Have you heard about dental implants in Windsor?

Undoubtedly, losing your teeth is distressing and can cause you to feel considerably self-conscious about how your smile looks minus one, or a couple of pearly whites.

dental-implants-windsorSo how are teeth commonly replaced? Advances in restorative dentistry have allowed people who are suffering from tooth loss, whether single or extensive, many several replacement methods from which to choose.

Dental implants in Windsor have risen in popularity ahead of bridges and dentures, due to the innumerable benefits that they provide.

Our clinic, Old Windsor, are suppliers of this groundbreaking treatment.  Our team comprises professionals trained in implant dentistry.  Visit our practice for more information.

Why should I opt for dental implants in Windsor?

You may have been told by advocates of dental implants that the device offers a superior user experience than that of other similar restoration aids.

Dental implants of Windsor indeed boast incredible advantages that will not only fix your smile but will return you to your old life without hassles caused by a faulty device.

As the implant replaces the old tooth at the root, you can enjoy a device that is firmly lodged into your jawbone and cannot be removed unless by professionals.  For this reason, you can eat without fear of breaking your aid, or have it accidentally falling out of place.

Additionally, aside from offering you all the conveniences that help you to lead a normal life, a tooth implant aids in regenerating your jaw bone.

Ordinarily, false teeth such as dentures may improve upon the appearance of your mouth. However, the device does little to regenerate the bone underneath. As a result of the bone not being stimulated, it starts to degenerate. Having an implant insert will help to repair the damage.

What are some other benefits?

Common complaints about false teeth are that they tend to look unnatural.

Tooth implants are subtle in that they look and function like real teeth.

How long does the procedure take?

If you are looking for a quick and easy solution, you will not find it with tooth implants.  The treatment requires multiple sessions with the dentists where a couple of procedures are administered, not to mention a lengthy healing period.  Adding to that, you may be required to undergo additional procedures to correct dental issues that may affect successful implantation, such as unhealthy gums, or an insufficient amount of bone in the area treated.

Who is not a suitable candidate for this treatment?

As we have mentioned, we run into complications when a patient has diseased gums or insufficient bones. While this does delay the process, obtaining implants remains possible.

Individuals who may be advised against implants ultimately include those with uncontrolled diabetes, people living with cancer, or those in a bad state of health generally.

Having these conditions may increase the chances of your implant failing.

How long does an implant last?

Unlike its counterparts which last approximately twelve to fifteen years, dental implants in Windsor can last a long time if well looked after.

The initial cost of the device may seem considerable, yet a worthwhile investment if you look at how long they can last.

Why might I consider teeth whitening?

Individuals who may be considering teeth whitening in Berkshire may wish to pursue a form of cosmetic dentistry that improves their physical appearance, and therefore increases their self-confidence. Patients who may be leaning more towards this particular form of cosmetic dentistry may be suffering from extrinsic or intrinsic staining of the teeth (or both).

teeth-whitening-berkshireWhat causes staining of the teeth?

Intrinsic and extrinsic staining can be caused by a variety of factors, one of which being certain food or liquids.The consumption of highly pigmented food and drink can cause yellowing of the surface of the teeth, a few examples of this consist of red wine, curry, and certain lifestyle factors such as smoking, or consuming certain medications.

Aside from these reasons, individuals may be leaning more towards teeth whitening in Berkshire if they have tried using at home whitening treatments in the past, and have unfortunately experienced heightened sensitivity, or disappointing results.

How does teeth whitening in Berkshire work?

In terms of the treatment process itself, initially our highly trained and skilled dental team will give your teeth, gums, and mouth an overall assessment, deciding whether tooth whitening is the right cosmetic dental treatment for you. After we have elected to go ahead with treatment, a customised transparent plastic tray will be moulded and designed for your teeth, in terms of the product itself, a bleaching gel agent is inserted into the tray.

What are the benefits of receiving this particular form of cosmetic dentistry?

Patients who may be thinking of receiving tooth whitening (whether this be in our clinic, or at home) may be weighing up the positives and negatives of their chosen dental treatment. Teeth whitening in varying forms is an effective way to reduce or eliminate completely the signs of intrinsic and extrinsic staining. Aside from reducing staining, it can also dramatically improve the aesthetic appearance of a patient’s smile, with safe delivery by a skilled dental health care professional at our clinic in Berkshire.

The varying forms of tooth whitening we provide at our dental clinic in Berkshire

At our dental clinic within Berkshire, our team fully understands that our patients may require varying forms of cosmetic whitening treatments. Despite some of our patients feeling more comfortable receiving their tooth whitening at our clinic, some patients may have extremely hectic work and social lives, meaning teeth whitening at home may be more convenient for them.

Power whitening

Power teeth whitening is the bleaching treatment we use for patients who are receiving whitening at our practice. This form of treatment uses a bleaching agent, along with an activating light. Power whitening may be ideal for patients who want rapid results, lightening patients’ teeth by two shades in as little as sixty minutes.

At home tooth whitening

Patients who prefer to receive treatment in the comfort of their own home will be given a custom made transparent tray (along with the bleaching gel). These plastic trays can be worn for several hours in the day, or can be slept in, depending on your preference. With a two week treatment period, patients can expect to see a whiter and brighter appearance of their teeth, all overseen by their dentist.

Could you benefit from straighter teeth in Berkshire?

Straight to the point

straighter-teeth-berkshireHere at Old Windsor, one of the most widely sought after forms of treatment we provide to our patients are orthodontic solutions. Whilst the obvious aesthetic attraction to having straight teeth is not something to be overlooked, there are also a number of dental reasons as to why so many patients are seeking out straighter teeth in Berkshire. One of the most common rationales behind seeking out orthodontics from us at Old Windsor – despite aesthetic purposes – is to decrease the risk of tooth decay developing. This is due to the fact that straighter teeth are easier to clean as there are fewer harder to reach places, where plaque or tartar may build up, as there may be in teeth which are crooked or misaligned. Another reason as to why many patients wish to have straighter teeth in Berkshire is to maintain a higher level of healthy gums and prevent periodontal (or gum) disease, which is the highest cause of adult tooth loss across the country.

Conventional orthodontics

Here at Old Windsor, one of the most effective and long-lasting forms of orthodontics we provide is the installation of conventional, fused braces. They are a method of dental alignment which has existed for generations – and for good reason, as they are one of the most effective ways to realign your teeth. The process of receiving straighter teeth in Berkshire, through conventional orthodontic braces from our specialists here at Old Windsor, would typically begin with a consultation between the orthodontist and the patient. This is carried out to gauge whether or not the patient is eligible for treatment, as well as establish the extent of treatment that is needed. X-rays and digital renderings of the interior of the patient’s mouth will also be made at this point to give our orthodontists a better view of what they are working with. Thereafter, brackets are fused to the front of the patient’s teeth, which are then connected with dental wires. Over the course of treatment, which varies depending on each patient’s needs, but typically takes around twelve months, the wires apply pressure which moves the brackets together and gradually moves the patient’s teeth till they are straight.

Removable aligners

Whilst conventional braces are an effective method of dental realignment, they often largely impact on the outward appearance of those who seek them. As such, scientists and designers over the past decade, have created the removable aligner method of realignment. This form of orthodontics doesn’t require the use of typical tools such as fused brackets or connecting wires. The realignment is achieved by replacing these with a removable, plastic retainer. This retainer is custom made to fit over each patient’s tooth structure perfectly, and uses specifically targeted pressure points within it to slowly push the patient’s teeth back to their correct spacing. This form of orthodontics has become massively popular in recent years, and is generally sought after by younger adults and teenagers over conventional, fused bracket braces. This is largely due to the discreet, hidden nature of the treatment. As each custom-built retainer is made from a transparent plastic, when it is worn it is practically undetectable – which allows patients to achieve a straighter smile without it affecting how they are perceived by others.

Cleaning tips for our patients with dental Implants in Windsor

The most important part of any dental treatment, especially with implants, is making sure that there is a proper cleaning regime in place. One of the most common causes for an implant to fail is if Peri Implant Mucositis sets in, this is an inflammation of the gums caused by bacteria getting into healing gums.

dental-implants-windsorTo avoid this you should keep up a good oral health routine to help keep your implants in their new home. For those who might be struggling to find a cleaning technique that works, our team has provided a few tips for patients of dental implants in Windsor, to make things a little easier.

Avoid using an electric toothbrush

After you have been to see us for dental implants in Windsor it is strongly recommended that you use a manual brush to clean your teeth for a few days. Your gums are going to be very sensitive and tender as they heal, and the sonic vibrating heads of an electric brush could irritate your gums, or cause the implant to become damaged or dislodged.

Instead, using a normal soft bristled brush, gently clean around the new tooth at least twice a day as part of your usual oral hygiene routine.

Try interdental brushes

Sticking with brushing for a moment, to give your gums more help in healing, you might want to consider using interdental brushes. The soft and easily pliable heads of these brushes makes them perfect for gently cleaning in between teeth and around those hard to reach spots in your teeth.

If you’re still struggling with brushing then at Old Windsor dental practice our team of experienced dentists can provide a range of tips and advice on the right way to brush, and take care of a dental implant, to help give you that strong and natural smile you deserve.

Limit your use of mouthwash

For those who regularly rinse their mouth with a sterilising wash, it is highly recommended that you avoid doing so for a while. This is because the chemical compositions of some mouthwash brands can potentially irritate your gums as they heal, and over time this could slow down, or even cause some problems, with the healing process. If you still need to rinse there are implant friendly alternatives that your dentist could recommend.

Be gentle with dental floss

Flossing is an important part of any oral cleaning routine, but when you’re healing after the minor surgery that’s involved with implants you could do more harm than good if you’re not careful. Try to be gentle with dental floss, don’t pull too deep or hard around the implant as the floss could catch or damage it.

If you’re still struggling, try using floss threading devices as their unique shape allows you to gently clean around your teeth in difficult to reach spots without having to disturb them too much.

These are a small selection of tips from our team on how you can keep your implants clean as your gums heal. For further advice on the correct cleaning regime, or to schedule a check-up of your new tooth’s progress, then just get in touch with our team at the practice for a chat.

How braces in Windsor can benefit our mature patients

If your dentist ever brings up the topic of having a brace fitted it’s normally for a good reason.  It is not just a treatment for our younger patients. Going for a set of braces in Windsor when you’re an adult can be quite beneficial as it can help correct a number of issues surrounding your oral health.

benefit-windsor-bracesHere are just a few ways in which an adult patient at our practice could benefit from having a brace fitted.

Straighten out crooked teeth

At the top of the list we have the main use of braces in Windsor by our practice team and that is helping to straighten out misaligned teeth. As you get older plaque, tartar, and bacteria can hide in between those out of joint parts of your mouth and over time this can form cavities as well as put you at a higher risk of disease, or other infections, setting in.

Once they are nice and straight it’s much easier for our patients to clean between them and keep their teeth and gums healthy as they go into their twilight years.

Help strengthen your teeth

Over time your teeth can slowly turn and become misaligned, this is a natural process and in most cases they don’t move too much. But occasionally they can become crooked to such a degree that they can weaken the surrounding teeth as they no longer have a stable neighbour to lean against when you chew or bite. A brace can pull these twisted teeth back into position to strengthen your other teeth, stopping them from becoming loose.

At Old Windsor dental practice our team of experienced dental professionals can help you make your teeth last by providing you with a wealth of helpful information, as well as a range of treatments and techniques, to keep your teeth strong and intact as you get older.

Correct issues with your bite

Whether it’s an overbite, an underbite, or an aching feeling when you chew, a brace could potentially ease these symptoms. This is because when we chew or bite into something our jaw muscles exert pressure around our mouth and if there’s a misaligned part, either from crooked teeth or an extended bite, this force is unequally spaced out and as such we feel pain.

This can also lead to the teeth becoming cracked or chipped because of the pressure placed on them for so many years. Straightening out these portions of your mouth can help lessen these feelings of discomfort brought on by an uneven bite.

These are just a few of the various ways in which our adult patients can benefit from a set of braces. Having a set of healthy straight teeth as you get older will always be beneficial to you in the long run as it can help lower your risk of further oral health complications.

For further information on how a brace could benefit you just get in touch with our team at the practice for a chat.

Need a bit more from your general dentist appointments? 5 treatments we offer at Old Windsor Dental

When discussing dentistry as a subject, you could be forgiven for mistaking general dental procedures as including nothing but check-ups, fillings, and extractions.

general-dentist-appointmentWhile these are, of course, very important preventive and restorative procedures in the dental community, there is far more involved in general dental work than just a routine examination!

If you are wanting to undertake any kind of restorative or cosmetic dental treatment, it is important that your teeth and gums, your building blocks as it were, are in good condition first.

At Old Windsor Dental, we want to make sure that all aspects of your oral health are in great shape and can offer you both preventive and general dentistry in Berkshire. Our dentists will work hard to make sure that both you and your family have a high standard of oral health for as long as possible, while also ensuring that your smile gleams too!

But aside from check-ups and fillings, what other types of general dentistry in Berkshire can our team offer? Read on to find out!

Root canals

While we know that this is far from the most popular treatment included in our general dentistry in Berkshire, it is by far one of the most important ones.

Usually performed after a tooth has become infected, root canals clean the inside of the tooth to remove any signs of infection and restore functionality to the tooth. Usually secured with a crown, this straightforward procedure has a success rate of over 95%, meaning your smile will remain in top shape for years to come.

Pregnancy dentistry

A time of great joy in both your and your partner’s lives, dentistry is a top priority for all pregnant women.

As pregnancy-related issues like morning sickness and calcium deficiencies can wreak havoc with your teeth, our dental team will work to ensure that both you and your unborn baby stay healthy from the beginning to the end of pregnancy.

Emergency dental appointments

Nobody wants to find themselves on the end of a dental emergency, but if you ever do, our team can help.

Offering same-day appointments for dental emergencies, our team will prioritise getting you out of any associated discomfort as quickly as possible, so you can get your life back on track. We can also offer over the phone advice on how to handle your emergency at home while waiting for your appointment with us, to keep you as comfortable as possible.

Jaw issues

Usually, due to misaligned jaws, conditions like temporomandibular joint disorder can cause chronic issues like headaches and migraines.

Our orthodontic team will work to realign your jaw with adult braces if necessary and manage any other symptoms, such as tooth grinding, with a customised, night-time mouthguard.

Sleep dentistry

Tired of your partner telling you that you snore? We can help!

Our dentists can assess the cause of your snoring and provide you with a custom-fitted lower jaw guard, to prevent you from snoring and to improve your overall quality of sleep. A good night’s sleep is a step in the right direction to maintaining robust general health.

Worried about your dental hygiene? Three reasons seeing a hygienist is important at Old Windsor

No matter your age, oral hygiene is important. Not only as a way of preventing dental issues like tooth decay and gum disease, but also as a means of taking care of your overall health too.

dental-hygiene-berkshireWhile you could be forgiven for assuming that oral hygiene involves a simple brushing and flossing your teeth twice a day and attending your biannual dental check-up, there is actually a lot more to it! Of course, both of these procedures are exceedingly important to keep your mouth in top shape, but there are many more aspects involved in maintaining a high level of oral health.

At Old Windsor Dental, our hygienist team can help you manage your dental hygiene in Berkshire, by assessing your teeth and gums for evidence of oral disease twice a year. Alongside performing the ever-important scale and polish, our hygienists can also apply preventive sealants, discuss dental home cleaning techniques and even examine your mouth for signs of cancer.

But what are the other benefits of visiting our hygienist for help with your dental hygiene in Berkshire? Read on to find out!

Better general health

It is a well-discussed fact that those who have better overall oral health tend to also have better general health too.

Indeed, having a higher level of dental hygiene in Berkshire can help control many physical health issues, like diabetes, cardiovascular disease and has even been linked to better health of infants during pregnancy.

When an individual has a higher level of plaque, this can lead to gum diseases like gingivitis. While this may sound minor, during a basic brush with gingivitis, you are exposing your bloodstream to oral bacteria – two systems that rarely collide. This can cause a severe response from your body’s natural immune system, causing you to feel unwell or have persistent infections.

Better breath

We all remember meeting someone who had less than fragrant breath!

While it may seem simple to resolve with a breath mint, the odour on your breath can have an immense impact on both your work and your personal life, causing people to avoid you.

Our hygienist team at Old Windsor can help you to manage and treat conditions that have been linked to bad breath, such as gum disease, and prevent them from returning by removing plaque from below the gum line.

Reduced risk of decay and infections

Tooth decay is not only incredibly uncomfortable but untreated, it can cause secondary issues.

Extractions of rotten teeth can lead to surrounding teeth moving, due to the receding gum line, so your smile can be impacted even after rotten teeth are removed. Also, where there are rotten teeth, there are infections, which are not only painful, but require a great deal of time and medication to recover from.

Visiting our hygienist at Old Windsor reduces the risk of both dental decay and secondary infections by removing plaque in areas that may be tough to reach by brushing.

Want to improve your oral hygiene? Call our team at Old Windsor today!

Why should you consider dental implants in Windsor?

If you have a missing tooth, then in order to restore your smile back to its full functionality you should consider receiving dental implants in Windsor. This treatment enables your teeth to act together as they are designed to, as well as stimulating your jawbone to remain strong and dense.

dental-implants-windsorSo if you have prematurely lost a tooth because of an accident or because of poor oral health, then you have the ability to retain your smile with the use of dental implants in Windsor. For those of you who have lost several teeth or are experiencing problems with your dentures, then we are confident that this treatment can help stabilise your false teeth to give you the freedom and confidence that you deserve.

Dental implants in Windsor are a common cosmetic procedure that effectively couples a restorative and preventive treatment in order to maintain a good standard of oral health as well. We warmly invite you to explore your options with us so that you can gain an insight into the positive and potential downsides that are unique to your personal situation.

What are the positive aspects of this treatment?

This procedure can last decades when cared for correctly. The longevity of this treatment is one of the main reasons as to why dentists will most commonly recommend this treatment for the vast majority of their patients.

The titanium rod that we use as the replacement tooth root is unique as the metal can bind with your jawbone. This creates a strong and reliable structure on which we can attach a crown or a bridge. In special circumstances, we can also attach your dentures to four of these implants that are strategically placed around your mouth to create a stable and secure way to ensure your smile stays in place.

The success rate is extremely high at around 98% in most studies and there is no real upper age limit as long as you are deemed healthy enough to undergo the minor surgical procedure. If you have an underlying health condition or untreated gum disease, then we may suggest that you control these conditions before continuing on with our treatment plan.

The crowns and bridges that we use look and feel extremely realistic so that you can enjoy your smile in every possible way. We ensure that the shape, size and colour of your replacement teeth match your original teeth as closely as possible. Our selection is extensive and we are sure we will find the perfect match for you.

What are some of the disadvantages associated with this procedure?

Unfortunately, this treatment is currently not normally covered by the NHS or many insurance policies, as it is still deemed to be a cosmetic treatment. The cost of this procedure can be expensive for some, however we do what we can to enable all of our patients to access this treatment when we feel it is suitable for improving their quality of life.

Although it is a long lasting treatment and therefore the cost can be offset by the number of years that it is beneficial, the lump sum can cause many to hesitate or reconsider their options. However please come and talk to us about this as we are always here to help.

You could get Invisalign treatment in Berkshire

If you have been searching for a convenient way to straighten your teeth that fits around your lifestyle then we can help you at Old Windsor. Having straight teeth could not only improve your confidence but your oral hygiene too, as crooked teeth can sometimes result in plaque building up in areas that are difficult to reach, which can potentially cause tooth decay.

invisalign-berkshireHaving Invisalign in Berkshire could straighten your smile in as little as twelve months, depending on your individual circumstances and how much your teeth need to move. If you think that you could benefit from this teeth-straightening treatment then the first step you need to take is booking a consultation appointment with one of our dental practitioners. They will be able to fully explain the treatment to you and answer any questions that you have.

Have you been searching for a removable appliance?

A majority of braces are fixed appliances that attach to the surfaces of your teeth. Some people are put off getting treatment, because they do not like the idea of having an appliance permanently fixed in their mouth for a prolonged period of time. Getting Invisalign in Berkshire resolves this issue for you, as it provides you with an appliance that is completely removable.

Whilst the aligners are completely removable you need to make sure that you are still wearing them for at least twenty-two hours of the day. They need to be taken out for eating and it is recommended that you brush your teeth each time after having something to eat before putting your aligners back in, as this will help to avoid a build-up of plaque.

Aligners custom-made especially for you

If you have been wondering how we know what shape your aligners need to be if you get Invisalign in Berkshire the answer is simple. Using a 3D scanner your dental practitioner will capture 3D images of your teeth. This clever piece of technology will then take this image and produce a series of further images showing how your teeth will move at each stage of the treatment, as well as an image of the final result. These images will be sent off and your custom-made aligners will be created.

The aligners are completely clear and will be almost invisible when you are wearing them. Once they have arrived at our practice we will arrange for you to come in for an appointment where your dental practitioner will be able to ensure that they fit correctly and that you know how to both remove and take care of them.

After your treatment

Once your treatment is complete your dentist will provide you with a retainer to wear. This will look similar to your aligners, but after a few weeks of constant wear you will only be required to wear it at night. Some patients will need to wear their retainers at night for several months, whilst other people will need to wear them for years. It is important that you wear your retainer properly otherwise you risk your teeth returning to their original positions and you could need to have straightening treatment again.

I need braces in Windsor!

If you have recently spoken to a dentist and have found out that you need braces in Windsor to perfect your smile, then you’re not alone. Millions of teenagers and adults worldwide are currently going through the same journey as you and you can benefit from the vast range of resources and support that is available to you.

windsor-bracesIt can feel like an isolating experience and we understand that no two cases are quite alike. Both adults and teenagers go through different emotions and experiences when having their teeth straightened and we work hard to cater for the different needs that you may have.

Regardless of your age or dental condition, beginning a journey into the unknown can be daunting. However, having braces in Windsor does not have to be difficult and there are several different devices that we can use to ensure that you are as comfortable and confident as you can be while going through this journey.

What are the options available to me?

We have a lot of different styles and designs available, however not all of them are suitable for every case that we come across. For instance, traditional braces in Windsor are still used frequently for more complex conditions, as we have more control over the manipulation of your teeth and jaw.

For less complex situations, we may be able to offer you the very popular removable and invisible aligners that can provide you with a lot of the freedom and confidence that you fear may be lacking as you begin to undergo your treatment journey.

Lingual devices can be attached to the back of your teeth and are completed invisible whilst allowing us a great amount of control. All of the treatments that we have available have become more efficient than in previous decades, so you can enjoy a much shorter length of time with your teeth straightening devices.

Any advice on aftercare?

For some devices, in particular removable aligners, you will need to wear a retainer to ensure that your teeth do not drift back to their original positions. This is common and we have found that if you wear a retainer for a further amount of time every so often, you can maintain your investment and enjoy your smile for many years to come.

We believe that constant monitoring is essential so that we can identify any negative changes that may come after a few years of enjoying your newly straightened teeth. Your improved confidence that comes with your new smile can be further enjoyed by keeping your teeth white and clean with regular dental hygiene visits.

A final thought

Many people, in particular adults, put off straightening their teeth as they are hesitant to go through the unknown and potentially expensive journey. There are certainly cost effective options available and we can support you with a number of finance plans to let you choose the option that you feel is best for you.

Our patients after having their teeth straightened only wish that they had undergone the treatment sooner. The improvement in your oral health and your self-esteem can greatly improve your overall health and well-being.

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