Do you need dental implants in Windsor?

If you have lost one or several of your teeth, then you most probably would benefit from dental implants in Windsor. There are a few individuals who may find that other treatment options are more beneficial for them, such as dentures or bridges, but dental implants in Windsor are generally recommended by dentists who are looking in the long term for their patients and wishing them to achieve the highest quality from their treatment.

dental-implants-windsorThis is because dental implants in Windsor can last for several decades, meaning that those who have lost their teeth in their youth will not have to be concerned with replacements every decade or so as is the case with other treatments.

When the expenses of this adds up over the years, the initial investment in a more durable product will become more affordable over their lifetimes.

For those of an older generation, they can benefit from not having to worry about their replacement teeth by choosing a long term system. There are also further benefits that this permanent replacement of teeth can offer, such as reducing bone loss in the jaw and ensuring denture stability.

So if you have either lost a tooth due to a sporting injury or poor health or are looking to feel more confident with your smile and not worry about your dentures slipping when you eat or speak, then read on, because this treatment is for you.

How do they work?

Although they can be adapted to suit a vast majority of adults who have missing teeth, the general practice of this treatment remains the same. At the site of a missing tooth, or in a predetermined location that will be the most comfortable for you, a titanium rod is surgically placed directly into the jaw bone.

Titanium is used because this metal is known to fuse with bone making it such a long-lasting and stable system that it is well regarded for. From this rod, a single crown, a bridge with up to four teeth, or an entire arch can be secured and replace lost teeth.

For those looking to stabilize their dentures, four implants will be necessary with two placed on the upper arch and two on the lower one. This has been proven to be the most convenient and comfortable for individuals and allows you to heal faster to begin enjoying your new smile faster.

It will take several weeks to heal and a further few months to ensure that the bonding between the jaw bone and the titanium has taken place, rendering the treatment a success. With a 98% success rate, you can confidently explore this option as a means to replace your missing teeth as long as you are of good health to begin with.

Those who have issues with their bone or have medical or dental complications that may impede healing, such as gum disease or diabetes will need to ensure that this is managed before they become suitable for this procedure.

We will discuss with you your suitability and the advantages and disadvantages surrounding this treatment for you during your consultation.