Braces in Windsor – explore your options

In recent years, dental technology has rapidly evolved and patients have never had so many teeth straightening options as they do now. If you are concerned about the appearance of your teeth, at Old Windsor Dental Practice, we can diagnose, treat and prevent oral irregularities with the use of braces in Windsor.

Why should I consider braces?

Braces in WindsorBraces are often used to correct conditions such as overbites. This happens when the upper and lower teeth do not meet each other the way they should because the upper ones stick out too far. Consequently, they hang over the lower ones when you bite or chew. This makes eating very difficult, but it can also affect your appearance. Even if your upper teeth are straight in relation to each other, they may still stick out too far. Braces can help by pulling them into their proper position.

Another common dental problem is an underbite. This happens when the upper teeth rest behind the lower ones when your mouth is closed. This may be because the upper teeth do not stick out far enough or the lower ones stick out too far. Braces can improve this condition by doing all the necessary adjustments to your teeth to achieve the proper bite.

Braces can also help if your teeth are crooked and do not line up with the teeth next to them. Rather than appearing parallel with each other, they may be twisted and point in different directions. In a similar manner, adult teeth can come in twisted at times. Again, braces can help straighten the teeth and get them to line up with each other.

Choosing the right braces

If you often find it hard to smile because of the appearance of your teeth, you would benefit from seeing our dentist, who will help you explore your options.

At Old Windsor Dental Practice, we offer removable fixed traditional braces in Windsor, although there are also tooth-coloured alternatives available for patients who do not wish to wear metal brackets and wires. Furthermore, we offer Invisalign, an innovative teeth straightening method that employs a series of transparent, removable, plastic aligners to help move your teeth into their correct position.