Getting to the root of bad breath in Berkshire

If you’re constantly popping mints or chewing gum to cover up bad breath, you are probably suffering from a condition known as halitosis. This condition is very common and affects almost 1 in 4 people worldwide. Bad breath is the result of gas-emitting bacteria on the tongue and below the gum line. However, determining how best to eliminate these odours is sometimes challenging.

At Old Windsor, we understand that oral health and bad breath are intrinsically linked, therefore, we urge our patients to visit us for dental check-ups regularly. A main problem with bad breath is that it can often go unnoticed by the person affected. This is natural as we are accustomed to our own smell and do not tend to notice our bad breath. If you suspect that you have smelly breath, you may have to rely on a family member or a close friend to be honest with you. Our experienced dentists will also be able to determine whether you have bad breath as well.

Oral Health and Bad BreathPrevent and treat bad breath

Most cases of bad breath originate from bacteria build-up within the mouth due to poor oral hygiene or gum disease. Most people experience bad breath after a night’s sleep, but it usually clears away as soon as the flow of saliva increases in the mouth. Bad breath is also associated with a very dry mouth and reduced saliva flow. Dry mouth can be caused by dehydration, can be the side effect of certain medications, can be the symptom of certain diseases or may be a result of radiotherapy to the head and neck region.

Other common causes of bad breath include certain foods such as garlic that get into the bloodstream, and then are breathed out from the lungs. However, this type of bad breath is temporary and easily avoidable. Bad breath is also associated with smoking.

Some solutions to bad breath offer only temporary relief, whereas others can have permanent results. Some patients find that even avoiding stinking foods and brushing and flossing their teeth regularly will probably not sweeten a case of stubbornly bad breath. In this case, your dentist will recommend regular cleanings as well as special mouthwashes or other treatments.