Hey good looking – what’s different about you?

It’s likely that, like many of us, you feel your imperfections more keenly than other people perceive them. However, that doesn’t make the resulting lack of confidence any less real for you. What it does mean is that you can improve your appearance, experience higher self-esteem but still not have people know exactly what you have had done. This helps you not to feel self-conscious about your adjustments. A dental treatment like dental implants in Windsor is really helpful for achieving this because the resulting restoration is so natural.

Dental Implants in WindsorWalking you through dental implants in Windsor

At Old Windsor Dental Practice, we want to connect you with the most suitable treatment for your issue, your circumstances and your budget. If you want to have your teeth replaced, we will try and ensure that dental implants in Windsor are one of the options you can choose from. This is because implants are effective and durable as well as close to normal teeth in appearance.

A dental implant itself is usually made from a bio-compatible metal like titanium. It is screw-shaped and usually less than a centimetre in length. This part of the equipment is mostly buried within the jawbone once treatment is complete. You can just see the top or the abutment within the gumline. This is either immediately or eventually covered with a prosthetic tooth depending on the treatment course you are on. This tooth is closely matched with the colour of your other teeth so that it blends in with the rest of your smile.

Once a dental implant is in place, it is easy to care for as long as you remember how important your oral health is to the stability of your new teeth. Keeping this in mind should make you diligent enough with your daily dental routine to ensure that you have excellent oral standards. It’s always best to avoid gum disease if you can but, if you get a severe case while wearing dental implants, it can undermine your equipment and cause it to fail. We help you monitor and care for your dental implants by inviting you for regular appointments at Old Windsor Dental Practice.