Braces are just for children, aren’t they? How could they benefit me?

It is true that braces can be used on the developing mouths of children and teenagers, but it is also true that adults who have overcrowded or gapped teeth can also benefit from braces. Here at Old Windsor, we can offer you braces in Windsor, if you think your smile could benefit from some straightening or realigning. Many people are dissatisfied with the way that their smile looks and choose to hide their smile at all costs, but what if you could achieve the smile you have always desired? Then there would be no need to hide anymore. We believe that everyone deserves a smile that they cannot wait to show off and braces could be the way to achieve exactly that. If you wish your smile was straighter or without gaps then maybe braces could be for you, why not get in touch to see what we could offer you and your new smile?childrens-braces-windsor

What types of braces do you offer?

Here at Old Windsor, we offer a number of different kinds of braces, these braces are specifically designed with different kinds of patients in mind, ensuring that the needs of all patients are met. If you are looking for braces in Windsor why not consider looking into what we offer? There are three main types of braces that we offer our patients, these are fixed appliances, removable appliances and traditional orthodontics. Fixed appliances are used to correct problems concerning the top and lower teeth not matching up, these appliances are often used for younger patients whose mouths are still developing. An example of this treatment is the twin block which moves the lower jaw gently using a screw mechanism.

Removable appliances are often used as an alternative to fixed braces. These appliances are used on milder conditions needing correcting and can be removed, which is beneficial for daily cleaning, this will help keep your mouth clean during the treatment. Invisalign is an example of a removable appliance and uses clear trays to gently adjust the position of your teeth. They are created specifically for each patient and so fit perfectly into your mouth. Finally, traditional orthodontics uses a series of wires and brackets to gently mouth your teeth into the desired position.

But won’t it hurt?

It is true that there can be some mild discomfort in the use of braces as the teeth are moved into the desired position. It does become increasingly important to look after your oral health if you choose to have braces fitted, as the mouth can become more susceptible to disease. If you choose to have braces in Windsor fitted then your dentist will always ensure that you are comfortable and will advise you on the best practice to look after your teeth whilst they undergo the treatment. This could also include pain management for the discomfort that you may be exposed to whilst your teeth are moved into their new position. Braces, as part of modern developing dentistry, have continued to evolve over the years and are now more convenient and more comfortable than ever, achieving brilliant results that keep you smiling.