Hang on to your jawbone

Some of our patients here at Old Windsor Dental Practice think that because bones can shrink over time, that the teeth will too. Teeth don’t actually shrink, but they can be lost due to decay, erosion and grinding. Harmful substances that we consume, such as smoking and drinking alcohol and sugary drinks, that can affect the teeth, gums and soft tissues in the mouth. Poor oral hygiene also contributes to tooth loss through decay and gum disease. However, when the teeth have failed, dental implants in Windsor can help our patients over the age of 18, by replacing their teeth and, at the same time, protecting their jawbone from shrinkage.

Dental Implants in WindsorDental options

There are plenty of options that our patients can turn to once their dental health comes to the point of tooth loss. The three that we generally offer our patients are dental bridges, dentures and dental implants in Windsor.


If partial dentures are slipping around in the mouth, they can wear down neighbouring teeth over time and cause them to be more susceptible to decay and tooth loss. We need to maintain the enamel on our teeth to protect them from decay and infections. Replacing lost teeth with dental implants in Windsor helps protect remaining healthy teeth.

Also, weakened and sagging gum tissue, which can develop with extended periods of denture wear, can create dangerous pockets between the gums and teeth and expose the tooth roots to bacteria and decay.

Dental implants

Importantly, the implantation of dental implants in Windsor does not require the filing down of the patient’s teeth, as fixed bridges do. Also, instead of reducing the density in the jaw, dental implants in Windsor can maintain it through a process called osseointegration. This process allows the dental implants to naturally fuse into the patient’s jawbone and function just as well as the patient’s real teeth. This provides a protection from gum disease, further tooth loss and dental decay, as well as making it comfortable to bite and chew.

Dental implants possess the ability to restore our patients’ oral and dental health for years to come and helps maintain a strong, healthy jawbone for years to come.