What should be included in your oral healthcare routine?

Life is busy and things that shouldn’t be ignored often are. Sad to say this can sometimes extend into our oral healthcare routine. Yes you may be doing the bare minimum and brushing twice a day but our mouth is not quite that simple, unfortunately. We do however have an abundance of resources available so let’s look at some easy ways to introduce good habits to support your oral health in Berkshire.

Get Personaloral-health-berkshire

You are an individual and here at Old Windsor, we know that. You should come to us and discuss in depth what your specific oral health needs might be. We will help identify any underlying issues you may be facing or the things you would like to improve in. Having been involved in the industry for many years we are fully equipped with a wealth of knowledge when it comes to your oral health in Berkshire. There are some things that may affect your teeth and mouth that you didn’t even realise such as diabetes and certain cancer treatments. A quick google may not be enough to fully equip you with the knowledge you need to put together a plan. We are delighted to be able to help you with one of our consultations. That being said expert one to one advice is great but what can you do right now to kickstart your good oral care habits.

Get the basics right

Yes it may appear obvious but brush regularly, floss and rinse with antibacterial mouthwash.

We said we are busy and these can be overlooked, or not completed thoroughly. If we are too busy to brush properly then simply put we are too busy. We cannot neglect these foundations of good oral habits. By brushing regularly we mean a bare minimum of twice a day, really we should be brushing after any meal where possible. The longer food and drink can linger on our teeth the more of an impact it can have. Bacteria is the enemy and the buildup of plaque promotes this, brushing regularly resolves this problem in one of the simplest ways. Plaque is the enemy here, we want to kill it at all costs. Left unchecked it will convert plaque and bacteria into harmful acids that corrode and rot your teeth leading to even more complication down the line. Don’t let this scare you though because the solution is simple as we said, brush well and regularly.

While the options may seem baffling, choosing a good antibacterial mouthwash can help promote a very healthy mouth. A dentist will always be able to recommend one suitable for you personally.

Cut out that bad habit

It’s a trial for many to quit smoking, it’s an addiction that leads to a host of health issues but if you need just one more push to motivate you to quit, think about your oral healthcare! Tobacco products lead to complications such as oral cancer, gum disease, poor breath and yellowed teeth. Think about your health and kick this habit, your dentist will certainly thank you.

Don’t neglect visits to the dentist

Are you taking notice of potential signs of an issue in your mouth? Like we said when it comes to oral health in Berkshire, you may find yourself too busy to even notice. But stop and think for a moment. Is there blood after brushing your teeth? Are you uncomfortable or do you have gum pain throughout the day? Does your jaw ache when you wake up? Don’t ignore these signs, they may point to underlying health issues and require attention from your dentist. So come and see us at Old Windsor to attend to these symptoms quickly and effectively.