Your options for replacing missing teeth

If you have missing teeth or you think you might want to have teeth replaced soon, then you need to explore your options. Regular check-ups at your dentist are the best way to ensure that your teeth stay healthy and your smile stays intact. Your dentist can spot potential issues before they happen and they may be able to help.

If you want to tackle the problem of missing teeth in Berkshire at Old Windsor Dental Practice then please contact us. One of our team will do an examination of your mouth and explain your options in detail.

Missing Teeth in BerkshireBridges and crowns

If possible, you will be offered a crown for any significant decay or damage to your tooth. Crowns cover areas that are too big for fillings. First, the dentist will remove any decayed material before they take an impression of the area. This is used to craft a crown which is like a cover that sits on top of your tooth.

Bridges are used to replace more than one tooth at a time. Several teeth can be mounted on a bridge to achieve a natural look. They are usually supported on the remaining teeth but can also be held in place using dental implants.

Both bridges and crowns can be used like normal teeth for eating and other activities once they are fitted. All that is required to take care of them is a diligent dental hygiene routine.


Dentures can be used to replace all or some of your teeth. They are an excellent budget option. A full denture will usually replace an entire arch. They are crafted to fit the shape of your gums as snugly as possible.

A partial denture fills the gaps in your teeth. New teeth are mounted on a plate. This is fixed to your remaining teeth which then support the denture. This means that the teeth need to be relatively healthy.

Dental implants

Dental implants are a strong and highly functional solution. They are tiny metal cylinders or screws that are fitted into your jawbone. These act as anchors for prosthetic teeth in the form of a crown, bridge or dentures. They are the most expensive option detailed here but they are designed to last a lifetime if properly cared for. Many patients who have dental implants report that they feel just like normal teeth.