Dental implant technology

Here at Old Windsor Dental Practice, we like to try to keep on top of the most recent dental developments in technology. This means we can provide some of the most reliable treatments for tooth replacement for our patients.

In Windsor, dental implants have been being offered for a number of years. Our team is extremely experienced when it comes to providing the kind of professional, gentle care you need when considering dental implants in Windsor.

Dental Implants in WindsorIf you have lost a single tooth or all of your natural teeth, we can help you find the perfect replacement option for you. With tooth replacement, time is of the essence, so making a decision is important.

Why is it important to consider tooth replacement?

Our teeth rely on all of them being present in our mouths to stay stable and healthy. When one tooth is lost, the surrounding teeth are put at risk. This is mostly down to the natural shifting of our teeth when a tooth is lost.

Our jawbones need stimulation to stay the right shape to support our teeth. This stimulation is usually provided by the roots of our teeth. When a tooth is lost and this stimulation stops, the jawbone can begin to shrink and change shape.

Our gums are faced with the same problem and will begin to recede when a tooth is lost. In Windsor, dental implants are often said to the closest thing to growing a whole new natural tooth.

Dental implant procedure

Dental implants are very stable due to their permanent nature. The implant itself serves as a false tooth root, integrated with the natural jawbone. To fit the implant a small hole must be created in the patient’s jawbone.

The aim is for the implant to have as much contact with the jawbone as possible, allowing the jawbone to heal as quickly as possible.

When the jawbone and implant have integrated, a crown, bridge or existing dentures can be attached, giving you back your usual lifestyle. Implants can last you a lifetime if they are looked after properly so they are an investment that will last.