Smile! You’re on the right track with braces in Windsor

When your teeth don’t look quite like you want them to, this can have detrimental effects on your self-esteem. This in turn can negatively impact your social life, romantic relationship ventures, and even your career.windsor-braces

Not only do people unconsciously judge one another on their appearance, with teeth being one of the top factors that determine how intelligent or trustworthy others think we are, but how we present ourselves also plays a huge part.

So when you don’t smile, not because you’re unhappy but because you’re a little self-conscious about your teeth, people may begin to think the worst of you. Let us help you to knock this on the head with braces in Windsor.

Whether you are a teenager or an adult, braces in Windsor can help to transform your life and allow you that smile you have always dreamed of having. We have a diverse range of treatments available that can meet your lifestyle demands whilst remaining affordable and effective.

Because we know how important your teeth straightening journey is to you and we know that you expect results. Let us discuss with you your personal situation so that we can provide you with deep insight into the options available to you and the advantages and potential pitfalls of these options so you can make a highly informed decision that you can be comfortable carrying through.

Only when both dentist and patient are on the same page and working towards the same goal can we achieve the results that we are both hoping for.

This is especially true with some treatments that rely on your willpower and determination to make it happen.

What are we talking about?

We are of course talking about removable braces in Windsor which are currently all the rage. This innovative method of straightening teeth is so popular because they are simply a clear, plastic aligner that you can take out when you want to eat.

No more worrying about food getting stuck in the wires and less time spent in dental practice sounds very appealing, but if you don’t wear your aligners for the recommended 20-22 hours + per day, then you may be sabotaging your journey to that healthier and more beautiful looking smile.

We have faith in your commitment and are always here to provide assistance and support when needed. Also, because removable aligners are so popular worldwide, there is a huge support base online of others who are going through or have recently been through the same journey as you.

But other options still exist

In fact, fixed devices are probably more commonly used because they allow us to have more control over the straightening of your teeth and the realigning of your jaw. This is particularly important for people who have more serious conditions to be corrected.

It really does depend on your smile as to what treatments are available to you, but we will endeavour to ensure that you know your choices and that together we make the right decision that allows you to quickly, effectively, and affordably straighten your teeth.