Have you heard about dental implants in Windsor?

Undoubtedly, losing your teeth is distressing and can cause you to feel considerably self-conscious about how your smile looks minus one, or a couple of pearly whites.

dental-implants-windsorSo how are teeth commonly replaced? Advances in restorative dentistry have allowed people who are suffering from tooth loss, whether single or extensive, many several replacement methods from which to choose.

Dental implants in Windsor have risen in popularity ahead of bridges and dentures, due to the innumerable benefits that they provide.

Our clinic, Old Windsor, are suppliers of this groundbreaking treatment.  Our team comprises professionals trained in implant dentistry.  Visit our practice for more information.

Why should I opt for dental implants in Windsor?

You may have been told by advocates of dental implants that the device offers a superior user experience than that of other similar restoration aids.

Dental implants of Windsor indeed boast incredible advantages that will not only fix your smile but will return you to your old life without hassles caused by a faulty device.

As the implant replaces the old tooth at the root, you can enjoy a device that is firmly lodged into your jawbone and cannot be removed unless by professionals.  For this reason, you can eat without fear of breaking your aid, or have it accidentally falling out of place.

Additionally, aside from offering you all the conveniences that help you to lead a normal life, a tooth implant aids in regenerating your jaw bone.

Ordinarily, false teeth such as dentures may improve upon the appearance of your mouth. However, the device does little to regenerate the bone underneath. As a result of the bone not being stimulated, it starts to degenerate. Having an implant insert will help to repair the damage.

What are some other benefits?

Common complaints about false teeth are that they tend to look unnatural.

Tooth implants are subtle in that they look and function like real teeth.

How long does the procedure take?

If you are looking for a quick and easy solution, you will not find it with tooth implants.  The treatment requires multiple sessions with the dentists where a couple of procedures are administered, not to mention a lengthy healing period.  Adding to that, you may be required to undergo additional procedures to correct dental issues that may affect successful implantation, such as unhealthy gums, or an insufficient amount of bone in the area treated.

Who is not a suitable candidate for this treatment?

As we have mentioned, we run into complications when a patient has diseased gums or insufficient bones. While this does delay the process, obtaining implants remains possible.

Individuals who may be advised against implants ultimately include those with uncontrolled diabetes, people living with cancer, or those in a bad state of health generally.

Having these conditions may increase the chances of your implant failing.

How long does an implant last?

Unlike its counterparts which last approximately twelve to fifteen years, dental implants in Windsor can last a long time if well looked after.

The initial cost of the device may seem considerable, yet a worthwhile investment if you look at how long they can last.