Why we love dental implants in Windsor

In Windsor, dental implants continue to increase in popularity among people who need to get one, some or all of their teeth replaced. And we can see why at Old Windsor Dental Practice.

Every now and then, someone makes a discovery that revolutionises the way people do things and it’s hard to remember what life was like before it came along. Think how much life has changed since the invention of the world wide web back in 1995. In only 22 years, the knock-on effects in terms of how we book taxis, accommodation, send money, do our banking, shopping, and find things out has changed beyond recognition, and it continues to change.

Dental Implants in WindsorWell, in the dental, indeed the medical world, the discovery of titanium as an implant material has had similar far-reaching and ongoing benefits for people everywhere.

What’s so great about titanium?

The body is incredibly sensitive to foreign materials showing up inside it, and when something that shouldn’t be there comes along, it mobilises all its immune system defences to get rid of it. Think of what happens when you get a splinter. The surrounding area gets very hot and swells up with pus and the splinter is pushed out. This is what the body does to most foreign objects, but, for some unknown reason, the body just loves titanium. Instead of rejecting it in a ball of pus, the body grows new tissues and blood vessels all over it, holding it in a loving embrace, fusing with it as much as it can.

That’s great for dental implants in Windsor. You need teeth to be very firmly anchored in the jawbone. Until the advent of dental implants in the 1980s, all people had to replace teeth with was dentures or bridges. Dentures rely on the gums for support and the gums don’t do a very good job, offering only about 25% of the stability teeth need to chew properly. Bridges rely on using neighbouring teeth to act as buttresses, and they have to be ground down to take crowns. Not ideal at all.

This is why we love dental implants in Windsor and we hope you will too.