Under the gloss and glamour

Having a Hollywood smile is de rigeur in 2018 Windsor. Big beautiful smiles often require a certain amount of cosmetic dentistry, but looks aren’t everything, and underneath that luxury smile there needs to be a firm foundation of solid oral health. That’s why at Old Windsor Dental Practice, we take general dentistry in Berkshire very seriously.

After all, what’s the point in having beautiful veneers if underneath them your teeth are not in tip-top condition in terms of decay? Or what’s the point in investing tons of money in teeth whitening if your gum disease is out of control?

General Dentistry in BerkshireGeneral dentistry is the umbrella term for all those treatments that keep your teeth strong and healthy or repair them if needed.


A check-up is the starting point for all general dentistry treatments. It’s when we take a good look at your teeth and gums and soft tissues. We are looking for signs of early decay, early gum disease and oral cancer. Most people need to come in for a check-up every six months. But some people need to come more often, such as those who have diabetes, or smoke. Also, if you are pregnant, which due to hormone changes, can make gum disease much worse.


Should we find that you do need a filling, we can use white composite resin instead of amalgam. Not only does it look better, it requires the removal of far less healthy tooth material. If a large area needs filling, we can use inlays or onlays, or give you a crown.


If you get an infection in the soft inner pulp of your tooth, we can save it by cleaning out the infected pulp and filling the root and then sealing it. This is known as root canal treatment.


When all hope is lost, or if you are having wisdom tooth trouble, we can remove your tooth under local anaesthetic.

Other services

We also do bite guards and treatments for jaw problems, and snoring and bad breath.

After that, you can have a Hollywood smile to rival even that of Tom Cruise.

Does that tooth need to come out?

It’s not something any dentist likes to end up doing, but sometimes we have to remove teeth. Somehow it feels like an admission of defeat on our part that we have not been able to save a tooth, and we never do it lightly here at Old Windsor Dental Practice.

General Dentistry in BerkshireHowever, there sometimes comes a point that we have filled, and crowned, and root canaled a tooth as much as we can and it still continues to fail. Sometimes there has been so much tooth material removed that the shell of the tooth can no longer withstand the powerful forces produced by chewing. Sometimes, despite our best effort, gum disease has become so far advanced that the tooth is so loose in its socket that it’s going to fall out soon anyway. Sometimes, it’s a wisdom tooth that is trying to come through at the wrong angle and is starting to affect the other teeth around it or has become infected. Whatever the reason, tooth extraction is still very much a part of our repertoire of treatments in general dentistry in Berkshire.

What to expect when you have an extraction

  • We like to know exactly what’s going on under the gum, so we may well take an x-ray to get the information;
  • We like you to be comfortable, so we will completely numb the area with a local anaesthetic. If you are very anxious (and who wouldn’t be?), we can also offer you sedation to relax you;
  • We will very carefully and gently extract your tooth.

Afterwards, you can expect there to be some swelling and tenderness that can go on for a few days. Pain and bleeding are the two main things to watch out for.


You can use over-the-counter painkillers. Ibuprofen is a good choice. Don’t take aspirin as this can make the wound bleed.


Because the mouth is a wet area, you are not going to form a scab, but you will get a clot that it’s important to keep in place. Bleeding looks a lot worse than it is because your saliva increases the amount of liquid that comes out.

Smiling with pride

A history of sucking dummies and thumbs can take its toll on your teeth, so much though that it can begin to affect their alignment. There are many reasons as to why you might have crooked or crowded teeth, but sometimes, it is just genetic or happens naturally. If you feel embarrassed and your smile is sacrificed, that’s when you know you need a solution.

In Windsor, braces are the answer to such worries. They serve to straighten your teeth, enhancing their appearance and make you forget that you ever stopped smiling.

Braces in WindsorWhile we provide teeth-straightening treatments at Old Windsor Dental Practice for cosmetic reasons, they also play a massive part in improving your lifestyle and oral health. Having a cross-bite or crooked teeth can cause you discomfort when you chew and bite on foods. It can also make it difficult for you to properly clean your teeth and look after your dental hygiene, leading to issues like gum disease and tooth loss.

The clear alternative to the traditional

It seems easy to ignore the option of braces in Windsor if you think they will get in the way of your confidence when going to work or attending a special occasion. For adults, traditional braces may not seem like an option. Thanks to advances in modern dentistry, we have teeth-straightening treatments at Old Windsor Dental Practice that are both flexible and nearly invisible.

Invisalign is an impressive way of straightening your teeth. It is a collection of clear aligners that will fit snugly over your teeth. The aligners you are given will not be universal, as they are unique to you and your teeth. You change your aligner every 7-10 days, knowing that with every switch, you will be getting closer to achieving your straighter and healthier smile.

Looking forward

By receiving braces in Windsor, you will be delving into a happy and healthy future of good oral health. They can improve both your quality of life and how you feel when you smile. By ridding your smile of big gaps, you can prevent complications that arise when plaque builds up.

At Old Windsor Dental Practice, we will welcome you into a warm and friendly environment.

Long lasting new teeth

A gap in your smile can be a source of ongoing cosmetic worry. As well as this, losing one or more teeth can have negative consequences for your oral health. In Windsor, dental implants from Old Windsor Dental Practice are a highly effective treatment for the problems caused by missing teeth. These fully customised and long-lasting new teeth will integrate with your jawbone, and provide effective and efficient dental function.

Dental Implants in WindsorWhat’s the procedure for dental implants in Windsor?

During your initial consultation, you will undergo an oral health assessment and we will take some detailed measurements of your teeth. We need to make sure your jawbone is dense enough to receive the implants, and might need to do some preparatory work to achieve this.

Then you’ll receive dental implants in Windsor during a minor surgical procedure, in which our dentist will place small metal posts into your jawbone. Following a short rest period, you’ll return to our practice to have the replacement teeth attached to the posts.

Several health benefits

After having dental implants in Windsor, you’ll notice your oral health improve:

  • Your jawbone forms a secure bond with the implanted metal, securely anchoring your new teeth. You’ll be able to bite into and chew your food without fearing the teeth might fall out onto the dinner table;
  • The new teeth are anchored into your jawbone just like natural ones. Keeping them clean is easy, and you don’t need to mess about with clips or adhesives;
  • The implants help to maintain your facial bone structure. You’ll avoid the smaller jawbone and collapsed cheeks that are associated with prolonged tooth loss;
  • You’ll have a smile with much more cosmetic appeal;
  • Pronouncing certain words might be easier because of the stability of the implants. Your speech might become more fluent overall.

Healthy future

Dental implants in Windsor can be used to replace any number of missing teeth. Whether you’ve lost a whole set after years of tooth decay, or a single tooth in a sporting injury, implants are an effective solution. Contact us today to discuss how the innovative techniques of implant dentistry can help to restore your dental function and improve your oral health.

Straighten your smile

When you straighten your teeth, your smile will look a lot better and you will find it much easier to keep your teeth clean too. In Windsor, braces are highly customised for maximum efficiency, and use innovative materials to maintain low visibility. At Old Windsor Dental Practice we offer a wide range of modern realignment treatments for all kinds of dental positioning problems. Whether you have a crooked smile, a misaligned bite, or wonky front teeth, we can help you to transform your dental appearance.

Braces in WindsorWhy choose to have braces in Windsor?

A wonky smile can be an ongoing source of cosmetic dissatisfaction. It’s amazing how much of an impact the correction of even small imperfections can make. If you habitually hide your mouth when laughing, or keep it firmly closed when appearing in photos, you will benefit from having braces in Windsor.

Our contemporary treatments are discreet and comfortable. Many of our realignment appliances use transparent and tooth-coloured materials to avoid attracting unwanted attention to your appearance.

A range of options

At your initial consultation, we’ll listen to your concerns about your dental positioning, and recommend the most appropriate way to achieve your desired transformation.

Invisalign might be an effective solution for mild-to-moderate repositioning needs. This popular treatment uses a series of transparent plastic aligners. These are 3D printed from detailed measurements from a scanner, so they fit your teeth exactly. You start with the first aligners int the series, and where them until the pressure eases, which takes 7-10 days. Then you wear the second set, and so on. Each aligner takes your teeth one tiny step along the gradual journey to alignment.

The aligners are designed to be removed for eating and cleaning your teeth.

Traditional methods

We also offer more traditional wire-and-bracket braces in Windsor. These are often suitable for more complex or severe realignment requirements, and can be made with low-visibility materials. All our treatments are delivered according to meticulous treatment plans, and the dentist will let you know exactly how long the process will last before it begins. It may take some time to achieve the results you want, but you’ll be enjoying the benefits for many years after you’ve stopped wearing your braces in Windsor.

Bringing smiles to life

Imagine a situation where you could smile and laugh without using your hand to cover your mouth. Imagine that it’s because you confronted the problems that your misaligned teeth were causing and you decided to seek treatment because you wanted a straight and gleaming smile to last you a long, long time. Stop imagining, because that sort of perfect smile doesn’t just have to exist in your head. At Old Windsor, we can take you through a range of teeth-straightening treatments that will give you the real, confident smile you thought you could only imagine.

Orthodontics in BerkshireHaving crowded or crooked teeth can not only cause damage to your confidence, but it also has the ability to sabotage your oral health. If you have cross-bite, it might be that the way in which eating causes discomfort. Having straighter teeth helps you to fill in the gaps, leaving little room for plaque to build up and create problems like tooth decay and gum disease.

Discreet and invisible treatments

In Berkshire, orthodontics is a branch of dentistry dedicated to the aligning and straightening of teeth. Its name may conjure up unwanted associations with treatments like traditional metal braces. This is not necessarily the case, and in offering discreet alternatives to metal tracks, we make subtle treatment possible.

Invisalign is just one of the several invisible teeth-straightening treatments we have available. As both a clear and flexible option, this treatment is made up of a series of clear aligners. As bespoke aligners, they are made to fit your teeth and to gradually move them to their desired positions over time. The clear aligners can be removed when you eat and drink, or when brushing your teeth.

Lingual braces are another invisible alternative to the traditional. They are wires fitted behind the teeth, making them truly invisible. The treatment can last up to two years, but results can be obvious within months. This makes lingual braces hidden in the entirety of treatment, meaning others will wonder how your teeth came to be so wonderfully straight!

By considering a teeth-straightening treatment, you have already made your way towards a happier and healthier future of confident grins!

Confronting your crooked teeth

When confronted with the annoyance of crooked or misaligned teeth, sometimes the thought of wearing unsightly metal braces is even more unappealing. If you feel like you have lost the confidence to laugh and smile in public, you don’t have to let it carry on by ignoring the solutions. Having wonky teeth can have a negative impact on both your self-esteem and oral health. By going on without treatment, there is a chance that complications such as tooth decay and gum disease can occur.

Invisible Braces in BerkshireIf you are seeking teeth-straightening treatments that are a discreet and comfortable alternative to traditional metal tracks, then it might be worth considering invisible braces in Berkshire. These invisible braces can be just as effective, and in some cases, take less time than traditional braces.

Tackling the traditional tracks

At Old Windsor Dental Practice, one of the discreet teeth-straightening treatments we offer is Invisalign. This is a treatment which involves a series of clear aligners that are custom made to shift your teeth to their desired positions over time. In using 3D advanced technology, we are able to project the images of your future teeth so that you can see your perfect smile before treatment begins. These aligners serve as a flexible alternative to fixed braces and they are ideal for adults who wish to be subtle about their treatment. Invisalign is convenient, as you can remove the aligner before you eat, drink or brush your teeth. For them to be effective, the aligners must be worn at all other times.

Just when you think that one invisible alternative to traditional braces was enough, there is another flexible treatment ready and waiting to give you your desired smile. Lingual braces are wires that arc around the backs of the teeth, so they are actually unseen by anyone during your treatment. They work to straighten your teeth over time, meaning you can be confident in your journey towards your straight and happy grin.

Although treatment can cause a little discomfort, it will only be temporary. You can find comfort in knowing that you are on your way to showing a smile you aren’t afraid of, one that restores your self-esteem.

Making life fun again

Having dentures that don’t fit can make every waking moment, or at least those spent with other people, into a bit of a hassle and an embarrassment. However, this problem can be solved with dental implants in Windsor.

Dental Implants in WindsorAt Old Windsor Dental Practice, we use dental implants in Windsor to stop your dentures wobbling around in your mouth. Dentures may start off fitting really well, but over time they lose their grip on your gums. This is because your jawbone reduces in size and your gums recede.

This is a natural process that occurs when you no longer have the tooth roots in your jawbone to signal to it that it is still in use. It doesn’t just affect your dentures, it also affects how you look. If you have lost all your teeth, over time, and not that much time, you will start to lose your strong jaw, the tip of your chin will be nearer to the tip of your nose, and your face will no longer have so much bone to hold it out and will collapse inwards, especially when you don’t have your dentures in.

Denture stabilisation with dental implants in Windsor can prevent all of this from happening, and also give you back your self-confidence when speaking. Not only that, but having your dentures held in place with dental implants allows you to eat whatever you like again, instead of being restricted to a soft food diet. No matter how well your dentures fit, they cannot give you the chewing power of your natural teeth; however, when they are secured in place with dental implants, all those crunchy salads and nuts, chewy steaks and toffees can be back on the menu.

Having dental implants fitted

You will need to undergo minor oral surgery to have your denture-stabilising dental implants fitted. This only requires a local anaesthetic, but if you are very nervous, we can also give you sedation, either or oral intravenous, to help you relax.

It takes several weeks for the implants to integrate with your jawbone, but once it has, you can go for your life with the exciting foods, and laughing, don’t forget laughing.

See-through straightening

Surely one of the greatest advance in the science of teeth straightening has been the invention of the clear aligner? Up until 1997, the only way to get your teeth straightened was with brackets cemented onto your teeth strung together with wires that were progressively tightened by your dentist to pull your teeth into alignment. They were big, they were metal and they made eating harder and looking good almost impossible.

No wonder then that many teenagers or young adults with mildly wonky teeth decided to not go through the braces in Windsor. But, here we are in 2018 and braces in Windsor now include Invisalign, the brand name of the original clear aligners, which has been successfully used on over 4 million people worldwide.

Braces in WindsorNever heard of Invisalign?

At Old Windsor Dental Practice, we are so familiar with Invisalign that we forget that many of our patients have never heard of this innovative way of getting straighter teeth. It’s not as if you ever see anyone wearing them, after all. People are wearing them. You can’t just see them. This is because the clear aligners are made of transparent plastic that is so thin, only 0.3mm, that when someone puts their aligners on over their teeth, they disappear from view.

This is what makes Invisalign so popular amongst adults wanting braces in Windsor. Traditional bracket and wire braces are associated with gawky adolescence and being the nerd standing alone in the playground at school. This is not an image that most adults wish to project at work, especially if their career involves liaising with the public. Invisalign has replaced braces in Windsor for people who have mild to moderate misalignments and want to keep their treatment to themselves.

How Invisalign works

Invisalign aligners look like mouth guards. You receives a series of them and wear them in order, one after the other. Each aligner takes 7-10 days to do its part in gently nudging your teeth along the route to alignment, thanks to precisely positioned pressure points built into them. These points are calculated based on detailed measurements taken of your teeth and computer programming that works out how your teeth need to move to reach alignment.

Have you got the jaw for dental implants in Windsor?

In Windsor, dental implants have become most people’s first choice for replacing teeth. This is because dental implants are less hassle, more lifelike and last longer than the alternative replacement methods of full or partial dentures and fixed bridgework.

That said, here at Old Windsor Dental Practice, we can’t just fit you with dental implants without first doing some investigative work to find out what condition your jawbone is in.

Dental Implants in WindsorWhat’s so important about your jawbone?

Your jawbone has to house your dental implants. We have to drill channels into it and then tap or screw in the titanium implants, which then have to be able to withstand immense chewing forces. If your jawbone has deteriorated in size and density, it will not be able to hold the implants in place when you chew. It would be a bit like putting a screw into mortar than good solid brickwork, and then trying to hang a really heavy mirror off it.

Your jawbone also needs to be healthy and vibrant so that, once the implants have been put in place, the bone will grow new tissue and blood vessels all over the surface of the implants. It is this that will hold your implants in place when you chew.

What affects the health of your jawbone?

The size and density of your jawbone is affected when you lose a tooth. The area around where the tooth was no longer receives the vibrations through the teeth that tell the bone cells to keep on renewing themselves. In fact, the bone interprets the lack of vibration as meaning that chewing has ceased, the bone is no longer needed, and the bone starts to dissolve itself and the gum recedes. You can lose up to 25% of the bone’s size and density in the first year alone after losing a tooth.

Your jawbone is also affected by diabetes and smoking, both of which can interfere with the all-important, post-operative healing process.

What to do?

If you want dental implants in Windsor, we can find out at the initial consultation if your jawbone is up to it, and if not, there may be ways we can improve the bone so it can take implants.

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