It’s time to shine with Invisalign

Everyone deserves a dazzling smile. If misaligned teeth make you shy away from flashing your smile, a simple visit to Old Windsor Dental Practice might just be able to take care of that problem for you quickly and easily with the help of Invisalign braces in Windsor.

Invisalign braces in Windsor use an almost invisible, removable set of aligners that are changed every two weeks to move teeth towards their desired position. These clear and comfortable aligners will help align your teeth without interfering with your appearance.

Braces in WindsorThe treatment process

At your first consultation, an impression of your teeth is taken to ensure that Invisalign braces in Windsor are suitable to straighten your teeth. This impression is then changed into a 3D image. This image will include the predicted movements your teeth will go through as you undergo treatment, thus giving you a preview of what your new smile is going to look like before you begin treatment.

Once you begin treatment, you will be required to wear a different set of aligners every two weeks. During this period, your teeth will gradually move towards the desired final position. As you go through this treatment, you will have to visit one of our dentists regularly so that we can check your treatment is all going to plan.

What to expect with Invisalign braces in Windsor?

After you have received your first set of aligners talking may be a bit uncomfortable during the first few days. As time goes by, this slight discomfort will subside as you will get used to having them in your mouth.

We highly recommend that you maintain excellent oral hygiene throughout your treatment period and even afterwards. You should also always keep regular check-up appointments to keep your new smile as dazzling as possible, for as long as possible.

Depending on the severity of your dental issue, it may take one to two years to totally solve the problems your teeth have. But, in some cases, it can take as little as a few months to rectify minor dental alterations with the help of Invisalign braces in Windsor.