This tooth can be a crown, bridge or denture, and it will be closely matched to the surrounding teeth so that your smile can be viewed without any flaws.

This treatment can be seen as an investment into your smile, and your new implant can last a lifetime. If you think that this treatment could be the one for you, then you should consider reading on to the next section to see what you should do next.

What should I do next?

If you think that dental implants Windsor could be for you, then you should consider getting in touch with our dental team at Old Windsor at your earliest convenience. We are an easily accessible practice that can help with your smile. We always welcome new patients who need dental treatments in order to be happy with their smiles again. We will take the time to get to know you and your smile so that we can offer you the right course of treatment.

Whether you have lost one tooth, several teeth or even a full set, our dental team can provide a suitable solution for your unique case. We look forward to helping you achieve your smile goals and are very eager to hear from you.

In the meantime, you could have a look at our website to get to grips with all the ins and outs of this treatment and familiarise yourself with it. If you have had enough of that gap in your smile, then you should get in contact with us today.

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