Which braces are right for me?

It wasn’t so long ago that fixed braces in Windsor were the only way of straightening and re-aligning your teeth. But the advent of clear removable aligners such as Invisalign has given our dental patients another option and a dilemma: which braces should they go for?

It is always best to speak to one of dentists here at Old Windsor Dental Practice, so that you can make an informed decision about whether to opt for fixed braces or Invisalign. We are always happy to discuss treatment options with patients who are considering investing in Invisalign or any of our fixed braces in Windsor.

Braces in WindsorHow do clear braces and fixed braces work?

Invisalign clear braces straighten teeth without wires or brackets and use a series of aligners that are clear and removable. The aligners are applied in sequence: one set will be worn for a fortnight before being replaced by another set.

Fixed braces use wires and brackets to reposition teeth into a straighter alignment. They are typically changed less often than clear braces in Windsor.

Will a fixed brace hurt?

In some instances, your first set of braces in Windsor may feel uncomfortable, your cheeks may feel sore and ache a little, but don’t worry, this will only be temporary. If you wear your braces full time as directed by your dentist, they will become more comfortable and easier to wear over time. Your speech may also be affected, but this can be improved by reading aloud to keep your speech clear.

How do you clean braces?

It is very important to keep your brace clean – this can be done simply with a toothbrush and toothpaste, but do not use hot water when cleaning your brace as this can damage it over time.

What happens if my brace breaks?

Sometimes it is possible for a small part of the brace to break or become loose. If you are still able to wear the brace, do so. If you then call us as soon as possible we will arrange an appointment in which it can be fixed quickly and easily.