Making life fun again

Having dentures that don’t fit can make every waking moment, or at least those spent with other people, into a bit of a hassle and an embarrassment. However, this problem can be solved with dental implants in Windsor.

Dental Implants in WindsorAt Old Windsor Dental Practice, we use dental implants in Windsor to stop your dentures wobbling around in your mouth. Dentures may start off fitting really well, but over time they lose their grip on your gums. This is because your jawbone reduces in size and your gums recede.

This is a natural process that occurs when you no longer have the tooth roots in your jawbone to signal to it that it is still in use. It doesn’t just affect your dentures, it also affects how you look. If you have lost all your teeth, over time, and not that much time, you will start to lose your strong jaw, the tip of your chin will be nearer to the tip of your nose, and your face will no longer have so much bone to hold it out and will collapse inwards, especially when you don’t have your dentures in.

Denture stabilisation with dental implants in Windsor can prevent all of this from happening, and also give you back your self-confidence when speaking. Not only that, but having your dentures held in place with dental implants allows you to eat whatever you like again, instead of being restricted to a soft food diet. No matter how well your dentures fit, they cannot give you the chewing power of your natural teeth; however, when they are secured in place with dental implants, all those crunchy salads and nuts, chewy steaks and toffees can be back on the menu.

Having dental implants fitted

You will need to undergo minor oral surgery to have your denture-stabilising dental implants fitted. This only requires a local anaesthetic, but if you are very nervous, we can also give you sedation, either or oral intravenous, to help you relax.

It takes several weeks for the implants to integrate with your jawbone, but once it has, you can go for your life with the exciting foods, and laughing, don’t forget laughing.