See if dental implants in Windsor can make you smile

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Here at Old Windsor, we recognise that the past year’s turbulence has caused many people to seek out dental treatments to preserve their oral and general health. Having missing spaces in your mouth where you have lost a tooth does not only present aesthetic challenges to patients, but also leaves them subject to several health problems.

However, by seeking out dental implants Windsor from our expert team, it is entirely possible to restore both the aesthetics and functionality of your smile – and ensure that your teeth are fit and healthy.

Why seek out dental implants Windsor?

Many people who have lost teeth may be tempted to settle for more conventional treatments such as dental bridges or crowns. However, while these options may seem cheaper to begin with, they do not solve the issue of a lost tooth or teeth at a structural level.

Instead, they sit on the patient’s gum line and rely on their surrounding teeth for support. Over time, this can lead to the surrounding teeth shifting out of pace to fill the gap – which can cause rubbing and severe discomfort.

On the other hand, dental implants Windsor are surgically implanted within the patient’s jawbone, in a similar way to how natural teeth are embedded. This means that they are as fully functional, healthy, and durable as a natural tooth would be – allowing patients all the privileges of a set of full, healthy teeth, such as eating even the most challenging foods.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants have existed in their current form since the early 1950s, but evidence of rudimentary implants have been found dating back centuries.

The basis of modern implant success comes from titanium alloy within the socket, which is embedded surgically within the patient’s jawbone. Titanium alloy is the only metal that can naturally bond itself together with human bone tissue.

As such, it means that an anchor point can be made to attach a denture which will never shift, as it is merged with the patient’s jaw.

What does getting a dental implant involve?

Implants are not for everyone, as not all patients’ gums will be healthy enough to put up with the treatment. This is why the first stage of getting dental implants from us here at Old Windsor always involves consultation and examination to determine your eligibility.

Provided that you are eligible for implants, the actual treatment process is relatively simple. Firstly a small hole is made within the gap where the missing tooth or teeth used to be. Into this hole, a titanium alloy socket is placed before being closed and left to heal.

During this healing time, the titanium and bone tissue fuse together, and after this has happened, the socket can be used to hold a denture permanently.

Dental implants are often so comfortable and natural feeling once installed that patients are even prone to forgetting that the implant is there at all.

Anyone who has lost a tooth – however recently or long ago – should contact us here at Old Windsor and let us see what we can do to get your smile back together.