Replace your missing teeth with dental implants in Berkshire

Tooth replacement has never been easier, thanks to advancements in modern dentistry. Whereas options for replacing missing teeth used to be very limited a few decades ago, nowadays, you can opt for dental implants for more natural, more comfortable and longer lasting results.

At Old Windsor in Berkshire, dental implants are a reliable and comfortable treatment for those who have lost a tooth or many due to decay, injury, gum disease or old age. Implants provide a permanent replacement option that looks and feels like natural teeth.

Replace Missing Teeth in BerkshireThe problem with bone loss

One or more missing teeth, and their roots, accelerate the deterioration of the jawbone. Left untreated, bone loss can lead to the deterioration of your bone structure and recession of the jaw line. This way you face will appear sunken and prematurely aged.

Missing teeth also increase your risk of developing gum disease, misalignment, or additional tooth or gum loss.

Dental implants and bone loss

Made of strong titanium or zirconium, dental implants are fused surgically to the jawbone. Dental implants replace the tooth root by supporting artificial teeth, such as dentures, bridges or crowns. Unlike conventional bridges, no healthy teeth are damaged with implants. Implant-retained replacement teeth are natural-looking, stable, and comfortable for almost any patient.

Dental implant offers a stronger oral foundation for replacement teeth because they are embedded into the jawbone. Because they are made of titanium, a material which is very compatible with the human body, they fuse into the jawbone and prevent the bone tissue from deteriorating.

Our practice uses the latest materials and implant techniques to ensure natural-looking and highly durable results. With proper daily oral hygiene, your dental implants could last a lifetime.

Am I a good candidate?

Dental implants offer an excellent, long-lasting way to replace your missing tooth, but they aren’t appropriate for everyone. In order to be a suitable candidate, you must have good overall health to be able to undergo surgery as well as optimal dental health and enough strong bone tissue to ensure the success and longevity of the dental implants. In some cases, a patient with little bone tissue may be eligible for bone grafting, a dental procedure that helps support the existing bone tissue and promote the growth of new tissue.