Invisible braces in Berkshire could be just the fix for you!

Have you spent most of adulthood worrying about the appearance of your teeth? You are not alone. Over half of UK adults are in some way unhappy with their smile. Lots of us miss the opportunity to straighten out our teeth as teenagers and consequently spend adulthood wishing for a set which we can be proud of. Here at Old Windsor we are really glad to be able to offer invisible braces Berkshire to all our patients. Young and old-er-ish. No matter what your age, there could be a perfect invisible option for you! invisible-braces-berkshire

What invisible braces Berkshire are available?

We are proud to offer two fantastic options to all our patients, both with amazing success stories and both with unique advantages. Let’s get stuck into the facts.


Invisalign has been available to our patients for a long time now, but has risen in fame and popularity in the last few years – particularly post-pandemic. These clever little aligners are clear plastic trays specially moulded and made to fit across your teeth and gums. During treatment every two weeks or so you will be given a new set of clear aligners by us which will slowly, but surely ease your pearly whites into their desired position.

Added benefits of Invisalign

People can’t really tell you’re wearing them, as the aligners are clear and flush to the teeth people would have to be really staring in order to notice that they are sitting inside your mouth.

They are super convenient. These trays must be worn for 22 hours per day in order for them to be successful, but you can take them out for eating, drinking and cleaning! The ability to remove  invisible braces Berkshire is excellent, as it allows our patients to give a good and complete clean of their teeth easily – something that can be a little trickier with other brace options.

Speed; every case is different with Invisalign and it greatly varies case to case depending on the changes needed during the process, but some patients have achieved the results they want in as little as three months.


Incognito is a type of lingual style brace. These braces are fantastic as they are truly invisible – although using wired fixed fittings the braces are attached to the inside of the teeth. Incognito braces are made from cast gold and are designed to be a precise fit to your teeth.

Added benefits of Incognito

The Incognito brace is a world leader in the field of lingual braces. As this style of brace is made from fixed brackets it offers the same level of precision and control as that of front-fixed wired braces. Therefore, Incognito braces are able to offer a solution to more complex misalignment issues, which in some cases clear brace tray options can’t address.

Treatment time again greatly varies, depending on the level of treatment needed. Patients can be in treatment for six months to two years. And there’s even a special design of Incognito Lite which works to just straighten your front teeth which can give the smile you want in a few months.