Are you considering braces in Windsor? Here’s everything you should know

Getting braces is a big decision to make as it is, hopefully, a lifelong investment.

If you have only begun your research on straightening solutions, know that there is no “one-size-fits-all” to getting braces.  The appliance you have your eye on might not necessarily be right for you.

If you are seriously considering braces and need professional advice, visit our practice, Old Windsor Dental for a full consultation.

windsor-bracesWhat are suitable braces in Windsor for me?

In order for our professional staff to provide you with an answer to the above question, we must first conduct a thorough examination of your mouth so that we can diagnose you.

Remember that while braces straighten teeth, they also perform other functions as well, such as correcting a bad bite and correcting a misaligned jaw.

The examination, along with some questions we ask you will determine the gravity of your orthodontic problem.  Once we have that information, we can decide which treatment is right for you.

What are the options that are currently available?

Standard metal braces

Standard metal braces see widespread use.  Since they were first invented, these traditional braces have undergone major improvements, and are comfortable and more discreet than earlier models.

This straightening device moves your teeth into a better position over approximately two years.  In the first year, the crowns of your teeth are pulled into position, while the device moves the roots in the second year.

You may have to adjust your diet and cleaning regime with braces in Windsor, because they have to be worn at all times, even while you eat and brush your teeth.

To avoid breaking the wires of your braces, you should avoid eating hard food, or cut up what could potentially harm your appliance into smaller pieces.

With regards to cleaning your teeth, diligence is key.  Brush your teeth after every meal and when you snack, as food could get stuck in the metal brackets.


Invisalign is a popular choice among many people due to its discreet appearance. Invisalign aligners are made with translucent plastic that look practically invisible when positioned in your mouth.

They are also an effective straightening device that takes twelve to eighteen months to fix your orthodontic issue, which is six months fewer than more conventional methods.

Their removable nature is yet another benefit raved about by past Invisalign users.  The fact that the appliance is detachable allows you to eat and brush your teeth without being at all restricted.  One could say that when it comes to your oral health, Invisalign is better to use because it you can follow your current teeth-cleaning routine.

On the fence about getting braces in Windsor? Here are some of the general benefits?

Straighter teeth are not just nice to look at, but are generally healthier because plaque can no longer hide in those hard-to-reach spaces of your mouth.

At the same time, an attractive smile is good for your mental health because you will feel more confidence about the way your teeth look.