Freedom to eat, chew, bite and smile

At The Old Windsor Dental Practice, we believe it is hard to overestimate the impact that good dentistry can have on your quality of life especially if you have been living with missing teeth or removable dental replacements for some time. We know how to offer you a great solution for your needs at our clinic in Berkshire. Dental implants are a brilliant route to returning you to something close to your former ability to eat, chew, bite and smile with confidence.

dental-implants-BerkshireTell me more about how dental implants work

It’s a relatively simple treatment and begins with having a chat with your dentist who will check the current structure of your mouth and jaw bone to assess your suitability and give advice on the length of time the treatment will take and the extent of the required work.

Even if there has already been some deterioration to the jaw bone, you can still be considered as a candidate for dental implants. Once fitted, they can actually help to stimulate bone growth around the implant and open up tiny blood vessels to service the area. This can help to prevent the start of or continued damage to the jaw and thereby arrest the development of a sunken appearance to the face.

The actual dental implants themselves are like posts fitted into the jaw which then become the site of attachment for items such as crowns or bridges.

Dental implants are designed for long term use and so you will need to care for them just like you would for your normal teeth. Good dental hygiene is essential for health, freshness and comfort. Your dentist can give you guidance both in person and to take away with you and can advise on what to use although no special equipment is required to take care of your dental implants.

The Old Windsor Dental Practice

We’re experienced and patient centred which makes us an excellent choice for dental implants. Berkshire is well served by our practice and we hope to see you there.

When it comes to getting your dental implants in Berkshire, we believe that at The Old Windsor Dental Practice, we can both meet your expectations and exceed them.