Make Sure Your Dental Implants in Berkshire Are a Complete Success

Deciding to go ahead with having dental implants can be a big step to take, so it’s understandable that you’d want to do everything possible to ensure treatment is a complete success, especially as your new replacement teeth should last a very long time if not for the rest of your life. So what are the factors that can influence dental implant success?

dental-implants-berkshireHaving a successful dental implant relies largely on picking the right dentist for the job. It’s important to choose a dentist with plenty of experience in placing dental implants, preferably someone like Dr Utpalendu Bose who has taken the trouble to complete extra training in this field. Experience really does count for a lot, as your dentist in Berkshire needs to be able to decide whether or not the implant can be placed correctly so that the final crown, bridge or denture can function properly while still looking beautiful. In addition your dentist will need to assess if you have sufficient bone to support the implant, and if the bone is in exactly the right place for the implant to be inserted. The planning stage is absolutely critical and is part of the reason why dental implants are generally extremely successful.

While part of the success lies in the hands of your dentist, another part is wholly down to you. It doesn’t matter if you’re getting on in years, but it can make a difference if you have poor health as this could make it harder for your gums to heal once the dental implants have been inserted. Smokers will almost certainly need to quit, at least until implant treatment is completed as smoking can slow down healing, increasing the chances of implant failure. It’s better for oral health to give up completely, and perhaps dental implants could be a great incentive. When treatment is completed then it’s down to you to look after your dental implant. Some people think there’s no need to take any special care of dental implants in Berkshire, as after all they are made from completely inert materials. What they fail to consider is that the implant post is surrounded by living bone and living gum tissue and it’s vital to keep these healthy as they are supporting your implant. If these tissues become diseased and then you could well lose both bone and gum tissue, and this will mean your implant will gradually become less stable could eventually need removing completely.

It is pretty simple to take care of dental implants and your dentist in Berkshire will give you full instructions on how to look after them. It’s important to make sure you floss around them each day, or that you use interdental brushes or some other method of removing plaque from in between your teeth. Regular dental check-ups will help your dentist in Berkshire to see if any problems are developing, while regular cleanings will remove any tartar that might’ve built up around the implant. If you notice the gum tissue around the dental implant becoming swollen or sore at any stage then there’s a chance it could be infected and it’s important to seek help soon as this will help improve the likelihood of being able to save the dental implant.