How invisible braces have changed our approach to straightening teeth

The wide availability of invisible braces Berkshire has prompted patients to consider whether their smiles could be enhanced with orthodontic appliances. This was not the case when the only options available were traditional fixed teeth straightening appliances.invisible-braces-berkshire

The motivating factor driving this new trend in favour of orthodontic help is the accessibility of invisible braces Berkshire. More often than not, in the past, adult patients who could benefit from teeth straightening treatments, would dodge treatment just to avoid feelings of embarrassment for wearing metal braces.

Now, the excitement over discreet-looking braces has led to patients examining their smiles and questioning whether they could benefit from better teeth alignment.

There are two sides to straightening teeth with invisible braces Berkshire: the improvement in dental aesthetics and the improvement in oral health and function. We take a closer look at how this relatively new approach to teeth alignment improves a patient’s life.

Rewards of aligning teeth

Appearance. For adult patients, the main concern will always be to improve the aesthetics of a smile. This is because the significant benefits of a pleasing smile is far reaching. The first benefit which is one of confidence touches every sphere in a person’s life: how they see themselves, how they are perceived by others, their chances of succeeding in advancing their careers and their ability to enjoy fulfilling social relationships.

Without this critical ingredient, a person is more likely to live in the shadows, on the periphery of life. A person who is ashamed of their smile will choose to hide it which puts at risk their mental and emotional states.

Increased dental hygiene and function. Teeth misalignment issues open up the risk of numerous poor health problems. There is the risk of dental decay because teeth are made more challenging to brush and floss, there is the risk of wear and tear and undesirable pressure on teeth because of an uneven bite and there is also the risk of damage to teeth when teeth protrude out of the naturally-ordained position.

Aligning teeth can resolve all these issues so that oral hygiene can be maintained effectively and teeth can function in the proper manner they were designed to.

Alleviate pain. One of the common symptoms experienced from overcrowding in the mouth and misalignment is dental pain that is effectively treated with orthodontic measures. This is mainly when the jaws are out of their natural position, causing the pain when the patent attempts to bite and chew. In alleviating the pain with an orthodontic appliance, the patient is able to eat better thereby improving their nutritional needs too.

Individual braces are custom-made which allows these appliances to be able to fit in easily with a patient’s lifestyle needs. With some types like removable aligners, these can be conveniently removed before eating and cleaning teeth, saving patients the fuss of watching what they eat and saving them time from long-drawn out teeth cleaning routines.

Trust our competent dentist at Old Windsor to help you achieve your teeth alignment goals. A lifetime of happy and healthy smiles await, simply book a consultation to find out more.