Do I need braces?

Braces Windsor are an accessible treatment that many different patients consider. You may benefit from braces if you are unhappy with the appearance of your smile. You could consider braces if your teeth are crooked or uneven and issues with jaw alignment could also be rectified through the use of this dental treatment, treating the upper or lower jaws. Braces are not only a functional dental treatment, but can also do wonders for the appearance of your smile and the overall structure of your face. This treatment also means that pressure can be relieved in the face and mouth. If any of these symptoms sound like something that you are concerned about, you could consider thinking about having a consultation to discuss a brace. Your smile will thank you. The next section of this article will run through what type of brace would be the best fit for you and your smile.braces-in-windsor

What brace would work best for me?

Braces Windsor are available in three main types. These include removable appliances, orthodontics and fixed appliances. Each type has numerous benefits and one could suit you and your needs more than another. Your dentist will work with you to decide which treatment could be the correct one for you and your smile. Removable appliances include treatments such as Invisalign, this treatment uses a series of clear aligners to gently force your teeth into their correct position. The aligners are clear ensuring that you do not have to worry about how your teeth look during your treatment period.

Orthodontics use brackets and wires to bond to the teeth, to gently coax the teeth to their correct position. Treatment time can depend on the severity of the issue that needs correcting, as well as the individual patient.

Twin block is the main example of a fixed appliance to help realign the jaw. This treatment moves the lower jaw gently forward using a screw mechanism. This treatment can be used on patients of all ages, but is mostly used on children. The next section will discuss the benefits of these treatments.

What are the benefits of braces?

Braces Windsor can offer the patients who choose to have this treatment a number of different benefits. If you choose to have braces then you could also be privy to these benefits. Straight teeth automatically become teeth that are easier to care for, this is because they become easier to clean. This in turn allows your mouth and oral health to become better, issues such as gum disease can be minimised as you are able to take better care of your mouth. Straighter teeth are also very aesthetically pleasing and as a result can do wonders for your self-confidence. If you are worried or ashamed about the appearance of your teeth then maybe this treatment could be for you. You could soon find yourself smiling and laughing without hindrance.

Any orthodontics used to realign the jaw may also help to alter structure to facial features, improve bite and relieve pressure on certain areas of the face and head.

If you think that this treatment could be for you then why not have a look at our website and talk to one of our dentists to make an informed choice about which version of braces could be the one for you.