Must-know information about dental implants

Trying to cope with the practical realities of having teeth missing is a particular challenge that requires affected patients to find reliable, restoration solutions for them. Towards this aim, our well-experienced dental practitioners at the Old Windsor practice can suggest suitable prosthetic dental appliances that meet the patient’s needs (dental and lifestyle), goals and preferences. One of the more favoured prosthetic dental appliances in the market to replace missing teeth are dental implants Windsor – appliances that can fundamentally change the way in which lost teeth can be

The forward-thinking, architectural design of tooth replacement implants is really the success behind this incomparable tooth replacement solution. The device comprises a variety of components that work together seamlessly to counter the challenges posed by lost adult teeth. We take a look at some of the incredible features of tooth replacement implants that make them such a viable option for many patients.

Why choose dental implants Windsor?

Missing teeth replacement treatments that comprise dental implants Windsor offer reliable long-term support for dependable masticatory function, speech function and aesthetic purposes.

The components that make up a tooth replacement implant consist of a dental crown and a metal root-like device placed beneath the gum line to support it using a connector. Together, these parts form the solid foundation that allows the appliance to offer the multiple benefits that it does.

That artificial, tooth-replacement implants offer patients the best second chance to normalise teeth function can be seen in the unmatched way this solution addresses the challenges of having permanent teeth lost. Such a system offers greater stability than traditional missing teeth appliances, which means there is little chance of the implant becoming loose in the mouth. As the tooth implant is specifically designed to mirror the look of an actual tooth, patients do not have to feel awkward when smiling a wide smile, as no one can really tell that they have an artificial tooth in their mouth.

Another important factor that needs to be mentioned is that of stringent oral hygiene care at home. This is a non-negotiable and should be easy to do considering that tooth implants are cared for in the same manner as that of natural teeth.

Seeing that tooth replacement implants are purposefully designed to integrate effortlessly into the dental structure and function almost like a natural tooth, there are a few conditions that need to be met before a patient can be deemed suitable for this treatment alternative. Foremost on this list of criteria is suitable dental health. Our dentist will need to be assured that the patient’s gums are in good health and that they have the required jawbone quality to be able to support an artificial tooth root (implant). Should there be any issues or concerns of either, our dentist will be able to suggest additional treatments to correct these issues before the implantation procedure can be carried out.

For more information on which dental implant system we recommend or to arrange a consultation to determine your suitability for this treatment, please get in touch with our administration support team at Old Windsor dental clinic.

Be the proud owner of a beautiful smile – replace missing teeth in Berkshire

Why is maintaining oral hygiene important?missing-teeth-berkshire

Dental hygiene is of the utmost importance in a person’s life. Your smile will affect how you feel and in turn affect your level of confidence. In order to have a beautiful smile you need to maintain good oral hygiene. Maintaining a great smile takes effort. Negligence and not paying attention to maintaining your smile will affect how you feel about yourself. This will inevitably influence your self-esteem, which in turn will impact your everyday life. Having good oral hygiene will have a positive bearing on your relationships and help you appreciate and value yourself more.

Why visit a dentist?

It is important to visit a dentist as he or she will help you to maintain proper oral hygiene. Dentists are experts in locating and remedying dental problems. It is best to visit a dentist at least once a year to make sure your oral hygiene is maintained. If you are experiencing bleeding gums, toothache and bad breath, then it is best to visit a dentist as soon as possible, because these can be signs that indicate oral hygiene issues that are better addressed sooner rather than later.

What are some common dental health issues?

There are many dental issues that will have a detrimental impact on an individual’s overall wellbeing. They are loose teeth, bad breath, pain or toothache, broken teeth or missing teeth which can be a result of an accident or injury; teeth which are lost can especially cause an individual to become self-conscious leading to a decreased level of confidence. This will lead to poor performance on the part of the individual in their day-to-day tasks and will seriously affect their wellbeing. Missing teeth Berkshire treatment will help resolve this problem.

What are some solutions for this issue?

There are several treatment options available for individuals with lost teeth. Missing teeth Berkshire can cause psychological as well as physical discomfort and it is best to address this issue as promptly as possible.

Some treatment options include dental implants, fixed dental bridges and removable partial dentures. These treatment options vary in the time they take and the cost involved. A dentist will help a person come to a decision as to the most appropriate treatment that will be ideal for the particular individual. Dental implants are considered the most viable option if only a single tooth  needs to be replaced, but they are also used when several adjacent teeth are missing. Dental implants involve inserting a titanium metal screw into an individual’s upper or lower jaw on which a tooth is mounted in place of the missing tooth or teeth.

A fixed dental bridge will be suitable if a person is missing one or more teeth in the same location. This treatment spans the gap that has been created by the missing tooth by fixing an artificial one instead. Removable partial dentures will most likely be recommended if a lot of teeth needs to be replaced.

Missing teeth Berkshire need not hold you back from your dreams. With all the treatment options available for missing teeth, a person need not feel less confident because they are missing a tooth or teeth, as this is a situation which can be expertly rectified.

Make your desired smile a reality with treatment for missing teeth in Berkshire

Why visit a dentist?missing-teeth-in-berkshire

It is important to maintain proper oral hygiene as it has a major impact on everyday life. Toothache and tooth pain can severely affect a person’s wellbeing. Not only do they affect a person’s wellbeing, but they can also have a detrimental effect on an individual’s productivity and will also affect his or her mood negatively. It is important to maintain oral hygiene to avoid dental complications that will cause much discomfort in the long run. Additionally, appearance also plays a key role in a person’s life. A person’s smile undoubtedly plays a major part in a person’s overall appearance. Attractiveness is something all individuals desire as human beings. Everyone wants to look their best. Having a beautiful smile will always help pave the way towards a person looking the best they can.

Appearance in turn affects how good a person feels about themselves and helps them develop a feeling of self-worth about themselves. This can be priceless as this also fosters a sense of self-esteem and confidence that will improve a person’s productivity and performance in everyday life. Additionally, this confidence will help individuals to find new opportunities and success.

What sort of dental conditions affect your smile?

Things like cavities, broken teeth and missing teeth can affect a person’s smile and lead to poor oral hygiene. Missing teeth Berkshire treatment can significantly uplift a person’s confidence, as they become less self-conscious and will develop a habit of smiling. Missing teeth Berkshire treatment will make you look better and proud of your smile.

What are the available treatment options?

There are several treatment options for missing teeth. These involve various procedures and the cost will depend on which procedure an individual chooses to go ahead with out of the treatment options available. There are dental implants, fixed dental bridges and removable partial dentures. Missing teeth Berkshire can be replaced by using different types of dental implants of your choice.

Dental implants are an option if a person is missing a single tooth or they are missing several teeth in different locations in their mouth. These missing teeth will be replaced by dental implants so that they are nearly always indistinguishable from an individual’s original teeth. A dental professional will surgically insert a titanium post in the location of the missing tooth or teeth in their upper or lower jaw. They will use this to mount a replacement tooth so that it will remain in place securely.

A fixed dental bridge is an effective treatment option an individual can consider if he or she is reluctant to consider dental implants. This treatment option bridges the gap that has been created by a missing tooth, the bridging is done using an artificial tooth or a dental prosthetic.

The next option to consider may be removable partial dentures. These are artificial replacements for the missing teeth, they are easy to maintain as they are removable and therefore can be easily cleaned. These are some of the treatment options available for missing teeth. A person can easily look attractive after resorting to one of these treatments and the treatments will help an individual regain their self-confidence and create a sense of heightened self-esteem.

What are the rewards of getting braces?

The availability of barely distinguishable, removable, teeth-correcting appliances is the major reason why adult orthodontics have become some of the most sought after dental treatments by patients. Tray-based braces Windsor address many of the common complaints patients have about conventional fixed metal appliances. Traditional braces can make it a challenge to eat certain foods and can be hard to keep clean and food-free, among other problems.braces-in-windsor

At our Old Windsor practice we tailor our orthodontic dental care to suit each individual patient, which means we take into consideration a patient’s needs and goals, as well as preferences when prescribing a suitable treatment plan. Here are the many ways braces Windsor can benefit patients.

Top advantages of teeth-correcting devices

There are an overwhelming number of well known benefits to wearing braces Windsor, some of which are highlighted below.

Prevent gum disease

Gum disease is commonly a consequence of not cleaning teeth effectively – food particles and bad bacteria that remain behind cause problems for teeth and gums. Teeth-straightening appliances work to space out teeth, which helps to make the mouth easier to clean. With evenly spaced teeth, patients will find it a whole lot easier to brush and floss, resulting in a healthier, disease-free mouth.

Protect against tooth decay

Not cleaning one’s teeth effectively puts at risk the health of teeth. Bad bacteria and acid accumulation on enamel leads to cavities and eventually, tooth decay. As stated in the post above, managing oral hygiene is much more effective when teeth are properly aligned and evenly spaced.

Linked to improved digestion

Patients with misaligned teeth will find that they experience difficulties in masticatory function – they are unable to chew or grind their food into digestion-friendly pieces. The stomach is able to process tiny bits of food more effectively rather than proportionately large pieces which are more difficult to digest.

Protect against tooth injury

Patients with protruding teeth are more vulnerable to suffering an injury to their teeth should they accidentally fall or receive a knock to the face in a car crash or sports accident. One of the functions of teeth-correcting appliances is to address problems such as protruding teeth, bringing them into desired alignment.

Protect against jawbone erosion

Most patients are aware that they need to protect their teeth and gums, but it is equally important to preserve jawbone quality too. Deterioration of jawbone quality is another serious consequence of ineffective oral hygiene maintenance.

Teeth-straightening appliances improve speech

Misaligned teeth can present speech difficulties, making it a challenge for a patient to pronounce certain sounds clearly. Straightened teeth play an instrumental role in our ability to sound out words.

Correct bad bites

Some patients will find that their upper and lower dental arches don’t align as they should (bad bite). When teeth don’t fit together properly, this can put immense strain on the jaws which can then give rise to other problems including tooth loss. In addition to repositioning teeth, teeth-correcting appliances can also realign dental arches.

For more fascinating benefits of getting braces, get in touch with us at Old Windsor dental clinic to schedule an appointment with one of our very experienced, friendly dentists.

How dental implants protect the integrity of your oral health

During the many years that we have been in the dental industry here at Old Windsor dental clinic, we have found that it is quite common for patients to be interested in dental implants Windsor to improve their dental appearance – a foremost factor in making a positive impression. To be sure this is a worthy goal, but there is far more to celebrate about dental implants Windsor than one might at first

As a modern, artificial, tooth-replacement option, the treatment belongs to two dental realms; cosmetic dentistry and restorative dentistry. In cosmetic dentistry, artificial tooth implants are used to great effect to enhance the appearance of the mouth when adult teeth are lost or are knocked out – the gaps missing teeth create can affect the aesthetics of the mouth. The treatment is equally effective when attempting to achieve restorative dentistry goals. Missing adult teeth are a serious cause for concern and it is a matter of urgency that a patient should seek to find a suitable alternative to replace them. Here’s why this matters so much.

How dental implants Windsor work to your benefit

Implant dentistry boosts secure eating functionality

This is arguably the most notable reason for choosing implants over more conventional restorative devices. The metal implant is surgically embedded to become a natural part of the jawbone. This security is a major factor that assures a patient there is very little likelihood of the implant moving about, creating challenges when attempting to bite and chew.

Implant dentistry benefits nutritional needs

For the body to receive all the nutrients it needs to function well, it is imperative that a person’s diet consists of a variety of foods, covering all the food groups recommended by health professionals. Dental implants make this possible.

Implant dentistry protects oral health

Not many patients are aware that the gaps left open by missing adult teeth compromise the health of neighbouring teeth, leading them to move out of their natural positions and creating all sorts of other undesirable consequences. But this is not all, as in addition to this when teeth are lost, the jawbone loses the stimulation provided by the roots of teeth without which jawbone density deteriorates.

Implant dentistry benefits psychosocial well-being

Patients will find that with their improved dental appearance, they are more ready and willing to smile, make friends, seek better job opportunities and find romance, all thanks to the boost in self-confidence.

Implant dentistry is more comfortable

Unlike other traditional methods used to replace lost permanent teeth, artificial tooth implants offer far superior comfort and do not scrape against or damage surrounding teeth.

We have found that patients are also encouraged by the new look of their smiles to take a greater interest in preserving them, by diligently attending to their at-home oral hygiene responsibilities and taking a more proactive approach to their dental health. It is the first rule in dentistry that full oral health can only be assured after a professionally-qualified dentist has examined a patient’s teeth and gums.

For more information on aesthetically-pleasing, artificial tooth implants, get in touch with us at Old Windsor to arrange a consultation with one of our competent, friendly dental practitioners.

The benefits of teeth whitening

While on the face of it there are a lot of options when it comes to teeth whitening in Berkshire. What will work for you and is it worth it? These are questions worth asking and ones you can find good answers to from our dedicated team at Old Windsor Dental.teeth-whitening-berkshire

So we all want a bright and gleaming white smile. It can make a huge difference to our standard of living. And this doesn’t go unnoticed. Old Windsor dental is here to help you get to the end goal that you can be proud of. This can help go some way to undo years of potential neglect or staining.

What do you need to do next?

When you get in contact with us, from the first phone call to any follow up appointments you will be treated as an individual with your very own specific needs and requirements. This is because everyone is unique and this extends to your teeth and dental treatments too. Your teeth whitening in Berkshire therefore fittingly starts at your appointments for a custom impression specific to your teeth. The reason it’s so important that it’s a good fit is that a bleaching agent is then applied to this mouthguard and it needs to be evenly distributed across all your teeth for the very best and even results.

Further to this we want you to be able to maintain and cherish that brighter, whiter grin for even longer so we will make sure you leave our practice at Old Windsor Dental with all the knowledge and any at home equipment that you may need to maintain prolong your teeth whitening in Berkshire

Are bleaching agents safe?

We understand that introducing chemical treatments such as bleaching agents could seem concerning for some, and it’s very good to take every precaution with your health and oral healthcare. For that reason you can be assured when you visit Old Windsor dental that you are in safe hands. With years of experience and top line equipment you can rest assured that your teeth whitening in Berkshire is being handled in a safe way. Why not get in touch with our team at Old Windsor who can explain things further and guide you through the whole process. This is always a good idea if you are considering any dental treatments and particularly when a patient has other underlying conditions that could have an impact on the treatment such as crowns and gum disease.

Make them last!

Teeth whitening is not an entirely permanent solution, we would never want to try and mislead you by suggesting it was. But nevertheless there are some things that you can do to make these new found pearly white results last even longer.

  • Brush Twice a day at least
  • Avoid troublesome foods with high acidity
  • Avoid staining food or drink like coffee or wine in excess
  • Use mouthwash regularly
  • Floss

These are guidelines that help you to keep your teeth white for longer.

Here we have considered some really important aspects of teeth whitening treatments and the major life benefits involved. Perhaps you would like to book in for a consultation or still have questions then our friendly team at Old Windsor are always ready to assist you further.

Straighter Teeth in Berkshire, how and why?

The road to straighter teeth in Berkshire is often referred to as orthodontics. orthodontics are a fantastic option for improving the overall appearance of your teeth. But straight teeth allows for much more than just improved aesthetics; it now also offers fantastic oral health benefits!straighter-teeth-berkshire

So how can this be accomplished and what could it mean for you let’s take a further look.

What’s an Orthodontic treatment?

Orthodontic treatments allow your dentist to correct imperfections with your teeth and improve the overall appearance by effectively correcting such things as overly crowded teeth, underbites, gapped teeth and overbites. Correcting such imperfections with your teeth is a huge boost to a person’s self-confidence and can really make the difference when they smile, it can even be the reason they are happy to smile again! That being said, the benefits are not limited to the aesthetic side of things, aspiring to get treatment for straighter teeth in Berkshire has numerous health benefits too.

Let’s have a brief look at these as well as the different types of treatment available from our wonderful staff at Old Windsor Dental.


While a large list of treatments may at first appear overwhelming this is simply to cover a wide range of patient needs. Once you discuss your personal circumstances and the desired end results, our team at Old Windsor Dental will be able to provide you with an achievable treatment path with the expected end results mapped out for you in advance.

Some well known orthodontic treatments are:

Clear braces – This retainer-like clear guards are gradually resized and new ones provided to bit by bit shift the position of the teeth in your mouth to leave them eventually in their final position. This is a great and discreet option for re-aligning such conditions as those discussed earlier.

Clear or invisible braces – These like the above are a discreet option for those who may be put off by the potentially unsightly appearance of those traditional braces, usually the case with adults seeking these treatments. These use clear or tooth coloured mounting points on the teeth fixed together with thin clear or tooth coloured wired to allow for an almost unnoticeable treatment option that can be adjusted over time by your dentist to help you get to the end goal of more aligned teeth.

There are of course many other options so talk to the team now at Old Windsor Dental who, with a consultation, can help you find the best solution to your specific needs.

Further health benefits

Yes, the aesthetic benefits are clearly seen but less obvious but equally as important are the benefits to your oral health. With straighter teeth in Berkshire, you can avoid conditions that come from misalignment, this may include avoiding uneven wear on your teeth that might otherwise occur with underbites or overbites. By getting everything in line with your teeth you avoid potential jaw problems and potentially even combat aspects of your teeth that could affect the overall shape of your face. By reducing gaps in your teeth you also make it easier to brush your teeth more effectively and give less room for the plaque that leads to tooth decay and gum disease to build up. These health benefits clearly demonstrate the value of seeking out orthodontics at Old Windsor Dental.

A chance to smarten up your smile with braces Windsor

The path that you can take towards a better smilebraces-windsor

Not everyone has what society would call a perfect smile, and those who do inevitably stand out from the majority. Whilst your smile is a part of who you are, you can help improve it with a healthy lifestyle and how you decide to take care of your teeth. We might not be born with a stunning smile, but that doesn’t mean it has to stay that way. Here at Old Windsor we offer to help you acquire that elusive smile. We can help straighten up your smile with braces at Windsor. For many, a beautiful smile is an asset. Having a beautiful smile can make a person feel good about themselves, and there are many steps that can be taken towards nurturing and acquiring a beautiful smile. Here at Old Windsor, we have several different dental procedures that could help.

Why braces?

In the long run, braces are one of the most effective ways of straightening teeth, and will help improve overall oral hygiene. Braces Windsor will help to align misaligned teeth. For an individual with misaligned teeth, braces are an option that are worth considering. They will help adjust teeth and help young patients develop the habit of taking care of their dental hygiene. Though youngsters might be reluctant to wear braces in the beginning, the benefits they will gain from them will be worth it. As well as this, the consequences that might arise if crooked teeth aren’t attended to can be detrimental to oral health.

There are different types of braces Windsor such as removable appliances, orthodontics and fixed appliances. These different types vary according to how they are fitted on and how they need to be maintained. They are all different, but all help to alter the position of the teeth.

What are removable appliances?

Removable appliances, as its name suggests, are easy to use. Its user-friendly nature makes it highly suitable for young people. As children may have problems in maintenance, this could be the most convenient option for straightening teeth. This option allows them to better manage their oral hygiene by taking care of their teeth and gums. Wearing removable appliances will on the long run protect their teeth from possible cavities, chips and other damages.

What are some benefits of removable appliances?

Removable appliances don’t take much effort to maintain on a regular basis. Youngsters can do it by themselves and require little or no supervision to maintain them. They will be able to do it with ease and little help from their parents, giving them a sense of independence and confidence in their own ability.

What are orthodontics?

Orthodontics focuses on straightening your teeth. This looks a bit cumbersome on the surface but as it uses wires and brackets to align the teeth. It involves inserting a bit of pressure to the teeth in order to adjust their position. The main focus of this treatment is to correct the bite, and this treatment can help prevent the decay of teeth and formation of cavities.

By doing what we can to correct and adjust teeth, we will be taking the necessary steps to improve your dental hygiene. Everyone can improve their smile to look better. It is a chance worth taking as the results will have many benefits.

What are dental implants and should I choose to have them?

At Old Windsor Dental, we are proud to maintain a high level of care and professionalism. This standard of care is extended to all of our consultations and treatment including the ever-popular treatment; Dental Implants in Windsor. What could lead you to dental implants and what will it involve for you? There’s no need to feel overwhelmed or nervous and here we will outline some reason

Dental implants, what are they?

Great question, you may have heard people mention them or even have friends or family that have them but do you know what they are? With our team at Old Windsor Dental, you don’t need to be the expert because we are. You will know you are in good hands with us following our consultation. We will talk you through the ins and outs of the whole process and make sure you know exactly what will happen next.  Whether you need a complex treatment or a single tooth implant we will design a treatment plan that suits you best. But to answer the question of what actually is a dental implant, in short, implants are anchors set in the jaw bone, assuming the jaw bone has the right density. Sometimes it is necessary to anchor instead into the cheekbone. A false replacement indistinguishable from the real thing is then screwed into these set anchor points in your mouth. The end result?  A restored smile and a more durable, long-lasting finish than standard dentures.

What life benefits come from dental implants?

Loose or missing teeth can drastically affect your jawline and facial structure, why? The tissues surrounding the jaw bone can actually begin to disappear as it is reabsorbed. What do dental implants do to resolve this for you? The implant itself actually promotes the bones to grow and fixes around the implant itself. This fascinating process prevents bone loss and promotes bone structure retention. Your face avoids the sunken look caused by missing teeth but not just that these dental implants allow you to eat, chew and bite the same way as normal. These natural-looking replacements can contribute to your wellbeing if you are missing teeth. The benefits of your dental implants in Windsor are looking really clear.

Something to think about?

Are you a smoker? Do you have good oral hygiene? Do you have any underlying medical issues whether oral or other? Some of these may be easier questions to answer than others but all are things worth considering when thinking about dental implants. Why is that the case? During your consultation with Old Windsor Dental, you will be made aware of all the steps involved in the treatment and follow up care of your Dental Implants in Windsor. One aspect we will want to consider with you is your suitability. We will assess you for gum disease, look at your medical history to see if you have type two diabetes and consider your options if you are a smoker. We want your treatment to be a success as much as you and addressing these areas before the implant is the best way of ensuring a great result.

What should be included in your oral healthcare routine?

Life is busy and things that shouldn’t be ignored often are. Sad to say this can sometimes extend into our oral healthcare routine. Yes you may be doing the bare minimum and brushing twice a day but our mouth is not quite that simple, unfortunately. We do however have an abundance of resources available so let’s look at some easy ways to introduce good habits to support your oral health in Berkshire.

Get Personaloral-health-berkshire

You are an individual and here at Old Windsor, we know that. You should come to us and discuss in depth what your specific oral health needs might be. We will help identify any underlying issues you may be facing or the things you would like to improve in. Having been involved in the industry for many years we are fully equipped with a wealth of knowledge when it comes to your oral health in Berkshire. There are some things that may affect your teeth and mouth that you didn’t even realise such as diabetes and certain cancer treatments. A quick google may not be enough to fully equip you with the knowledge you need to put together a plan. We are delighted to be able to help you with one of our consultations. That being said expert one to one advice is great but what can you do right now to kickstart your good oral care habits.

Get the basics right

Yes it may appear obvious but brush regularly, floss and rinse with antibacterial mouthwash.

We said we are busy and these can be overlooked, or not completed thoroughly. If we are too busy to brush properly then simply put we are too busy. We cannot neglect these foundations of good oral habits. By brushing regularly we mean a bare minimum of twice a day, really we should be brushing after any meal where possible. The longer food and drink can linger on our teeth the more of an impact it can have. Bacteria is the enemy and the buildup of plaque promotes this, brushing regularly resolves this problem in one of the simplest ways. Plaque is the enemy here, we want to kill it at all costs. Left unchecked it will convert plaque and bacteria into harmful acids that corrode and rot your teeth leading to even more complication down the line. Don’t let this scare you though because the solution is simple as we said, brush well and regularly.

While the options may seem baffling, choosing a good antibacterial mouthwash can help promote a very healthy mouth. A dentist will always be able to recommend one suitable for you personally.

Cut out that bad habit

It’s a trial for many to quit smoking, it’s an addiction that leads to a host of health issues but if you need just one more push to motivate you to quit, think about your oral healthcare! Tobacco products lead to complications such as oral cancer, gum disease, poor breath and yellowed teeth. Think about your health and kick this habit, your dentist will certainly thank you.

Don’t neglect visits to the dentist

Are you taking notice of potential signs of an issue in your mouth? Like we said when it comes to oral health in Berkshire, you may find yourself too busy to even notice. But stop and think for a moment. Is there blood after brushing your teeth? Are you uncomfortable or do you have gum pain throughout the day? Does your jaw ache when you wake up? Don’t ignore these signs, they may point to underlying health issues and require attention from your dentist. So come and see us at Old Windsor to attend to these symptoms quickly and effectively.

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