Why choose our braces in Windsor?

At our clinic within Windsor we understand that finding the right dental clinic for you can be a tough decision! Patients may base their decision on their unique dental case, their financial situation, or their geographical location (therefore convenience). At old Windsor dental we treat every dental case as completely unique, our patient-centred approach ensures every individual achieves the best possible dental results, with the help of our highly skilled team of dental healthcare professionals.windsor-braces

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If you are suffering from crooked teeth, front protrusion of the teeth, or irregularly spaced teeth then you may be considering braces in Windsor. Although you may be sure that orthodontic braces are the right option for you, it may be just as difficult finding the right dental clinic for your needs. At our surgery within Windsor we have been a member of the BDA good practice scheme since 2010, since our membership we have continued to deliver an impeccable standard of dental care to every single one of our patients.

Considering receiving braces in Windsor? You’re in safe hands.

Our dental practice was established within 1981, since being taken over by the current owner U.Bose we have been committed to continuous dental development (such as embracing the latest advancements within dental technology). Our dental surgery offers an extensive range of specialist treatments (such as orthodontics for both children and adults) which means we cater to a wide array of individuals.

Are orthodontic braces right for you?

Orthodontic braces have been present within the field of dentistry for many years, originally orthodontics simply consisted of conventional metal braces however within recent years many more discreet appliances have been developed.

Are you looking for a discrete alternative?

Traditional braces produce long lasting (and therefore successful) results by using both brackets made out of metal (which are placed on the teeth using a dental adhesive) and thin metal wires. Despite traditional (or ‘conventional’) orthodontic appliances producing positive results, many of our patients may be looking for something slightly more discrete (which is why our team wishes to answer the demand for discrete alternatives).

Finding the right orthodontic braces for your smile.

For many people, clear aligners are one of the most popular types of orthodontics. At our dental surgery within Windsor we offer all of our patients ‘Invisalign’, as they have provided over four million happy smiles worldwide! Many individuals may have heard of invisalign (due to their undeniable and therefore ever increasing popularity) however they may be unsure of how they work.

How do clear aligners produce effective results?

Clear aligners use trays made out of plastic which are custom made for every one of our patients. At our dental clinic within Windsor we embrace the latest advancements within dental technology which means we create impressions using three dimension scanners! In addition to eliminating the messy and therefore unpleasant putty we are also able to create an image of your future results, this can not only help our patients envision their smile, but can also help them make the right decision.