Invisalign makes straightening effortless

It’s not just the fear of looking like a nerd that puts adults off wearing braces, it’s also the thought of all that extra hassle that comes with wearing a device in the mouth for months on end.

Perhaps teens have time to sit around and pick their last meal out from between the brackets and wires of their braces, but most adults are on the go all day, rushing from task to task and eating is just one more task that needs to be got through before moving onto the next one. They literally don’t have time to take care of their braces, and if you don’t take care of them, you can get into all sorts of trouble with tooth decay and brown patches developing under the braces.

Invisalign in BerkshireEasy eating

Invisalign renders all of these worries obsolete because you take them out when you eat. You put them in their storage case and then go eat whatever you fancy. No food is off limits for the duration of your treatment, as is often the case with traditional braces.

Once you have finished your meal, you brush your teeth to remove any trapped food and put your aligners back in. It’s that simple.

You also need to remove your aligners if you are drinking anything other than plain water because traces of pigment can discolour your aligners and make them visible over your teeth.


Did we not mention that Invisalign aligners from us at The Old Windsor Dental Practice in Berkshire are invisible? Well, they are. They are made of clear plastic that is only 0.3mm thick. Once you put it on over your teeth, your aligner can no longer be seen.

So not only can you eat whatever you want, you can go through your busy day without having to fend off stares and intrusive comments about your straightening treatment.

Want to find out more?

Invisalign is great for mild to moderate alignment issues. It takes a year, on average, to correct them. Why not come in for a free consultation to find out if they are right for you?