Mouth cancer screening and its importance

Mouth cancer screening Berkshire is important. It allows for early detection and treatment, which can minimise discomfort and help to prevent the cancer from spreading to other parts of the body. Here at Old Windsor Dental, we take a proactive approach to oral health and help our patients to keep their teeth and gums in good condition whilst offering treatments that can help to alleviate any issues. This guide explores mouth cancer screening Berkshire and explains what the patient can expect. mouth-cancer-screening-berkshire

Does the patient need to make a specific mouth cancer screening appointment?

No, mouth cancer screening Berkshire is conducted as a routine part of a dental check-up.  This is why dental check-ups are so important. They are not just about checking if the patient is cleaning their teeth properly or if they need a filling, these appointments are a vital means of maintaining good oral and general health.

Is there any preparation required?

There is no need to prepare for mouth cancer screening as part of a dental check-up. There is no need for any anxiety or nerves either, we perform these checks every day and do everything we can to ensure that our patients feel comfortable and at ease.

How is the screening done?

We conduct a visual and physical examination of the mouth. Looking inside, we make sure that there are no red or white patches or sores within the mouth. We then put on gloves and feel the inside of the mouth, checking for any suspicious lumps or bumps. If in any doubt, we examine the neck and throat too to see if there are any lumps or swollen areas.

Are there any other tests for oral cancer?

There is a dye test that can be done to ascertain if there are any cancerous areas in the mouth. The patient is asked to rinse with the dye, and any areas that may need further investigation will be highlighted by the dye.

We can also use a special light to inspect the mouth for cancerous growths. The light throws shade on healthy tissue and makes any areas that could be cancerous appear white.

What happens if there are signs of mouth cancer?

If we discover that there are any lesions or sores within the mouth that may be cancerous, then we take action to resolve the issue. The first step is to make an appointment a few weeks ahead for a second examination. This allows us to check if the areas of concern are still apparent, or if they have changed in any way, including becoming more pronounced.

The second step is a biopsy. This involves us taking a sample of the cells in the affected area, and then sending this off to the lab. There, the sample is tested for the presence of cancer.  After the results of this have been processed, we then advise on the next steps to take.

Getting regular check-ups with us means we can check for mouth cancer and any other issues that may develop into something more problematic. These appointments help to protect the patient and allow us to offer any treatment needed as early as possible.